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Chapter 9


It was a somber affair, going home. Harry had spotted the atmosphere early on and made a quick excuse to get away. It was bad enough that he already had a somewhat bad reputation to them add that to them seeing him do some serious dark magic, well Harry knew when he is not wanted.

The scoobies for their part were still in a semi-stunned state, more so for those that were adept at magic. They all had felt the oppressive anger, that the fire was producing, and each and everyone of the group had felt varying degrees of fear and awe at such a feat.

That didn't really stop them from talking about it though.

"That was..." Anya started, then stopped to think of an appropriate word, but none surfaced to her mind.

"Brutal?" Xander provided.

"I was thinking along the lines of beautiful but brutal works just as well." Anya said, no one really disagreed.

Once again the uncomfortable silence enveloped the group, yet no one dared break it.

Giles eyed Buffy, and she eyed the former librarian in return, their eyes trying to prompt the other to start.

Finally, Giles had enough of the silly game and cleared his throat to begin what they had all planned to do sometime ago.

"Dawn." Uttering her name to get her attention, not that it would be hard to do, after such spectacle her adrenaline was still pumping no doubt.

"Yeah?" She asked, still somewhat jittery.

"The group has decided that you need to know." Giles started, already thinking of how the young lady will react.

"Know what?" The confused tilt of her head was quite noticeable as it was on her voice.

" As we all know, you have been Uhm, consorting with a guy named Harry for the past few days." Giles paused to see if Dawn would say anything, but the only thing she did was blush deeply. He sighed deeply muttering "hormones. This is going to be great."

" Now, you might not believe me if I say that Harry is actually evil, I just ask you to trust me on it and-"

"How could you say that?! He just saved our lives!" Dawn interrupted immediately defending her cru- err friend.

"Dawn! Didn't you see that huge snakey fire thing? The demon called it Hellfire." Buffy retorted.

"He just saved our lives. So what if he used some powerful magic-"

"That wasn't just powerful magic Dawn, something like that... I couldn't even begin to imagine how to do." Tara admitted.

"My point is he isn't evil!"

"Dawn, I know you like the guy and all but please listen." Xander pleaded. "You know that we won't do this if we don't think that we have something right?"

Dawn nodded slowly, acknowledging Xander.

Taking a deep breath to collect himself Xander thought of how to say such a thing, and after much deliberation he decided to go simple.

"Harry is the Devil. Satan. The guy with the fork and horns."

Dawn stared at Xander as if he grew another head.

"I'm not joking Dawn. It's true."

After a few seconds of staring, Dawn realized that they were indeed not joking, and they really believed that Harry was Satan! She opened her mouth to say something, but she just couldn't get anything to say.

"Now that you know, we need anything you know about him. Did he tell you any weaknesses? What about-" Buffy continued in Xander's stead only to be interrupted by Dawn.

"No." Dawn uttered the word with steel in her voice.

"What? What do you mean no? Don't you understand? He's the devil, Dawn."

"You don't understand Buffy. He's not! He's not the devil or Satan or who knows what else! He's just Harry!" Dawn said angrily.

"Dawn, he's just making you think he's your friend! He's lying! He's a liar Dawn! He's Satan!" The elder Summers sister argued.

"He's not! He won't ever do that." The younger Summers said with conviction.

Giles seeing that both were stubborn as mules, decided to interfere. He was of course also interested why Dawn defended the devil with such zeal.

"Why do you trust him so much?" Giles gently asked, his voice a deep contrast to the loud shouting, but he was nonetheless heard.

Dawn turned to Giles, "He hasn't done anything big bad evil why are you so... so mean to him?"

'Dawn, no matter where you look at, evidence suggest that he's the devil. The summoner, even the balance demons have confirmed this."

It seems that the combined events of the night caught up to Dawn's legs, and she wobbled but she kept her bearings and replied. "I don't believe you. I won't. He gave an oath, and I know what he told me was true." She said weakly, but the others still heard.

This alarmed the Scoobies however, and Buffy worriedly asked. "Oath? What oath Dawn? You need to tell us its important."

"I-I can't. You just have to trust me that he's not. " Dawn said.

"Dawn... You can't, or you won't? I know he's really cute, and you like him but this is more important than that. He's the devil, and he could hurt you, hurt us."

"Like Angel you mean?" Dawn asked, one could hear that she was seething with poorly concealed anger. Her anger and annoyance didn't lessen upon looking at her sister's hurt look.

"Dawn... It's not like that. Please just trust us on this. Trust me, I'm your sister." Buffy begged.

"No! Why don't you trust me Buffy? I'm your sister too aren't I?" Dawn yelled already running away from the group heading towards her room.

There was silence before Xander muttered. "That could have gone a LOT better."

-O- -O- -O-


This was a familiar place...

Dark. As if even the tiniest of light has been devoured.

The overbearing silence was deafening.

He was alone as always. He was sitting, standing, awake and asleep. This was a world where everything was happening all at the same time. Harry knew this place intimately. He stayed here for 68 years in his sleep. The world was very hard to comprehend yet he managed. He had been here before many a time after he woke up and it was always the same dream.

"Say my name and it will be yours."


"I am you and you are I, tell this one why do you resist? Take my power and do with it as you want for we are forever, we are eternal. Take my name and be a God in mortal flesh. Take my power and forever be..."

Harry's eyes opened with a start. There was that dream again he thought. "Riiing!" the phone that Lilah had given him for contact purposes. It was a sleek thing, quite advanced for its time he reckoned.

"Hello?" Harry picked up the phone and answered.

"Harry? Are you free today?" The familiar voice of Lilah Morgan answered back.

"As a matter of fact I am, in the morning anyway. Why is there some sort of problem?" Harry asked.

"Nothing like that. It's just that do you remember me saying that my boss will want to meet you sometime? Well my boss informed me to tell you that he would like to meet and talk to you about... matters. It would of course be dependent on you." Lilah's voice had a hint of worry.

Harry figured that her boss might be a tad hot headed, and since he liked Lilah well, he didn't want to get her in trouble. "You're in Los Angeles right?"

Harry waited for Lilah to confirm his question then said, "I'll be there, tell that to your boss."


It didn't take long for Harry to figure out where Los Angeles was, he availed himself some maps to determine the coordinates of the city of Angels. He checked the time to see that it was still rather early, a walk in another city might just be interesting enough to pass the time.

In Los Angeles, Harry saw a glimpse of the future. It was there, the unmistakable urgency in the people, the large buildings that towered over him, people rushing towards their morning... It was indeed something that reminded him of the future... or past depending on the point of view of course.

Surveying from atop of one of the skyscrapers Harry sighed as he took in the sights, it was really different when seen from above, the noise wasn't as oppressive for one and perhaps it is Harry's bias, but he couldn't help but feel at ease as he watched over the city while the wind swept through his body. While not as grand as those skyscrapers back home the ones in L.A. were sufficient enough to sate his love for the wind's caress.

After that last fight with Voldemort, well... he really did become a creature of the sky as Hermione often joked, just by how much however was the question. If he took off Hermione's work what would he become? What was it that Voldemort's twisted plan amounted to? More importantly, whatever it was that happened that night would it happen again? So much questions that needed answering and much as he tried he couldn't come close to the truth partly because he had already an inkling of what the answers were.


It was some hours later that Harry entered the main office of Wolfram and Hart. There was a secretary up front, but she was rather busy with talking over the phone. Harry idly waited for her to notice him, but she was really, really preoccupied so Harry began to try to get her attention.

"Miss? I'm here for-"

"Excuse me sir, yes, can you wait for a sec? Thank you." The woman said over the phone, "How may I help you sir? Let's make it snappy I'm talking to a rather important client." The woman said eyeing Harry's attire which composed of a rather simple black t-shirt and jeans.

"Right." Harry said happily, it was rather refreshing to not be treated as the 'important client' actually. "I'm actually here to see Lilah Morgan first then-"

"She's on the third floor, and her office has a plate with her name so it's hard not to miss, if that's all." She said abruptly, already going back to the phone.

"Third floor it is then."


"Pretty neat office you have here." Harry mused, noting that he startled his lawyer. The lawyer took a moment to compose herself before giving him a smile as well as gesturing him to sit on one of the chairs in front of her table.

"T-thank you, I just got it." Lilah said, a hint of smugness was in her voice as well as the usual tremble that he'd associated with her.

Lilah for her part squirmed in her seat, for there it was again the nearly suffocating scent of power. It made her want to just bow her head in worship, in reverence. This was her proof that it was indeed the Devil in front of her and not just some kid with a charming smile. Just by being around him she felt both helpless and exhilarated. She could've sworn that she heard a voice in her head that urged her to worship him.

She affirmed to herself that this guy was indeed dangerous.

"So what is it that your boss want to talk about?" Harry asked as he got himself situated, the chair was seriously very comfortable.

"Y-yes about that, from what I could gather it's mostly about your finances as well as... other things." Lilah paused to consider what she was about to say. Whatever those other things might be Harry had a feeling that it was far from pleasant.

"I see. Better get to it then. I'll be seeing you later Lilah." Harry said as he went outside.

Lilah sighed as the feeling of being surrounded by power receded.

"Oh by the way, where is your boss again?" Harry asked sheepishly, his head poking through the doorway.

She wondered if he was acting or was he really just carefree, In the end it didn't really matter. He asked a question and she answered. As he once again left, Lilah thought idly, Very dangerous and sexy as hell.


The Boss' room was much larger than that of Lilah's and Harry had the feeling that it was rather showy. The man gestured towards a seat and greeted. "Good afternoon, it's an honor to receive a guest such as you."

Harry sat on the chair offered, studying the man in front of him. "I'm here, what did you want to talk about?" There was no sense beating around the bush after all.

"Very well, I wouldn't want to waste your time after all. I have two things to discuss with you, it ties with your recently acquired wealth." The man said. "Before that, My name is Holland Manners. Pardon my lapse in manners" He ended with a smile at his own joke."

The man awfully reminded Harry of goblins, vicious, greedy that hides behind civility however crude. This man was driven by money and power no doubt, that made him somewhat predictable in Harry's mind.

"I'm sure you know who I am, but Incase you don't I'm Harry."

The seasoned lawyer stared at Harry for a second then smiled "Right, Harry. Let's get down to doing business shall we."

Harry nodded and waited for the man to start. He noted that the man was rather nervous despite the facade that he was projecting.

"Very well the most pressing thing right now is your fortune." The man indicated as he showed Harry a folder of his properties. "What would you want to do with it?" He asked then waited patiently for Harry to answer.

"Oh. Is that all? I guess I don't need a lot of money so why don't I just donate it?" Harry said after considering his options.

"Donate?" The man incredulously asked, his voice seemed to crack and Harry found that odd, was it that rare for people to donate nowadays?

"Yes. I'm thinking of giving it to orphans you know, since I'm an orphan myself." Harry said with an indescribable expression on his face. He then smiled knowing that he could help those who were victims of circumstance such as himself.

"Orphans? You?-" Holland asked but then refrained himself, it was somewhat true after all. If God abandoned The devil then he could be considered an orphan. "What I mean is, are you sure?"

"Oh yes, quite sure. I really don't need money much and kids without their parents, well... I could relate, so I want to help them as much as possible." Harry informed. He watched Holland as he did and found that the man seemed to realize something that made him agree with his decision.

"I see. Sorry if I doubted you, you really are him." The man praised. To donate to orphans would show people that he cared all the while hiding in plain sight, perhaps the devil was already setting himself up as the antichrist? It was an astounding and brilliant move!

"Err. Okay then anything else?" Harry said slightly confused.

"The Order of Taraka wants to meet you." Holland said still somewhat amazed at what he perceived was Harry's plan.

"The what?" Harry said quite interested about the topic.


Summer residence 5pm

"I'm gonna call him." Buffy said suddenly.

"Call who?" Giles asked bewildered by Buffy's suddenness.

"Angel, we need all the help we can get." Buffy pleaded, it was true and it wasn't like she was still pining after the vampire. With Angel there at the dinner he could help fight if there was something wrong. Much as she wouldn't want to admit she remembered how easily Harry disabled her and she also couldn't forget that hellfire thingy that he just flung around like it was a toy.

"Thats... actually a good idea Buffy. Call him then." Giles said after a small deliberation, actually happy for Buffy's initiative.

Joyce had actually arrived sometime earlier and was already in the process of preparing the food, Willow, Tara and Giles volunteered to help and were actually placing runes as they did their Joyce-appointed task. Buffy being somewhat unreliable in the kitchen or in magic opted to just guard Dawn's room, from the outside this time with a clear view of the room so that she'd see if Harry-the-devil-who-seduced-Dawn ever try to do his teleporting trick again.

Thumbing down Angel's number as she watched her sister's room, Buffy sighed as she prepared to talk to her Ex.

"Hello?" Angel's deep voice answered from the phone.

"Hey, Angel this is Buffy I have a favor to ask."


Holland's office. 5pm

"Before you go." Holland said as Harry started to rise from his seat effectively stopping him.

Harry raised his brow in a gesture to get the man talking.

"This'll be quick." The man said as he stood and took a book from one of his collections that were prominently displayed. It was a leather bound book that had the simple text LAW inscribed in the middle.

"Can you sign this one? I'm actually a huge fan of yours and..." The man said stopping only to take a gulp of air and awaited nervously handing the book to Harry.

"I guess, I don't see why not." Truly there were all sorts of people Harry thought as he penned his initials on the book. He guessed wrong he mused as he watched the man cradle the book as if it was a child. "If that is all then thanks for everything then."

As he was getting out he could've sworn he heard something akin to... "My preciousss." He shook his head maybe he needed to rest that meeting was somewhat a long one. They discussed everything that had to do with money, investments and the likes. There was also that thing with the Order of Taraka. From what he could gather they were some sort of evil dark lord group since they had Voldemort as a previous member. It seems he wasn't done with dark lords as of yet.


The summer Residence.

Harry arrived at the door dressed semi-formally. He was quite nervous, it wasn't his first time at a family dinner but it was his first outside of the Weasley family. He didn't really know how to act, he decided however to just 'wing' it as they say.

Pressing the doorbell once, he wondered how he would have to act as he waited. There were people in there with prejudiced views against him as evidenced by Xander's acidic reaction to him. Perhaps he could show them that he wasn't as evil as they thought he was? That was rather optimistic but one can only hope. There was some noise behind the door and he needed to wait for a few more moments before it opened.

He was greeted warmly by Dawn, who led him towards the dining area. Harry greeted everyone warmly but some of them only greeted half-heartedly namely Buffy and most of her gang. The food looked to be excellent. Though the table seemed cramped it gave the feeling of a close family. Within moments they were all seated comfortably. Harry sat on Dawn's side who sat beside her mother, on his other side was who he presumed was Anya, then Xander. Willow and Tara sat next to Buffy and Riley. Giles sat between Xander and Riley. Interestingly though there was a chair reserved.

"Expecting another one?" Harry asked as he saw the empty chair.

Joyce creased her brows together and replied, "Not really, no. Buffy?" She asked, knowing that it was unlikely for Dawn to invite a friend to this dinner.

"Well, I kinda invited..." DINGDONG "He's here, I'll go get him."

Harry noticed that Riley had a small frown in his face that he was struggling to undo. He really didn't understand until the other guest had introduced himself. Harry had to restrain himself mightily else he strike down the man in front of him. From what Dawn had said this guy was a very evil man, or his vampire self at least.

"Angel." Xander growled in greeting.

"Xander." The pale skinned man grunted in return.

Harry had to admit that the tension between the two was rather funny to see, it was rather like him and Snape only less hostile, much less.

Joyce as if oblivious or simply uncaring at the byplay happening clapped her hands and said gaily, "Who wants to say grace?" her enthusiasm dropped as she noticed the reactions around her it was as if they paled and was signalling her? She turned her head to Harry and said "Why don't you do it Harry?"

"Oh. I-" Harry began but was interrupted by Giles' clearing his throat.

"I'd take the responsibility of giving Grace Joyce, I'm not too sure that 'Harry' is quite versed in such things." Giles said as calmly as he could manage.

The other combat capable within the group were rather tense as he began his prayer. "Bless us O Lord and for These Thy Gifts which we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful. Amen." The Englishman finished eyeing Harry carefully in case he did something rash.

"Dibs on the legs!" Dawn chirped as she lunged towards the chicken legs in front of her, unknowingly breaking the tension that was building from the Scoobies.

Harry took a small portion of the food laid in front of him and mostly watched the others. Angel typically didn't take part and simply watched. Harry noted that Angel was more interested in watching him than the others, it wasn't that odd maybe as he was the only new person that was of interest.

"Angel." Harry said to gain his attention, it was a rather good time to ask why someone would name a vampire after an Angel. Dawn was rather confused about that too if he recalled.

The others grew silent as Angel replied with a "what?"

"I've been rather curious, since I've heard your name actually." Harry began trying to explain first before he asked. "Why are you called Angel? Seems a rather ironic name isn't it?"

Angel froze as he felt the curious gaze, he'd been informed earlier just why they needed him and he agreed without a second thought perhaps he should have thought better? He was now in the room with THE fallen angel and he was possibly pissed at the arrogance of calling himself one of his kind.

"They say I had the face of one." He said honestly not really knowing what to say.

"I see." Harry said awkwardly, it seems that people weren't in a talkative mood today. Instead of talking he went to focus on his food.

Joyce took a bite out of her lasagna, frowning a bit at the atmosphere. She decided to start the conversation. "So Harry..." She was startled when Buffy, Xander and Giles suddenly stood to attention. She continued... "Can you tell me about your family?"

"My family?" Harry pondered. The Dursley's weren't exactly a good dinner conversation topic. Perhaps if he didn't go on about their faults as much as he'd like to? Or perhaps he'd talk about the Resistance...

Coughing a bit to clear his throat he began. "Well... The word family... it doesn't really mean the same to me, you know." Raising his brow as he noticed all of them watching him.

Ignoring the attention with practiced ease he continued. "My family... Those of my flesh and blood, well they were the sort of people that would keep someone locked up because that person was different. They were the type to punish you for the slightest of wrong... I... I wouldn't really call them my family."

Joyce winced as she heard him speak "I'm sorry I-"

"Don't worry... Joyce. I found my family in the end. We were a ragtag group you see," Harry smiled in remembrance to the Resistance. "We were actually called the Rebellion, can you believe that?" Harry chuckled.

"Must have been quite a group." Joyce jested.

"Oh we were..." Harry eyed everyone, seeing that all were in the know about magic he began... "We were at war, you see."

"A war?" Joyce asked alarmed.

It was Dawn who answered. "Harry tells me that it's over." She looked at Harry, giving him a smile. "He's not really comfortable talking about it so..."

Joyce looked apologetic but Harry brushed her off and said. "It's okay Mrs. Summers, Dawn. It's not like most of you don't know the story right?" Gesturing to Xander, the one who had previously called him the light bringer. "I'm sure you've heard other versions of the event, so I'll tell you mine."

It seemed like Buffy was going to protest, but a sharp look from her mother silenced her.

"As I've told Dawn, There was an Old... man, he was the leader of the light side of the war." Searching for their reactions it seems that there were, even here in another dimension, Dumbledore fanatics. "As you know, He-who-must-not-be-named or You-know-who as people back then liked to call him lead the other side." Harry said, choosing his words carefully, using Voldemort's name with people seemingly knowledgeable about it would spoil the mood, as well as the dinner.

"Who?" Buffy asked, completely confused.

Giles palmed his face, you did not ask the name of someone that angels wouldn't even say.

Seeing Giles reaction, he assumed that at least one person would be offended so... "Well, people refused to say his name back then because he was such an evil bastard that it was rumored that if you utter his name he'll hunt you down like dogs and slaughter everything you know dear."

He smiled at the look of horror at Buffy's face.

"Of course I don't mind saying his name, I vanquished him after all." There maybe they won't see him so evil anymore?

"So he didn't really slaughter anyone who said his name?" Dawn asked curiously.

Harry blinked at that, did Voldemort ever really do that? From what he could gather he would periodically visit and slaughter light families, that was what happened to Molly's maiden family.

"I guess he did to some extent but that's mostly over cause he's dead." Harry said as a matter-of-factly.

"The old man didn't like my methods, I fought war on war's basis while he was still holding out that the enemy might change their minds and ask for forgiveness. I didn't like it so I made my own group and did what was necessary." He said continuing his story.

"We were fugitives to both sides, too radical and violent for the light and the dark hated my group simply because I led it." He paused gauging their reactions then started again. "Before I was born there was a prophecy." Most of the Scoobies flinched, it was a rather odd reaction. "It basically says that I will be born to kick you-know-who's ass and I guess it became true but not before the old man almost ruined my life by trying to manipulate everything in my life." Harry shrugged he was mostly over it and was simply giving a story but sometimes it still sparked anger if he thought about it.

Spearing some bits of food he looked around and saw that they were actually still waiting for him to continue. Indeed he probably went off-course there. "Only the members of Rebellion were my family they stood by me and went with me to hell and back." Harry joked but it seems no one cared to acknowledge it. "I trained them and we went to battle and won that's about it."

"If I may ask what about the old man?" Giles said carefully pulling a napkin to his mouth to clean some stains.

"What about him? I heard he's still kicking being tended by his followers because he's too senile to move on his own." It was true, that man probably partook on Flamel's stone because his lifespan was simply unnatural even to wizard standards.

Harry then spent his time talking to Dawn about inane things such as T.V. cats and the like.

The Scoobies luck seemed going great as Joyce asked another question that they desperately wanted to ask.

"So Harry, what's your plans?" Joyce asked, curious herself. If Dawn was really into this boy then it wouldn't hurt to know him better right?

"Oh, for now I really don't have many things on my plate. Just enjoy this vacation maybe, I'll try to not look for trouble but I think trouble tries to find me." Harry said with a chuckle. "I'll probably stay at the Chase mansions in the time being and maybe go around the world? I really don't have anything planned besides enjoying myself."

Harry sighed as he still felt the odd atmosphere, perhaps they're closed off and really didn't want to trust him? Dawn trusted him but that was after he revealed his greatest secret because she did reveal hers. A mystical being given human form and a Human turned mystical being they were really quite the pair.

The dinner finally came to a close, Harry greeted them goodbye and congratulated Joyce with her recovery, as well as complementing the food. All in all it wasn't so bad, true that the people were rather close-minded but he was already used to that. At least he gave his side of the story.


Giles home

Giles' mind was reeling after the 'revelations' that Harry gave. It could have been completely false but he had the feeling that most if not all of it was true. The Scoobies had converged to his house for a meeting so that they could discuss everything.

One thing was relieving though, it was the fact that Harry more or less said that he won't be aggressive unless provoked. It could be worse, much worse.

Riiiiing, Riiiiiing.

Giles raised his brow, who could be calling this time of the evening.

The scoobies paused in their heated discussion to look at Giles who had then paled significantly.

"You what?!" He practically shouted.

"Recall them immediately! Vatican? Are you out of your mind! Now?"

Ding Dong.

Giles raced towards the door and the group followed. Upon opening they were greeted by an oddly dressed man.

"Rejoice! For the wrath of God has arrived, heathens and monsters will perish against the holy and just God. I am Paladin Alexander Anderson!"

Apparently it could still be worse, much much worse.