I don't own Victorious! Story title/chapter titles are from loosely relevant songs. Story title is a Manchester Orchestra song. Chapter one is a Meiko song. Enjoy you guys! I'm interested to know how you feel about it.

Honestly, what the hell was I thinking going to that stupid club? When Vega had came into school that morning saying that her talentless sister heard about this club downtown that didn't bother carding, every one of us agreed to go. At the time, I was excited. I mean, why the fuck not? It was fun when we had first gotten there, until I was halfway through my fourth drink watching some blonde trip over herself all over my boyfriend. And he just sat there. Smiling at her. Laughing at what she said.

We had gotten into a fight earlier that day, and at that point I didn't really know if we were together or not. But I was still fuming regardless, so I finally managed to pry my eyes away from the horrific sight of that pathetic girl and found my eyes falling on another girl. This one I would hardly consider pathetic. This one, who had been so obviously uncomfortable as some guy kept trying to get closer to her, caught my eye a long time ago. She had her arms crossed over her chest and a tight lipped smile on her face. God, she was gorgeous.

I watched as the guy moved his hand to gently rub a finger on the girl's bare arm and anger flared inside me. I got up from the stool I had been sitting on and walked determinately over to the pair, my fresh drink in my hand.

"Hey, babe. I was waiting for you by the bar." I said to the girl as I slide my arm around her waist, not hesitating to go right into the back pocket of her jeans. What killed me was how natural it felt doing something like that with her.

She looked at me with alarm in her eyes for a moment before she realized what I was doing. A warm smile broke across her face as she leaned into me, "I was on my way, until James here started talking to me." She said, being far more polite than I would have been in the situation.

I looked back to the guy who was gobsmacked as to what he was witnessing, "I didn't know...I'm sorry...Are you really...?" He stammers, and after each fractured sentence I look at him with a sickeningly sweet smile on my face, clearly enjoy his discomfort and embarrassment. Finally he gave up on saying anything and walked away.

The girl tucked into my side let out a sigh, though she didn't bother removing herself from my hold, "Thank you so much, Jade."

I shrugged, "It was more for my personal enjoyment of making that guy feel like an ass. Don't mention it, Vega."

Yeah. Tori Vega. I have a little thing for her, but I've never really understood what it was. I enjoy making her feel uncomfortable. I enjoy watching her uneasy reactions to the things that I do. But at the same time, I enjoy seeing her smile. Her real smile, not her polite I-don't-know-how-to-tell-you-to-leave-me-alone smile.

She pulled my hand out of her pocket and I feel a wave of disappointment flicker somewhere deep inside me, "Come on, let's dance." She says as she's pulling me out on the dance floor with her drink in her other hand and I wonder how many she's had. Reluctantly, I followed. But let's be honest, it was more of an act of reluctance. On the inside I was far too excited to have an excuse to be that close to her.

We were deep in the crowd when she let go of my hand and turned to face me. I didn't have a moment to miss the contact of her when I found that same hand on the exposed skin of my hip. She moved to the music so effortlessly, and it took me a moment to break from the mesmerizing site of her body before I could begin to dance as well.

So we danced and drank, our bodies moving together like they were made for each other. At some point, she had positioned one leg in between mine and got pushed into me by some jackass behind her, but she didn't move away. Instead, that hand that had been on my hip was now tucked into my back pocket, holding me close to her firmly.

When the music turned to a lull, that in between the ending of one song and the beginning of the next Vega leaned close to my ear, "My drink's gone."

Shivers were sent down my spine at the feeling of her hot breath against my skin, "Do you want another?"

"I probably shouldn't." She said, and I looked at her to gauge just how drunk she was. Her eyes were glossed over and her cheeks were pink. She bit down on her lip as she looked at me with a flirtatious smirk.

I leaned back down to whisper in her ear, "Do you wanna get out of here?"

"Yeah." She said, and I instantly grasped her wrist with my hand and dragged her off of the floor and towards the bar.

"Vega and I are going to my place." I said to Beck. He looked at me with a blank stare, and I could tell he had probably had too much to drink.

"Kay." He said.

I bit my tongue, not feeling like giving him the satisfaction to let him know that I was incredibly irritated with him. So I said nothing and instead lead Tori out of the club, my hand protectively placed on her lower back as we stepped out into the cool night air. I walked to the edge of the street, flagging down a taxi and opening the door for Vega. I gave the driver my address as I shut the door and took my seat next to Vega. Her fingers were drawing invisible patterns on my denim clad thigh and I was doing my best to ignore the butterflies erupting in my stomach.

The drive was short, and I was convinced that guy had been going at least ten over for that entire trip. I gave him a generous tip before helping Vega out of the backseat.

We stumbled up to my front door and I had to laugh when we reached the porch, "God, you are drunk, Vega." I said as I tried to fish my keys out of my purse.

I felt her hands sliding the fabric of my shirt up and goosebumps broke all over my skin, "I am not." She chuckled as she gently pushed me forward, my chest pressing against the door.

"Yeah? Well, if it isn't the alcohol in your blood, then what's telling you it's a good idea to be kissing on my neck like that?" I said with a smirk as she pushed my hair out of the way of her lips dancing on my skin.

"The way you've been looking at me. Don't even try to lie, Jade. I'm not stupid." She whispered into my ear as she pushed her body into mine a little more.

My hands were trembling, making it increasingly difficult to unlock my front door, "Christ, Vega. At least let me get us in the damn house." She paused the movements of her lips long enough for me to regain my composure a little bit, just enough to firmly slip the key into the lock and open the door. Luckily I always take the key out as soon as it's unlocked, otherwise they probably would have been completely forgotten considering the fact that the moment the door was open, Vega had pushed me inside and spun me around to face her.

"Does Beck know what you're doing?" She whispered as her lips made brief contact with mine.

"Fuck him." I said simply before cupping her face and kissing her with bruising force. She whimpered against my lips as she gripped my hips. I took a few steps forward, pushing her back against the front door, sliding my hand behind her and clicking the lock in place. I put a slight bit of pressure from my hips onto hers and reveled in the noise she made. She began kissing me with increasing fervor as she slowly began taking steps forward, guiding us away from the door. I popped my feet, one by one, removing the uncomfortable heels I had been wearing and tossing them somewhere behind Vega. I felt her struggle to do the same as I took the lead in guiding us to my stairs.

Once we made it to the second story of my house, I pushed her into the wall of my hallway and moved to attach my lips to her neck. I bit gently, testing to see what her reaction would be. Her head dropped back and a moan escaped those perfect lips, enticing the monster inside me. The bites became a little more intense and her grip in my hair became a little tighter.

"Jade," She breathed, causing me to pull away, "Bed." She whispered, her lids hooded as she looked at me. A devilish smirk broke across my lips as I began walking backwards, looping my fingers into the belt loops of her jeans and tugging her towards me. With her lips pressed against mine, we stumbled into my room. Breaking free for a moment, we looked at each other with heaving chests and swelled lips.

"How long?" I asked as I closed the door.

"What do you mean?"

"How long have you known?" I repeated, moving close to her.

Her eyes scanned over my face as the distance between us closed, "Too long. Tonight just solidified it for me." She breathed before I slid my hand up the back of her neck and crashed our lips together again. Moments later, we were a mess of tangled limbs tumbling onto my bed as hands frantically tried to remove clothing from the other, craving the feeling of more skin.

I kissed down her perfect body, paying homage to the amazing work of art that it is. Her body writhed as harsh bites were soothed with a wet tongue. When my lips passed her navel, her hands twisted into my hair and I took the hint well enough. She let out a sigh as I began, though the innocent image I had of her was almost instantly destroyed as a slew of curse words and very vivid orders were rushing out of her mouth. As if that innocence would have lasted the thought of her letting me go down on her. I had to hold her hips in place to cease her frantic movements until her entire body froze and her voice reached an octave I didn't think was possible. I continued my actions, helping her ride out her ecstasy for as long as possible.

When I lifted myself up, I looked at the peaceful expression her face held as her eyes fluttered open and she looked back up at me.

"Jade." She whispered.

"Sh." I said, moving my body up to lay next to her, "Just sleep." I instructed as I slid the comforter from underneath her body and over us. She complied, burying her face in the crook of my neck once I got comfortable. It didn't talk long for sleep to overcome my exhausted body and mind, not even giving me a chance to think about what I had just done.

I awoke with a start the next morning, to an empty bed and a pounding headache. I sat up slowly, running a hand through my hair and rubbing the sleep away from my eyes. A piece of paper had been propped up on my night stand, so I leaned forward and grabbed it.

Jade- I'm sorry. -Tori

Sorry? What the hell could she have to be sorry about? Oh right, we did have sex last night after all. Fuck. Way to go, Jade. Way to ruin your one chance with the girl. I let out a loud groan as I fell backwards back onto my bed. I laid there for a few minutes, replaying what happened last night over and over in my mind. Suddenly, my phone went off, disrupting my thoughts.

"Hello?" I said, answering it without looking at who was calling.

"Babe. It's me." Beck. Oh fuck. That's right.

"Babe? You sure as hell weren't calling me babe last night." I snipped.

"I'm sorry. I'm outside, can I come in?" His voice cooed to me from the other line.

"Gimme a sec." I said, hanging up without saying goodbye. I pulled a pair of shorts on that I found on the floor and grabbed a blank tank top off of my dresser and walked down to the mail level of the house.

"Hey." He said with that lopsided smile once I opened the door. He held out a coffee in one hand and I accepted it without a word, turning around and walking into the living room.

"You have fun with that bottle blonde last night?" I asked snidely as I sat on the couch.

"I left like ten minutes after you. Cat got sick so Andre and I took her home." He said as he sat next to me.

"Cool." I said, rolling my eyes.

"Why did you leave with Tori?" He asked incredulously, clearly irritated with him being the only one getting shit about what happened last night.

"What does it matter to you?" I asked.

"Well, you hate her for one. Two, you two practically bolted out of there. And three...you hate her." He said as he looked at me nervously.

I shrugged, "We were bored and she was sick of getting hit on by douchebags. So we came back here and passed out. I was drunk. She took advantage of my generosity. Is your curiosity sated?" I asked, finally looking at him with a cocked brow.

"I guess. So, what about us?" He looked back at me.

"What about us?"

"Are we okay?"

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, we're fine." I glanced over to him to see a wide grin on his face as he reached over and pulled me onto his lap, kissing me soundly.

"Tori said something yesterday about all of us going over to her place today. Does that sound cool?" He asked, and the simple thought of seeing her put my pulse into overdrive. Did she still want to do that? What if last night changed everything? Oh fuck, what do I care?

"Sure." I said, dragging the word out as I climbed off of Beck's lap and stood up, "I have to shower." He nodded his head as he reached over and grabbed the remote off of the coffee table and turned on the TV, making himself comfortable. I ascended the stairs and went straight into the shower, climbing in once the water was warm. I tried washing away the thoughts of her, the feeling of her lips on mine, the way her hands moved over my body, learning every curve.

When I got out and wrapped myself in a towel, I looked at the foggy mirror at my reflection. I had one small mark on my collarbone from her. It could be so easily hidden that I didn't worry about it as I walked back into my room and dressed for the day. I grabbed my phone off of my nightstand and sent Vega a text message:

Ignoring the fact that leaving without a word was shitty enough, way to leave a cryptic message on top of it all. What could you possibly be sorry for?

I tossed my phone back on my bed as I idly paced around for a few minutes before hearing the phone vibrate.

We can talk later. You're still coming over, right?

I let out a sigh, well at least she wasn't ignoring me. That has to be something, right?


Grabbing my bag off of my floor, I walked out of my room and back down to the main level where Beck was sprawled on my couch.

"Sure, make yourself at home." I said sarcastically as I headed for the door. Beck scrambled to turn the TV off and followed me out the front door and to his truck. The drive to Vega's was silent as I looked out the window and he hummed to the radio. We pulled into the driveway, and as I got out of Beck's truck, I realized just how nervous I was to see her. I mean, we didn't really get the awkward morning after to help us ease through this. The anticipation was killing me.

We walked through the front door to see them all sitting in the living room watching TV. Vega's eyes snapped up to me and I noticed how as soon as it registered that Beck and I had come together, the brightness that had been in there just a moment before was gone.

"Hey guys." Andre greeted us with a smile.

Beck waved as I ignored them and walked by all of them, tossing my bag onto the couch and heading straight for the fridge.

"Oh, I should start the pizza now." I heard Vega say. I busied myself with the juice containers in her fridge as I waited for her to get close enough for us to whisper without being overheard.

"So you left." I said once she joined me.

She looked at me bashfully, "I...I didn't know what to do. I froze up. I didn't think you'd want me there when you woke up."

My eyes were emotionless as I thought about how I should react to that. How would I have behaved had I woken up with her next to me? Would I have kissed her good morning and offered to make her breakfast? Or would I have kicked her out without any kind of explanation? Would I be here right now, with Beck in the other room as my boyfriend? Or would I be at my house, breaking things off with Beck for good before coming here to try to be Vega's girlfriend? How different would things be because of a simple action?

"You didn't give me a chance." I said blandly as I moved around more cartons of juice.

"You're with Beck." She stated.

I let out a sigh as I closed the fridge door, "I know."

"Did you tell him?" She asked in a hushed voice as she scooted by me to pull a pizza from the freezer.

"No. As far as I know, we weren't together last night." I said simply.

Vega said nothing, only nodding as she slid the frozen crust into the oven. She acted as though she was going to dismiss the rest of our conversation, which was not something I was okay with.

"Vega." I said as she turned to leave. She looked back at me and I motioned for her to come closer, "Do you regret it?" I asked in a hoarse whisper as I moved my lips dangerously close to hers, thanking God for the discretion her kitchen gave. Part of me was doing this simply to mess with her, as I enjoyed the reddening of her face. Another part of me, probably the stronger part, was curious to find out the answer.

To my surprise, her lips brushed mine in a kiss as her fingers briskly slid across my hips, "No." She answered before walking back into the living room, swaying her hips. I bit down on my lip. Damn. Things just got complicated. As if they weren't already.

I walked back into the kitchen empty handed and sat in the only seat available: smack dab in the middle of Beck and Vega. Oh, the irony.