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Harry grasped Dawn's hand gently before he ported them towards the Hospital, making sure to arrive a block or so down the street just to be safe. He really didn't want anyone to see them appear out of thin air, especially since most modern hospitals had a lot of cameras for surveillance. Seeing that there was no one in sight, he removed his previously cast notice-me-not-charm.

Harry and Dawn walked towards the Hospital. It wasn't that far, but Dawn, being who she was, started to talk about a lot of inane things to keep things from being too boring.

"So Harry, any experience with girls?" Dawn asked curiously, a hint of shyness breaking through her voice.


"Man this burger is good."

"Dear god, is that all you think about? Food?"

"I agree with Wellson, so please just shut up. The target is sighted. They are within the range of our cameras. Cam 15. Wellson, ramp up the volume."

"Yes, sir."

"All good? Clear up the static first, record everything and someone contact Riley."

Bzzzt. There was a bit of static for a few seconds then it began to clear up, allowing the soldiers to hear Harry and Dawn's conversation.

"-not really that much, though. I mean, you wouldn't believe some of the proposals I got. I don't really know why but most women seem to just throw themselves at me." Harry explained sheepishly, followed by an embarrassed laugh. His accented voice was heard clearly by the advanced spying technology that the soldiers used.

"During the war, I didn't have much time for a decent relationship. Not that I didn't think about it. It was just that most of the girls back then were more into either worshipping me as a saviour or reviling me as an evil bastard. It just wasn't, you know, there was just no..." Harry paused as if he was thinking for the right word.

"There was no thrill, no spark" He said thinking back to most of the stories of his parents. He had wanted to fall in love badly with all that it entails, but the only girls who seemed interested were after his fame or his money which really sucked. "I wanted a relationship based on love instead of lust or greed."

"Oh..." Dawn said softly, her voice beset by an emotion that Harry couldn't identify.

"Can't the girl see he's only playing her? I mean, he's so transparent about it." One of the spies asked rhetorically. "No guy really wants romance. Shit, I've yet to meet the guy who would turn down a one night stand."

"This guy invented the seduction game, man. He could tell her that he is dating three other babes and still have her wrapped around his pinky. That girl's got no chance me thinks."


"Riley? Listen, I'm kinda busy right now. Lucifer took Dawn. Again." Buffy replied her voice a mix between anger, worry and annoyance. What was it with her sister and psychos? "Your team saw them? Where?! OK, we're on it. Giles, get your car ready they're heading for the hospital! Riley's going to meet us there."


Xander groaned, feeling pleasantly tired and weary. Half awake as he was, he was still hyper aware of the body beside him. The very soft and decided female form beside him. Yes!

"That was incredible! You were a machine! I had so many orgasms I lost count!" Anya informed excitedly, practically glowing with sexual satisfaction. "Where were you nine hundred years ago?

Xander only muttered something inaudible. He felt like he was entitled to being tired after having sex for nine hours straight. Who knew that being a primal human, or whatever he was, included incredible sexual endurance? He cracked open one eye and spotted a nipple six inches away, making his lips instinctively pooch out as if trying to reach it even though it was too far.

"Yeah, and that time when you- Oh! You can still go?" Anya asked eyeing Xander's already recovered form with a toothy grin. "I could get used to this, Xander. I really could."

Not for the first time Xander wondered if it was pathetic to die because of too much sex. Nah!


At the Hospital

It only took a few minutes to reach the Hospital from where Harry had ported them. They had mostly stopped talking and were now simply basking in the silence that had set in after one of their conversations. You'd think it would be awkward, but it wasn't. In fact, it was a comfortable silence. Content, even.

Eventually, Harry broke the silence as they exited the elevator.

"Well we're here, you go ahead and meet your mum." Harry said as they reached the hospital, turning and gesturing for the pretty brunette to go inside. "I'll go check up on her after you two have had a chance to talk. Go on."

"I think she'll want to see you, too." Dawn insisted, knowing her mom liked Harry and wanting to show him off a bit. "Let's go in together."

Harry stared at her resolved face for a second then shrugged, deciding it wasn't worth the effort to deny her. "If you insist."


"Hi Dawn, Harry, what brings you two here this early." Joyce asked as she saw the two teens enter her room, sneaking a wink to her daughter.

"Hello, Joyce." Harry greeted, while Dawn simply went to hug her. Idly, he cast a few of the diagnostic charms he had picked up during the war. "Dawn wanted me to check up on you and I couldn't let come here alone, so I sort of tagged along. Any changes? Unusual pains, headaches, numbness?"

"Oh, no! No pain whatsoever. The doctors will be finishing up the tests tomorrow." Joyce informed happily, noticing Dawn was standing a bit close to the British boy. "They're saying that they got the results horribly wrong because they can't really find a trace of the tumor."

"That's good." It really was, Harry noted. The woman looked far healthier than before and as he observed her Harry noticed where her Dawn got her looks from. Her sickness really had been getting to her, but now her warm beauty was returning to her, even if it was not fully as Joyce now sported a healthy blush to her cheeks.

"I have a request to ask Harry." Joyce asked with a pleasant smile, arousing Harry's curiosity. The instinct that every man possessed suddenly went off in his head. The one that let them know that when a woman was going to ask him to do something incredibly hard, dangerous, or expensive.


"Dinner! You invited him to dinner?!" Came the panicked voice of Buffy. She had gone straight to the hospital, but unfortunately, or fortunately based on how one saw it, Harry had already left for `business reasons'. The thought of what kind of business he was doing caused her to shiver.

"Well I thought that with all the help that he did-" She stopped and studied her daughter's expression. Her eldest was totally opposed to the idea and it made her wonder just why that was, especially considering her previous choice in boyfriends. She sighed, "Look Buffy, even if you don't like Harry he has proven himself to be a good sort, honey."

"But he's not, mom. He's the evilest guy out there. Believe me, he eats babies for breakfast and tortures puppies and kittens." Buffy tried to impart the seriousness of the situation, a hint of whining in her voice.

Joyce looked horrified for a second due to taking her daughter's words literally, "Does he? Do you have proof of that?"

Buffy shifted uncomfortably, "Well no, but-"

"But what? Buffy Anne Summers, I know that I taught you better than that!" Joyce stated disapprovingly, crossing her arm across her chest. "You can't just accuse people like that. What did Harry do that makes you think he's so evil?"

"Nothing yet, technically, but, well, he did do those fireworks..." Seeing her mom raise her eyebrows expectantly, Buffy continued, "A-and he beat up Willy!"

"Who's Willy?" Joyce asked with some concern, perhaps there was some truth in her daughter's words.

"Oh, he's the guy at the local demon bar." Seeing her mother's gesture to elaborate, Buffy continued, "Well, he's the information guy there."

Perhaps it was just knowing her daughter or simply a sharp mother's instinct, but she knew that her daughter was keeping something from her, so she gave her a look, `The Look' even. It took her daughter mere seconds to crumble.

"I kinda used to beat him up to for information." Buffy mumbled, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment. Joyce gave her a disapproving look, but Buffy continued. "But it wasn't my fault! He won't speak unless you rough him up and we needed his information to deal with the big bads."

Oh, it was one of those Slayer things then. "If you do it to him, then Harry couldn't be too bad if he also did it. Right?"

Buffy reluctantly admitted in a small voice, "Yeah."

"If that's all then-"

"He's seducing Dawn." Buffy interrupted quickly with some desperation and a hint of triumph.

Joyce was stunned for a second then a smile broke from her lips, then a small chuckle, finally she erupted to full laughter. She to grab the counter to stay steady, still a bit weakened from her time in the hospital.

"Mom!" Buffy complained, stomping her foot.

"I- Eh heh- sorry- giggle-snort. Sweetie, if anything I think it's Dawn who's seducing Harry." Joyce informed her, still sniggering at the idea of Dawn being the one chased. Honestly, her youngest looked like some kind of hungry tiger whenever that boy was around.

Seeing that her mother could not be swayed, Buffy opted to leave and inform the gang of the `dinner date'. Privately, she admitted that perhaps discretion was the better part of valor. For now anyway.

"I'm going home now, mom." Buffy said with a sigh, leaning forward to give her mother and peck on the check in parting. "It's good to see you up and about though."


Harry dropped Dawn off at her house about an hour ago. Dawn had really calmed down after meeting her mother and seemed much more relaxed. She busied herself with her school work and the Scoobies weren't really focusing on her as they were too busy bickering amongst themselves.

"Dinner!? Mrs. S invited the Devil to dinner?" Xander asked incredulously, followed by the similar sentiments from Willow, Anya and Giles. Well, not Giles so much as he just sort of choked and began cleaning his glasses.

"I know! This is like Uber disaster!" Buffy cried out, throwing her hands up in the air dramatically to emphasize her point and her own helplessness.

"Calm down, everyone." Giles commanded as he felt the meeting was getting more and more chaotic. After getting their attention, he continued in a placating tone, "Buffy, I'm sure that the De-, that `Harry' will behave himself. It doesn't make sense what he's doing but if he is investing some time to your family, then I very much doubt he would simply end the game and outright harm them."

"We need to be there." Willow decided, getting an agreeing nod from her girlfriend. "If anything happens, then we might be able to help with our magic.

"We could make some sort of neutral ground magic ward, to prevent violence." Tara suggested. looking around at everyone and gaining confidence when saw their approval. "The dinner is a few days away, so we could use that time to prepare."
"I can watch from outside." Offered Spike, he was going to offer to do more, but he was unnerved by Xander staring at him. "Guard the perimeter."

"Anya and I would love to join you for dinner, if it's okay with Mrs. Summers." Xander said with a small smile. While he despised `Harry', he loved Mrs. Summers more. She was like the mother that he always wanted to have. "Besides, Anya can spot out if the bastard is trying to get a sneaky deal out of you guys."

"We have a lot to prepare for then. I'm going to see if I can find something that can kill the ponce or, at least, put him out commission for a while. Good luck with that dinner." Spike said as he left with him the meeting was adjourned.


Harry's mansion, two days later...

Harry sat in his favorite armchair staring off into nothing. As much as he'd like to go kill off the many vampire nests in Sunnydale, it just wasn't that fun anymore. It was like they avoided him or perhaps they were hiding somewhere. He was a bit put out by it, actually. Figures that when he wanted to kill something the bad guys go to ground.

Letting out an audible sigh, he picked up his pen to jot down some of the spells that he could remember. It was more of an intellectual exercise by now, by writing them down he could remember them for when they should be used. He heard this exercise was used by wizards of old when pensieves weren't that popular yet and occlumency was still an infant art. True, it was old but it did wonders to his effective spell repertoire and made for some really wicked curse combinations.

It was repetitive and boring but he really had nothing much to do except perhaps-


There was a distinct whooshing sound that marked the alarm being set off. The wards had detected an intruder at the edges. Happy to be brought out of his boredom, he quickly darting towards the location of the breach Harry cast an invisibility charm to keep him from being seen.

As he arrived with an eager grin, he did a quick survey. The enemy had tried to breach the walls, but were repelled by the rudimentary wards that he had painstakingly established. Claw marks were observable on the other side of the wall... that was something to think about.
Harry saw a piece of paper that was dropped, approaching it and picking it up he realized it was a letter. A dangerous expression crossed his face as he read it. Crumpling the paper he ported immediately, leaving it to fall harmlessly once again to the ground.

Pieces of the letter read.

... her alive go to warehouse 10... come alone.


Warehouse 10...

Buffy breathed heavily. The odds were not good looking good. The only thing that was keeping the Scoobies alive was the fact that Willow and Tara had somehow created a protection circle that luckily blocked the evil gremlins. The problem was that they were in the middle of an ambush, surrounded by hundreds of enemies just peering out on them.

"Buffy, I know you don't want to hear this, but... it's a trap. I Told you so." Xander reminded sarcastically.

"Hey! I didn't know they were this many! Heck, I didn't even know they could group up like this." The haggard Slayer replied with a hint of bite, careful not to move too much less she interrupt the two Wiccans that were keeping them from the savage group of enemies.

"Buffster, you don't set a trap without stacking the odds in your favor as much as possible. That's why they call it a TRAP!" Xander yelled back, his voice a bit too high as he stared out at the ocean of mini-demons. "You have to stop running head long into TRAPS!"

"Dawn, please stop getting kidnapped so often." Riley muttered under his breath as he cocked his gun, thankfully bullet worked against the little imps...sometimes. "I'm not asking for much here, just once a month would be fine."

"It's not my fault those icky mini-demons went after me!" Dawn protested still feeling the razor sharp claws and smelling the stench that reminded her of rotten pork chops.

"So what are these things?" Buffy asked, punting one of the tiny demons when it came too close to the circle. "And how in the hell do we stop them?"

"It's the Legion." Anya identified as she eyed the little demons jumping around leering at them, giving a few a hard glare. "They can't really be killed unless you have intense heat. Molotov cocktails, gasoline, maybe a flamethrower. Right now, I'm going with a napalm bomb!"

"Yesssssssss, vengeance demon. True, true." A gravelly voice spoke from somewhere. It was something akin to nails scratching a blackboard. Echoes repeated throughout the room eerily as if he spoke not as one person but many. "My name is Legion, and we are many!"

"Why does that sound familiar." Xander wondered out loud, then nodded his head. "Right, X-Men."

"Xander, I don't really care right now unless you can suddenly breathe fire." Buffy agitatedly said, quickly becoming worried that the current situation might actually be their last fight.

"You are not the target of the Legion, but you too shall die!" The voice screeched at them, making Tara and Willow wince.

"Gee thanks, you sure are spreading the love." Xander quipped sarcastically, tightening his grip on his favorite battle axe. "We'll be sure to return the favor!"

"Willow, Tara how long can you hold them off?" Buffy asked worriedly as she stared at the army of several hundred small demons shrieking and mocking them with their beady eyes.

"We can last for a few more minutes, but after that..." Tara answered for the concentrating Willow as she wiped a bead of sweat that formed on her forehead. "We really can't cast any fire spells without some time to rest or a lot of ingredients."

"Damn it!" Buffy cursed, hating the situation more and more. She surveyed the area for something that could make a fire and came up with nothing. Not a single combustible object, no wood, no gasoline, not even a single match. "Xander, I really hope being the primal human means you can fart fire or something 'cause we're toast if you can't."

"I really wish Harry was-" Dawn was immediately interrupted as soon as those able to recognized the w- word did so.

"Don't say it!" Interrupted Anya, Xander and Buffy almost in sync.


Harry ported outside the instructed warehouse. He saw that it looked abandoned, as in the very cliche sort of an abandoned warehouse. The building was on it's last legs, the roof was in tatters and the whole place looked like it could collapse on itself from a strong wind, but it was large and very creepy looking. Harry could make out people in the centre of the place, safely inside a protective circle, the circle was shimmering lightly and cast a luminescent barrier separating the people from the small monsters.

Harry was somewhat reminded of house elves if it the monsters weren't so toothy. They looked like small gremlins that were crossbred with an alligator and raised by Kreacher.

The Scoobies looked worse for wear and, seeing that they were in the middle of what Harry assumed to be an ambush, Harry ported into the circle in front of Buffy with his back turned towards her as he surveyed the lot of enemies in front of them.

Just in time to hear Buffy, Anya and Xander say "Don't say it!"

"Am I late?" Harry asked the group causally, smirking at the army of demonic house elves with something akin to glee in his eyes now that he knew Dawn was safe.

"Holy!" Xander squeaked, not that he would admit it. The others were similarly surprised by his appearance. "He really does show up when you mention him."

Buffy made to stake Harry's back but Riley stopped her by holding her forearm and doing a quick `no' gesture as if telling her now really isn't the time. She reluctantly put away the stake, a pout on her lips at being deprived of her kill.

"Harry!" Dawn gasped, a wide smile forming on her mouth.

"You okay? These little buggers tried to break into my house and left me a note that they kidnapped you and-" Harry began, but was cut off by an irate redhead.

"I know that you guys are all lovey dovey happy to see each other and all but we are kinda, you know, out of time." Willow said snappishly, the circle wavered a little but Willow once again concentrated on her task. Sweat dripped down her forehead.

"Yeah, sorry. Any suggestions?" Harry asked the group, his fingers wiggling with anticipation.

"They will die with intense heat, Lightbringer." Anya addressed him respectfully, no need to anger him right now as he seemed willing to help for the time being. That and she wasn't entirely sure that she'd be going to Heaven when she died so, yeah, best not to piss him off.

"How intense are we talking about?" Harry asked, the hint of a smirk tugging on his lips at the good news. Fire was good, fire was fun. He had a lot of spells that used fire.

"Only extreme heat will kill them so very, very hot." Anya answered quickly, swallowing as she spotted the dark glint in his bright green eyes.

"Hot. I can do hot. Just...stay behind me." Harry closed his eyes, summoning his magic as he imagined what he wanted. It was funny, Harry had thought that he wouldn't have any reason to use this spell again. He was glad that there were improvements on it throughout the years since he did not need the curse getting out of hand.

Fiendfyre. The very flames of hell. Rumor has it that the fire was capable of burning even the soul. Volatile and uncontrollable but to those with the keenest of minds and strongest of wills... unless you offered blood that is. It seemed that when the caster offered blood when casting the fire became more malleable, more accommodating towards its master so to speak. The more magical the blood, the better your control would be.

One could argue that it was a spell that was tailor made for Harry. After that mishap with the final battle, well, there was no one who had more magic in their blood than Harry Potter. Still, it responded to any emotion even with the offering of blood. That was fine though. He was angry enough to make it work well, perhaps a little too well.

"You are here! Good! Good! Now die! Die!" The gravelly voice whispered. "Diiiieeee!

Taking a deep breath Harry once again opened his eyes showing that they were now glowing with unholy anger. He smoothly cast a cutting charm on his left palm and silently cast the spell in his mind.

Anya's eyes widened at the surge of magical energy that filled the place. She watched as the Lightbringer's blood splashed on the floor, feeling dread rise up from her gut and quickly took cover behind Xander.

Within seconds of hitting the floor, smoke rose as did the temperature of the warehouse. It was a fascinating thing, fiendfyre. From the blood sprang forth flame of such intensity that one could have sworn something roared. The flame started as a slender thing slithering around the edges of the circle the Scoobies and Harry were in, burning down the small monsters that were nearest to them.

It was like each demon it consumed made it grow larger, stronger, and hotter. Soon, it began to take a distinct form: a fiery snake the size of a python that was growing bigger with each shrieking demon it ate. It rose up into the air, hissing demonically at the suddenly wide eyed demons before he began to strike with it's mouth and lash out with it's tail. Within moments, the snake grew to gigantic proportions.

"NO! Hellfire!" The voice shouted in shock and terror, but Harry gave it no mind, his eyes were locked on the swaying serpent as a stoic grin crossed his face. He stretched out his hands, then thrust them apart.

The flaming basilisk's head split into two with each one in different directions as it hunted for prey. One of the heads suddenly darted towards Harry with lightning speed, but it stopped some distance from Harry's face with a stopping gesture of his hand and hissed at the sorcerer as if threatening him but Harry hissed back something that made the Scoobies shudder at the unnatural sound and the head quickly returned to hunting the demons.

"We will be back! We will overwhelm you next time for we are Legion!" The voice informed as the last gremlin/alligator hybrid was exterminated.

Seeing no more targets to be had the snakes went in for the next meal, the Scoobies, but Harry was prepared for that and with a wave of the hand he intoned, "Begone!"
The fiery snakes dissipated instantly, leaving behind superheated air and the smell of burned corpses.

Harry turned to the group, feeling awkward. He was conscious that Fiendfyre was considered very dark magic by most and hoped they hadn't gotten the wrong idea from it, "Sorry about that but that was the first thing that came to mind."

The Scoobies for their part were stunned by the display of power that the man in front of them presented and not a little bit afraid. As much as they hated it, they were impressed and that was a difficult thing to do with a group that were convinced they had seen it all. The protective circle was dropped sometime during Harry's performance, not like it mattered anymore, when fire snake thingies began eating the legions of demons in the warehouse.

It was Dawn who broke the uncomfortable silence as she launched herself towards Harry, hugging him tightly with her hands discreetly touching the muscles of his back. "Thanks a lot Harry! We really thought that we were goners there for a while!"

Harry gave a strained smile in return, feeling guilty about the good feeling he felt with that simple appreciative hug.

"So... I heard your mother's being stubborn and that she's going back tomorrow. Is that dinner still up?" Harry asked innocently.