Hey, Hey, Hey. I know I shouldn't be starting a new story, but this one is bothering me. I've had "Alice" by Avril Lavigne stuck in my head and now I wanna watch Alice in Wonderland, 2010.

(CeCe's POV)

"CeCe! Let's go! I want candy!" I heard Flynn yell from the living room. I rolled my eyes, not wanting to come out of my bathroom.

"Rocky. Go on and take Flynn Trick-or-Treaking. I'm not going." I said through the door to Rocky, who was in my room. Even though the door was closed, I knew Rocky rolled her eyes.

"Ceece, come on." Rocky said. "Please? For me?" I sighed, hearing the pout in her tone. I sighed, opening the door. I froze when I saw Rocky, jaw dropping. Her costume was a beautiful white sparkly dress that went down to the top of her ankles, white boots, and a sparkly silver tiara. She looked beautiful. Period.

Ok, maybe I have a small crush on my BFF, but I know she doesn't like me back the same way.

"Like whatcha see, Ce?" Rocky smirked winking at me. Wait?

Did Rocky just flirt with me?

Must be my imagination.

Rocky smiled when she saw that I was in the costume she got me. I was supposed to be Alice from the 2010 version of Alice in Wonderland...Well, Alice with fiery red hair. I had a sparkly blue dress with blue boots similar to Rocky's, and I had a blue head band with a bow in my hair.

"Aww! CeCe, you look so cute!" Rocky smiled. "Oops, I mean...Alice." I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, yeah." I said. "Whatever you say, White Queen." Rocky simply grinned.

"Rocky! CeCe! Let's GO!" Flynn yelled. Rocky and I grabbed our Trick-or-Treat baskets, smiling before going out to the living room and freezing in our tracks as we saw Flynn wearing a white rabbit suit with a dress vest.

"Flynn...Do we need to have another talk?" I asked cautiously. Flynn rolled his eyes.

"I thought you were going to be a ninja." Rocky said.

"I was. Until I met this girl..."

"Oohhhh." Rocky and I said.

"Let's just go." Flynn said. And with that, the three of us left.

(CeCe's POV)

"Man, I'm beat!" Rocky's brother, Ty, said. Rocky had gotten Ty, Deuce, Dina, Gunther, and Tinka to also dress up like Alice in Wonderland characters.

Just to recap: Rocky is the White Queen. I'm Alice. You know what our costumes look like.

Ty was the Cheshire Cat, so he was wearing a grayish-blue suit that had had faint light blue stripes with a matching tail and cat ears. Tinka used some of her eyeliner to draw whiskers on him and make his nose black.

Deuce was the Mad Hatter, oddly enough. Well, actually, it kinda makes sense. Kinda...I still think Ty should be the Hatter, but Ty didn't want to, quote, "look like a rainbow threw up on him." Whatever. Deuce had a colorful suit, a bushy red wig, a tall top had with that 10/6 tag on it.

Dina was the March Hare. She was wearing a gray rabbit suit with a dress vest, kinda like Flynn. I guess Deuce and Dina wanted to match, like in the movie with the Hatter and the Hare

I don't know how. I just don't. Rocky had managed to sweet talk Gunther and Tinka into being Tweedledee and Tweedledum. I actually don't think the Sparkle Twins know about Alice in Wonderland, but it was funny. Rocky and I were snickering the whole night.

We were almost back to the apartment complex when I ran into someone.

"Oof...Watch it, Dance-lexic. Oops, I mean Dyslexic." A female voice sneered. It took me a minute to recognize the voice, but Rocky growled instantly, helping me up.

"What do you want, Candy?" Rocky growled. M and Rocky's enemy, Candy Cho, didn't answer. Instead, she just looked at our little group before looking at me and Rocky.

"What do we have here? the Mad Hatter, March Hare, the Tweedles, and my dear sister, the White Queen." Candy smirked, looking at me. "Who are you supposed to be?"

"Alice. Duh." I said, rolling my eyes.

"Wait. Sister?" Rocky said, confused. Rocky and I both looked at Candy's costume.

Candy was the Red Queen. Well, that makes perfect sense. In the 2010 version, the Red and White Queens are sisters. The White Queen is good and pure (like Rocky) and the Red Queen is an evil bully (like Candy).

"So, aren'tcha gonna give me your candy?" Candy smirked again.

"Don't you have puppies to spit on?" Rocky asked.

"And besides, where's your Jabberwocky? Oh, that's right. I slayed it at the end of the movie." I smirked with Rocky. Candy huffed and stormed off. We all laughed, high-fiving each other. I looked around.

"Wait...Guys, where's Flynn?" I asked.

"What are you talking about? Lil dude is..." Ty froze when he didn't see Flynn. "Was. He washere..."

"Oh my god! My mom's gonna kill me!" I exclaimed. Rocky rested her hands on my shoulders and looked at me.

"CeCe, calm down. He probably wandered down the road for more candy." She said softly. Everything about Rocky calmed me down a little bit. I nodded.

"Ok." I said, seeing something white flash in the corner of my eye. "Flynn?" I said. Rocky gave me a look like I was crazy. "Guys! That's Flynn!" I exclaimed, pulling away from Rocky.

"CeCe!" Rocky exclaimed. She tried to grab my wrist, but she missed and I ran down the street to catch up to Flynn.

"Flynn!" I called. Flynn either ignored me or didn't hear me because he just kept running. I ran faster, glad I was wearing boots with my outfit. I wasn't paying attention and I tripped on something, falling into a manhole down to the sewer. What was weird was that I just kept falling...

And falling...

And falling...

Shouldn't I have hit the ground already?

And there y'all have it. Please tell me whatcha think. Updates may be slow on this on because I type this out on my iPod first and I can only write on my way to Vo-Tech and then from on my way back to regular school. This will have a little bit of ReCe in it, but probably not that much. Mainly more towards the end.

Peace on Earth. OOUUUTT!