Brothers – 01

By: Banana Flavored Eskimo

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and Supernatural are not mine.

Hermione hummed a soft tune, her voice a soothing lull within the interior of the Impala.

Threading her fingers through thick dark hairs, she smiled softly at the slumbering giant.

He was just so adorable.

"Glinda, it's a demon dog. It's not a pet."

For what seemed to be the hundredth time, Hermione ignored the words from the eldest Winchester as she continued to gently rake her fingers along his back.


A mythical – well she supposed that wasn't so seeing as she was sitting next to one at that very moment – dog-wolf of India and parts of Ethiopia.

They could be considered deadly enemies to man.

Lucky for her, she isn't a man.

When she came across the whimpering bundle huddled against the dumpster in an alley, she couldn't very well leave the poor thing.

Sam had practically goggled at the gleaming red eyes and forked tongue.

Dean had almost shot him.

Hermione had hexed the two and proceeded to draw the canine a warm bath.

Three days later and he was still with them.

In fact, he refused to leave.

Hermione thought it was rather endearing and decided to name him Sweets.

Dean had scoffed at the pansy name and had said something derogatory under his breath about gay mutts and girly names, but had immediately shut up upon seeing the dark glare on Hermione's face.

Needless to say, Dean never mentioned anything about Sweets' name again.

Sam had wisely not said a word pertaining to Hermione's choice in names and was rewarded with a fierce bone cracking hug from the petite brunette.

Dean's glower lasted the rest of the evening.

Curling somewhat easily in the backseat, she practically purred at the warmth that was emanating from Sweets. He was so very warm.

Sam looked up from his laptop, hazel eyes stealing a glance at the now slumbering witch behind him.

"Keep typing Sammy."

Sam threw his brother a rather wry look. "Only if you keep your eyes on the road."

Dean sent his younger sibling a sidelong glance before smirking rather cockily. "I guess there's nothing wrong with taking a look at the scenery…"

Sam's answering smirk made Dean pretty proud. His little brother was coming along rather nicely.

Perhaps there was hope for the dork yet.

"Sweets really is an interesting canine. I wonder if Hermione can hold him still long enough for me to take a blood sample."

Dean's smirk died a horrible death along with that glimmer of hope.

Another town, another hunt.

It was nothing new to the trio and as they settled into another dingy motel room. They actually found a semblance of calm in the cheap yellowed wallpaper and threadbare sheets.

Sweets had taken it upon himself to claim a bed for he and his mistress, his large frame nestled rather comfortably upon the mattress.

Hermione smiled at the scene he made.

She really couldn't help it. Sweets – despite the deep red eyes and forked tongue – was an absolute darling and she always did find herself gravitating towards unconventional cases.

"Great. Now we'll never get rid of him."

Hermione scowled. "Bite your tongue Dean. Sweets is an orphan. He was obviously smuggled into the country illegally and it wouldn't do well to turn him into the magical authorities. They would put him down."

Dean scoffed. "Gee, I wonder why that is. Maybe because he's a demon dog?"

"He isn't demonic in origin at all. Crocotta's are simply misunderstood creatures with a bad reputation. Before, they were hunted down for their pelts by large parties in parts of India and Africa – hence their weary nature towards human males: the hunters."

"Whatever Glinda. Bottom line is, he's a dog that will probably end up using Sammy and I here as chew toys so excuse me for not wanting him with us."

"Dean, he hasn't shown any hostile tendencies towards you. He's still young and-"

"Hold up there Glinda," interrupted Dean. "What do you mean by young?"

Hermione frowned. "Well, from what I've read a fully grown Crocotta usually grows to the size of an adult lion. Given that Sweets is about the size of a regular large breed of domesticated canine, it's safe to assume he's only a few months old."

"Are you shitting me?"

Sam smirked upon hearing the curse fall from his brother's lips. He was in for it now.


Dean winced.

Sam held back a grin. He had been easily observing their little conversation from the ottoman he had claimed earlier and was always amused by how Hermione could easily put Dean in his place with a simple glance.

"Whatever Glinda. You keep your dog, but the moment it flashes fang, I'm going for my gun."

Hermione merely waved his threat away. She knew very well he wouldn't shoot the dog. Despite his sometimes nasty behaviour, he really was a good guy.

Sam regarded the dozing canine, his sharp hazel eyes taking in the way his tail twitched in a strangely adorable way. "Hermione? Are you sure you're alright sleeping with him?"

"Sam, you're wonderful for asking."

Dean rolled his eyes at they way she seemed to gush over his little brother.

It seemed that whatever came out of Sammy's mouth was pure gold as the witch seemed absolutely taken with a simple sentence.


"Whatever. Be sure to place some witchy silencing spells around your bed so I don't hear your screams when Fido over there mistakes you for dinner."

The eldest Winchester barely dodged a pillow thrown exactly where his head had been.

Smirking at the irate witch – Glinda was all kinds of sexy when mad – he ducked into the restroom to have some quality alone time.

Girl had no idea how much he wanted to throw her down and take her when she was all riled up like that.

Sam merely narrowed his eyes when he heard the first few rifts of a random Metallica song.

He knew exactly what his brother was doing. Hell. He'd done the exact same thing dozens of times.

Hermione had that effect on them and the agonizing part was that she was absolutely oblivious to how incredibly attractive they found her.

"Sam? Could you please go out and pick up a fresh tube of toothpaste for me? I would go myself, but I wouldn't want Sweets to wake up without my being here. The poor dear may stress himself."

Stress himself? More like eat him and Dean.

"Sure Hermione. Need anything else?"


Sam grinned.

The witch had recently become addicted to Mexican food and she glowed with excitement whenever she could eat it.

Needless to say, he and Dean had been making it a point to stop by every random taco joint they passed by.

Gliding out the doorway, Sam merely shook his head.

Had he not known her, he would have thought that the witch placed him and his brother under a spell.

However, he knew that wasn't true.

Witch or no, he would have desired her either way.

Hermione was much too irresistible for her own good.


The long awaited sequel (well at least I was waiting for me to find some inspiration) to Uncle.

This is going to be a few chapters and with it comes the pairing…


Due to my poll the pairing will be a triad. (yes I had a poll WWWAAAAYYYY back when) .

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- Banana Flavored Eskimo