Brothers – 04

By: Banana Flavored Eskimo

Her body felt incredibly hot and sluggish.

Shifting to the side, she ended up falling from the seat she had been placed upon and landing rather half-hazardly on the floor of the Impala.


Hazel eyes peered up at his rearview mirror, his brows crinkling in concern.

Sam frowned as he watched the witch toss slowly in place. "Dean, pull over."

"No," came her hasty protest, her mouth feeling as if it was filled with cotton. "Don't pull over. I'm just a bit hazy from the club. It was a bit hectic in there."

Sam looked ready to protest and Dean had already slowed down in preparation to stop the car.

"Don't you dare stop. Sweets is back at the motel alone and you know how uncomfortable he is when I'm not there to hold him," she scolded despite her tired state.

The elder Winchester smirked.

Oh yea. Glinda was being all bossy again.

She was fine.

Sam simply shook his head and flicked on the radio to a classical station.

Dean rolled his eyes, but he'd tolerate the shitty music because Glinda seemed to adore it.

"Oh, the violins are coming in…" her voice drifted off into a sigh as she let sleep overtake her weary body.

The Winchester brothers were spending another uncomfortable night out in the Impala.

Sam's legs were currently hanging out of the window as his large frame was much too tall for the vehicle.

Dean – despite being the shorter of the two – called rank in age and was currently sprawled out in the backseat.

Either way, neither were asleep and they were currently doing their best to not enter the motel room. The temptation was too much and after her performance with the nameless blonde, both brothers certainly didn't trust one another – let alone themselves – with the witch.

"Hey Sammy? You do know that once this is over I'm going to win right?"

"You do know that if Hermione ever heard you referring to her as some sort of prize she'd curse you right?"

Dean smirked.

Oh he knew.

Glinda may be tiny, but she was scary as hell. Call him a masochist, but the idea that the tiny spitfire could take him out was just ten kinds of hot.

He was usually a very dominant lover, but he didn't mind taking a few orders from the witch.

Yes ma'am.

Sam rolled his eyes.

Dean's silence was telling and there was no doubt in his mind he was probably imagining something incredibly inappropriate at the moment.

He'd call him on it, but that would be the pot calling the kettle black.

Sure, he may not have as much experience as his elder brother, but he had a healthy imagination and drive.

Besides, there was something to be said about smart women and Hermione was a genius. He always found intelligence to be incredibly sexy and knowing that he could sate himself with her physically and mentally was something incredibly heady.

Dean may be skilled, but he definitely won over in the brains department and he was going to plan his moves carefully.

"Hey Sammy, go get me a drink from the 7-11 down the road. I also have a craving for M&M's."

Translation: Get the fuck out so I can jack off to my newest Hermione fantasy.

Sam simply glared at his elder brother before getting up and practically rolling out of the Impala.

Let Dean think he was going to do as he asked. He was going to crash poolside.

Her body lurched and arched as her limbs tangled within the sheets.

A low and threatening growl escaped Sweets lips as he glared at the figure thrashing upon the bed before him. A forked tongue tasted the air and pulled back to reveal a row of gleaming and sharpened teeth.

That was not his mistress.

A short laugh echoed through the recesses of the darkened motel room as the body sat upwards and cocked its head slightly to the side.

"Now that won't do."

A quick wave of her hand sent the magical creature hurtling into the wall, his head crashing painfully with the cheap plaster.

Blackened eyes took in the now unconcious beast as they stretched their new limbs experimentally. "She's limber this one."

Hands explored the contures of her body, momentarilly enjoying the feel of her lush chest and rounded hips. "Oh! She's tight too. I wonder if she has a V-Card. I hate breaking them in. It's always so messy."

Like a twisted marionette, the body danced around the room as the being within finally situated and grew comfortable with her movements.

"Now comes the fun part," came the whispered comment.

Closing their eyes, a deep black aura surrounded the small form. Reaching within, they practically hissed upon feeling the rush of natural magic flowing through their entire being.

Absolute nirvana. "Oh fuck yes."

A manical grin overtook their features as the demon now residing in one Hermione Granger's body practically whrithered with uninhibited eurphoria.

Sam typed furiously on his keyboard, his face aglow from the screen as he sat on a lounge chair located at the side of the pool.

It was ridiculously late – or early depending on ones point of view – and he couldn't sleep. He was currently looking for leads on the internet as he tracked random news clippings and sightings on blogs.

It was difficult to sift through all the information, but technology was his strong suit and he was used to working with it.

A sudden splash permeated his concentration, but he ignored the sound.

He didn't care to know who would be using the pool at this time as long as they didn't bother him.

"A bit late for work isn't it?"

"You feeling better?" He asked as he suddenly found the air caught in his lungs.

The demon that was currently inhabiting the body of one Hermione Granger frowned as she realized the mortal knew her host.

They had tried relentlessly to pry into the memories of the little witchs' mind, but found them to be locked tight under a ridiculously organized filing system that put the Pentagon to shame.

Needless to say, she was flying blind and would have to play it by ear.

"Yes. Why the shocked face."

Sam felt a number of thoughts rush through his head, but the only coherent one he could pick out was resounding in his mind like a steel drum: She's naked!


The brunette witch was currently wading in the water and although the cholrene and dim lights contorted the image, he was definitely able to make out the contures of her small frame and lack of swimwear.

His body heated as he felt himself harden almost painfully in his jeans.

She was driving him crazy!

Hissing slightly, she brought her tongue out to taste the air.

This mortal wanted this body and she was going to give it to him.

Carefully looking down in what she hoped to be an innocent gesture – well, from the televeision she watched she hoped it was an innocent gesture because what would a demon know about being innocent? – she peered up at him through her long lashes. "You know, I was hoping you might like to join me?"

Sam wasn't sure he heard correctly.

Surely he hadn't because he was pretty sure he was awake and things like this only happened in his dreams.

"Would you please join me?"

Sam found his throat embarassingly dry. "Uh, I don't have a suit."

She shrugged her shoulders, the action causing the top of her breasts to break the water slightly. "That's fine. As you can see, neither do I."

Fuck his morals and fuck his brother.

He wasted no time tearing his shirt off before practically diving into the shallow end of the pool

It proved to be a rather stupid move on his part because he was far too tall and ended up easily staniding in the water while she playfully swam away from him.

Sam could care less about the sharp pain in his knee. It'd bruise, but he'd live. He's lived through worse.

"Come and get me."

The chase proved to be very short because Sam's collosul height worked easily to his advantage as he sliced through the water in three easy strokes.

Caging the small brunette against the deeper end of the pool, he easily looked down at her flushed face. "Got you."

"I wasn't trying all that hard to get away now was I?"

It was too fucking much.

Sam growled, the sound gravely somwhere in the back of his throat as he swooped down and easily caught her lips in a fierce kiss.

Moaning loudly, a soft purr escaped her lips as she practically molded her small frame against his much larger one.

This male was strong and she would delight in stealing his essence. It was surprising because she had barely permeated the air with her allure before this male was practically eating out of her hands.

She knew that her magic was strong, but perhaps with her host being a witch it amplified her demonic powers? It was definitely something worth pursuing in – oh that felt brilliant…

Sam's lips were currently attatched to her neck, tasting, biting and sucking. She was a fucking drug and her skin was his fix. She tasted amazing and he wanted to mark her as his.

Call it his male pride, but he wanted the entire world to see his mark upon her neck. Let them try to approach her after that. He'd break their nec… holy shit. She was unbuckling his belt.

Grinning wickedly, she gently palmed his length through his jeans, her other hand easily undoing his belt.

Well hello.

She personally was a little bit weary about his size. Her current body wasn't as large as the last one and she was probably still a virgin. Thank fuck they were in a pool because she didn't want to deal with cleaning the blood from this body.

It was always such a mess.

Sam wanted to continue.

Fuck he wanted to continue, but somewhere in the hazy lust induced fog that was his mind, he was able to still her hands.

He wanted to shoot himself because it felt so good, but this wasn't any girl. This was Hermione and he wasn't going to screw this up.


Finally! A name to go with the body!

"Yes? Why'd you stop?"

"Hermione. Listen, I care about you and you deserve more than a quickie in the pool."

A devilish grin stretched across her full lips. "Who said anything about a quickie? I was planning on drawing this out as you pounded your long, thick, cock into my tight little body all night long."

Sam gripped the edge of the pool to prevent himself from just throwing out his morals and taking her.

"Hermione listen. I want more."

"You can have it all," she purred, her body sliding sensuously against his own.

Sam was seriously losing this battle. He needed to distance himself.

Propelling his body backwards, he shook his head. "No. Not like this."

She wanted to roll her eyes. What was it with this man and his morals. It was obvious that he wanted this body and yet he didn't want to take what was being so readily given?

Mortals. She would never understand them.

Shrugging her shoulders, she easily reached backwards and pulled herself out of the pool, water slicing down her lithe frame enticingly.

Sam really wanted to shoot himself now.

"Well then. I guess I'll have to find someone else to fuck tonight."


His expression must have been telling because she simply rolled her eyes and stood easily in place. "It shouldn't be too hard. I'm sure someone will be more than willing to take me."

"I'd kill them before that happens," growled Sam.

"Then do something about it and make me yours completely," she goaded.

As if tempting him further, she gently ran her fingertips across the dark bruise upon her neck. "C'mon. Don't you want to make everyone know I'm yours?"

Muscles tensing, Sam was more than ready to tell his concious to take a long walk off a short pier before the deafening sound of barking brought him to his senses.

Sweets growled menacingly at the naked brunette, stunning Sam speechless.

Sam narrowed his eyes.

Shaking his head, he looked at the now scowling witch who was eyeing the dog with barely constrained rage.


Hissing, she turned towards the male as her eyes bled a deep black.

He was a hunter!?

Just her fucking luck.

Green eyes narrowed in absolute rage. He was such an idiot.

Hermione never would have acted so forward! He was getting as bad as Dean, thinking with his dick instead of his head.

"Get out of her body now."

She scoffed. "You're delusional if you think I'm going to give up this body. She's a witch and a fucking hot treat."

Sam was pissed. A demon was inside Hermione's body and he didn't know how to exorcise it because he was currently standing in a pool with a fucking hard-on. "Get the fuck out of her body!"

"No need to yell almost lover."

Sweets chose that time to dart forwards and snap his teeth at the one controlling his mistress.

"Bad dog," she said. "I should have killed you when I had the chance."

"The fuck is happening- GLINDA!? You're naked!"

"Glinda? Hermione? Now which is it?" She contemplated, black eyes narrowed in confusion.

Dean's lechorous gaze turned glacial as he caught sight of her black eyes. "Holy fuck. Get the hell out of that body."

She yawned. This was quickly becoming old. "It was nice to chat boys, but I really need something to eat. Bye."

With that, she apparated on the spot leaving two enraged brothers and a growling canine.

Dean's voice wad deadly. "Sammy. Get the fuck out of the pool and tell me what happened."

Sam exhaled deeply.

It was in that moment that both Sam and Dean were in agreement.

Fuck Heaven and Hell.

They'd tear this world apart looking for their witch and destory anyone who stood in their way.

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