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"From beneath you... it devours."

"If you have evil siblings, words like payback, revenge etc. are one of the sweetest things in the world. It also applies if they are only annoying. Keep in mind though, they can snitch you out in the most inopportune times."


At Giles' house

The whole gang was assembled, they were all arranged in a circle and ready to talk about things that should be addressed.

"We need to talk about what we need to do, what information have we gathered about the Lightbringer." Giles started."We should also talk about Glorificus, she is a problem as well."

"I believe that we should let Buffy's group talk first?" Giles said carefully, noting Buffy's twitch and glare.

"Why didn't you tell me about Mom?!" Buffy asked coldly.

"I-... She asked me not to." Giles started taking her tone in stride, "She was diagnosed with brain tumor Buffy, it's a terminal sickness. While I believe that she should have told you, it was in the end her decision not to tell you and Dawn about it." Giles reasoned out.

"You could have used your magic! She was dying Giles!" Buffy shrieked, slamming her hands on the table causing small hand print indentations on the previously flat metallic table.

"Buffy!" Giles reprimanded. "I would and I did what I could. There was nothing at all in my repertoire that would heal her! Unless I were to-..." Giles paused his tirade and took off his glasses to wipe. "Make a deal with the devil, pardon the phrase."

Buffy, Xander, Riley and Spike shared a look with each other.

"Mom told me... 'Harry' healed her..." Buffy informed uncertainly.

"You aren't telling me that..." Giles asked.

"She-She told us that Dawn asked him to heal her." Buffy said weakly. "You don't think that she..." She trailed off and looked at Giles for guidance.

"That Bastard!" Xander muttered to himself.

"She wouldn't... I don't think- I- We should ask her." Giles said unsure of what to do. "We should also tell her about the morningstar as soon as possible." Giles added grimly. "Now as for defeating him what do we have that can kill or damage an archangel?"


After a moment of silence... "Don't worry guys I've heard that youth and enthusiasm beats old age and treachery, those big bads are definitely as old as dust." Xander added to cheer the downtrodden group.

"Xander I think you got that wrong." Giles informed for the sake of correctness.

Xander cradled his shovel and said "Nah, look at the other big bads we defeated, we can get through this guys... you just have to have some faith..."

"Err... moving on." Giles said with a shake of his head. He could've sworn Xander added a 'faith and a shovel that is' somewhere there.

And so the meeting began in earnest.


At creepy hideout

"The Legion has accepted the bounty on the pretenders head!" Minion 1 informed

"Master should I take off the bounty on the... not pretender's head?" Minion 2 asked.

"No. I wish to see what he would do to any who challenges his power." The voice answered casually. "How goes your preparations minion?"

"We are still preparing milord! I'd say we're a fourth done my master!" The minion replied.

"Take your time. I wish to see what he will do to the Legion."


Glory's Suite

Ben woke up with a start, checking his clothes to find out he was once again wearing a dress... a tight,revealing dress. He gave a groan and began making his way home. Cursing to the heavens that he would put a stop to this.


At Buffy's House

"Now let's talk about Xander's current... problem." Giles started after the heavy brainstorming on the strategies that were to be employed against the Devil and the Goddess.

Willow raised her hand to show that she had something to say.

"I think he's somewhat of a... Berserker." Willow said uncertainly. "My hypothesis is that he somehow... back from that zoo possession thing a while back... that is to say..." Willow paused uncertainly, Seeing Willow's plight Tara decided to help.

"We think that he somehow has a version of a primal possession." Tara stated. "Its-"

"I assure you both that we had Xander purified... and I tested him earlier for any sign of outside influence." Giles said primly.

"Yeah about that..." Willow smiled weakly. "We think what we're seeing is a primal possession, but the thing is... There is no outside influence."

"Err... Can you please translate... for people who only speak english?" Xander asked... then added with a look to Giles. "Proper Californian english."

Giles huffed and muttered something under his breath.

"Err... to put it simply... we're seeing the first ever possession of a Xander primal." Tara stated.

"Xander's possessing himself?" Buffy asked incredulously.

"Not per say." Tara answered neutrally.

"Ermmm... maybe you can expound on why you think that's the reason for Xander's problem?" Giles asked.

"Well..." Willow started to explain.


Chase Mansion

Harry's eyes were beginning to get droopy. He had used a lot of magical energy in a small span of time.

With a sigh, he relaxed on the luxurious bed and slept...



"Harry!" A voice called out.

"Ron? How have you been?" Harry asked as he regarded the face on the fireplace. Ron Weasley has been a loyal friend.

"I've had better days." Ron replied.

"What news do you have?" Harry asked. Sure of his Identity now that he'd given the phrase.

"Bad ones I'm afraid." Ron said with a sad smile.

"Go on then."

"It's Voldemort. We have deduced what he plans to do..." Ron trailed off. "Now that he has Hogwarts and a whole lot of hostages."

Harry waited patiently for Ron to get to the point.

"He's planning some sort of ritual. He's going to sacrifice the hostages... Harry... they have Ginny in there, we need to mount a rescue!"

"We will Ron." Harry said firmly "We will, call all the members of the resistance will you. I'll talk to Hermione. We'll save them, Ron. Even if we have to tear Hogwarts by the brick."

"I- Thanks... You're a great friend Harry. Let's just hope we can stop the ritual and escape. I'm going now, be careful mate."

"You too."


At Giles' house

"... And so, we believe that Xander is somehow channeling the primal Human." Willow stated.

"The primal human?" Xander tested the words.

"So does this mean that Xander is like fight-boy now?" Buffy asked.

"I think that he showed us he was perfectly capable of fighting, Buffy..." Riley trailed.

"Oh... yeah."

"Well, I'll be sure to device some tests to confirm your theories, good work you two." Giles praised Willow and Tara. "Be sure to research anything and everything, we'll see if we'll want to remove this or not."

"Let's conclude the meeting for now. Buffy, we'll talk to Dawn first thing in the morning. And Xander... talk to Anya about this okay? She might know something."


Early Morning at Summer Residence.

"Good Morning Dawn!" Buffy announced waking Dawn up from her sleep.

"Buffy, it's Saturday! I get to sleep in." Dawn mumbled.

"Hey if I have to get early despite my late night I get to wake you up early." Buffy said with ungodly enthusiasm, "Payback" she also muttered evilly just soft enough that it was barely heard..

"Buuuuuuffffffffy!" Dawn whined using her blanket to cover her face, because Buffy opened up the lights.

"Dawn, get up we need to talk..." Buffy ordered seriously.

"I'm listening!" Dawn said, still covered up.

"It's about your friend. 'Harry' "

"What about him? Do we really have to do this, this early?" Dawn said as she proceeded to get up and gave a big stretch.

"We do. We really really do." Buffy said as she sat on one side of the bed.

"Okay. What about Harry then?" Dawn asked

"Dawn I'm not sure you should keep seeing that guy." Buffy stated with concern.

"You're not going overprotective sister on me are you?" Dawn accused.

"It's not that at all Dawn." Buffy protested. "This Harry is Evil. Capital E. You shouldn't trust him at all!" Buffy added hotly.

"He's not! He's a very sweet guy and he even helped mom when I asked him to!" Dawn replied hotly.

"Dawn, calm down, what did you say when you asked him?" Buffy asked, paling a bit.

Dawn blushed and stammered "I told him I- I'd do anything." She admitted reluctantly.


"It's okay! He isn't the sort to take advantage of people like that!" Dawn said, defending Harry.

"Dawn... no... you can't trust him! He's the devil." Buffy scolded.

"Buffy! Just because he's a boy-"

"No Dawn! You aren't talking to him anymore, understand!" She ordered. "I'm going to talk to Giles. You stay here while I get him." She said as she stood up and went for the door, just before she closed the door Buffy added softly just enough for Dawn to hear..."It's for your own good, Dawn."


Like all good teenagers Dawn did exactly what she was told not to do. Well she thought about it anyway.

And with a flash of light came Hedwig who landed atop of Dawn's bed.


"Hedwig!" Came Dawn's surprised voice, which she managed to keep silent."Did Harry send a letter?"

Hoot! Hedwig... hooted, raising a leg to show no letter, then she raised her other to show once again the lack of a letter.

"No letter? So did you just miss me or something?" Dawn asked curiously.

Hoot! Hoot! Hedwig hooted fiercely.

"Okay... so you read my mind?" Dawn asked incredulously

Hoot! Hedwig... hooted resignedly once again raising a leg.

"Oh you want me to write a letter for Harry then! Wow, just when I thought about contacting him!" Dawn petted Hedwig's head before getting some paper and a pen. "You're a really incredible owl Hedwig!" Dawn praised as she wrote her letter.


Harry's Mansion



Harry opened his eyes to find an annoyed Hedwig on his chest giving him a stare.

"Morning Hedwig, mind getting off me? I need to use the loo." Harry said as he gave off a good yawn.

After taking care of his necessities, such as brushing and bathing Harry went back to Hedwig who seems more annoyed.

"What's up girl?" Harry asked as Hedwig landed on his shoulders giving him an affectionate nip to the ear.


"A letter... from Dawn? Let's see it then."

Dear Harry

My sister is being obnoxious and annoying. She's telling me that I can't meet with you... for my own good. Well, mind meeting me? I'm at my room they won't let me get out, send Hedwig back if you do!


"For her own good, huh." Harry muttered.


Buffy's House

"I talked to her Giles and it isn't good, she's upstairs go tell her the whole devil Morningstar thingy." Buffy said as she saw Giles enter the door, looking weary.

"Good Morning to you too, Buffy." Giles said wearily. "Did she say anything."

"Well... I think she offered that she'd do anything if he healed Mom..." Buffy informed sadly. "She says that he didn't accept it but... I'm not so sure..."

"Bloody Hell!" Giles cursed. "This is my fault. If we'd informed her sooner she- I'll talk to her now Buffy. Call Willow and Tara, ask them to research anything that can break deals from demons and ask Xander to ask Anya too." Giles ordered his tone leaving no room for argument or protest... not that Buffy would have.

Giles went up towards Dawn's room. All the while mentally cursing the monmental fuckup. Lucifer's plan was unraveling bit by bit... and somehow he needed Dawn... no, he needed the Key... but for what?

Giles knocked at the door a few times and waited for an answer.

"Dawn. It's me Giles." Giles called out.

"Dawn?" Giles called out again after no one answered. "I'm coming in Dawn."

He opened the door to find no one inside. "Buffy! Dawn's not here!" Giles yelled.


At Harry's Mansion

"So... Honey?" Harry asked casually as he presented a plate of french toast to Dawn.

"Thanks!" Dawn said as she accepted the offered syrup.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Harry asked as he himself started to slice his bread.

"Well... Buffy doesn't want me to talk to you." Dawn said before taking a small bite of her bread.

"Did she tell you why that is?" Harry asked curiously, this type of behavior he'd seen a lot of times... When he was living at the Dursley's.

"She... well she believes you're some kind of evil person... I'm sure you're not but..." Dawn trailed.

"But she's your sister and you know she's only trying to protect you?" Harry asked her.

Dawn nodded shyly.

"Well it's alright, A lot of people have been calling me evil. Your sister isn't the first... she probably won't be the last." Harry shrugged. Living the life of a celebrity he'd been called a lot of unpleasant things... strange things too. At least he probably won't be called the bastard son of a grasshopper and a frog again... that was one of the more unique insults he'd heard in awhile.

"So... Why are they calling you evil then? Only if you want to tell me that is" Dawn asked curiously. Her eyes shining in curiosity and pleading.

Harry gave a sigh... knowing that nothing short of a good explanation would lead to her doubting him in everything. Dawn was his friend, one of the few in this strange new world so of course he'll tell her.

"Well... you remember me telling you about this Old Man?" Harry asked and Dawn nodded in response.

"There was a war." Harry continued. " It's something like a fairytale. Light versus Dark. What was worse was that the Dark Lord was winning and everything looked bleak."

"The 'Old Man' " Harry angrily said the word. "Well, he was the leader, he was the one everyone looked up to for guidance, but his tactics... they were ineffective. People were dying. Left and right." Harry paused to look at Dawn, seeing that she was enraptured with the story he continued.

"I came into being and suddenly the Dark Lord was no more... My kind, they celebrated, drank to their hearts content. They called me... well let's skip that part shall we?" Harry said, never wanting to hear that cursed 'boy-who-lived' nickname if he could help it.

Seeing that Dawn was going to protest he quickly started again.

"The Dark lord rose again, back from wherever he went when I somehow vanquished him. Long story short, when he came back from the dead I started telling everybody that he was alive. No one believed me of course. They called me an attention seeking Liar!" Harry said with a hint of bitterness. Feeling the phantom pain in his right hand where there should have been scarred flesh telling 'I must not tell lies'

"The Dark lord sent visions to me about taking hostage someone important to me. I trusted the Old man, and I trusted his right hand man... suffice to say my trust was misplaced." Harry gave a sigh as unpleasant memories swarmed him.

"Anyway, that's when I started to rebel against him. Once there were only two sides the light and the dark. I made my own. I convinced my friends, I convinced my friend's friend, I convinced anyone I could. That they would be swallowed up by the war if it continued as it were, and they joined me." Harry said, smiling fondly at the aptly named Potter Resistance or as some would call it the Potter Rebellion.

"So what happened then?" Dawn asked, completely focused on the story.

"I won. I conquered. I slept." Harry said, clearly not inviting any questions.

"So... that doesn't really answer my question on why they call you evil." Dawn asked confusedly.

"Well, they think the old man is the epitome of good you see? Going against him, well that's considered evil. They don't see his faults anymore, they're blinded by his reputation and power." Harry said trying to explain.

"So they think you betrayed the light side because you didn't follow the Old Man?" Dawn asked for clarification.



"Ah well, that's enough talk for now." Harry said finishing his meal.

"Why? Planning to go somewhere?"

"Well I figured you'd want to visit your mother. I'm sure you want to talk to her... about a lot of things" Harry grinned mischievously. Ah, let it not be said that Sirius, Remus and the Weasley twins didn't rub some Marauderness into him.

Dawn sported a similar grin after hearing him.


OMAKE! OMAKE! OMAKE! by DireSquirell (I salute you!)

"Thor, we've finally found out what happened to Mjolnir," Balder said

cautiously. The majority of Asgard had pushed the Deity of Light forward

to give the bad news because, well, *everybody* liked Balder. Everybody

except for Loki, that is, but that's another story.

"What? Tell me, quick!" the Thunderer commanded hastily.

"Well, the dwarves were not very pleased with their last deal with you, so

they stole it after the mead fest and melted it down for scrap," Balder

replied hesitantly. "I understand they threw it into a Midgard scrap metal

yard in one of the portals to Nifleheim, they have over there."

"Hark! I must go find it, for it could be reforged!" Thor declared,

rushing off to Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge.

Weeks later:

Xander eyed the strangely dressed man warily as he sorted through the old

tools in his uncle's scrapyard. Working in construction he was required to

have his own set, so he was going as cheaply as possible and Uncle Rory was

willing to help out, putting aside any he acquired. He picked up a

toughshovel in need of a handle and started back towards the office.

"What's with the big guy in chainmail?" he asked his uncle as the sturdily

built man tossed a car door to the side.

"I dunno," Rory replied. "The guy's been here for a while sorting through

all the scrap. He's a little crazy, keeps talking about how he needs to

find his tooth."

"His tooth?"

"Yeah, his 'molar.'"

"I think I'll just take my shovel and go."


OMAKE! OMAKE! OMAKE! Luna, not really that good but hey ;d

"Wait what?" Willow asked, thinking that she misheard.

"What. what, what?" Luna asked her in turn.

"I mean, did you just say..."

"Oh! Did I mean what I said... of course! The Lightbringer is famous for being seductive! Rumour tells that he seduced a whole coven of thirty witches in one night! Or Nuns! I can't remember but that's incredible isn't it?"