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(CeCe's POV)

I have no idea how long I was falling, but when I hit the ground, I hit it hard. I groaned, forcing myself to sit up as I rubbed my head. I looked around, realizing that I wasn't in the sewer where I fell.

"Rocky?" I called, hearing an echo but no response. "Rocky!" I called louder. Nothing but an echo. Sighing, I stood, looking up. What was weird was that I didn't see the opening I fell through. I bit my lip, spotting a tiny door.

"Curiouser and curiouser..." I muttered as I went toward the door. I saw a table fade in and on it had a key and a small bottle that said 'Drink Me.' I grabbed the key and picked up the bottle, looking at it. Rocky always told me not to eat or drink anything if you don't know what it is. Where is Rocky? Where is anyone? Sighing, I sipped the contents on the bottle. Within a few seconds, the table was like 20 feet taller than me. I started freaking out. Panicking, I started looking around and spotted the door...which was now normal-sized. I tried turning the knob, but it was locked.

"This must be what the key is for..." I said to no one in particular. I pulled the key, which was still normal-sized, out of my pocket and stuck it in the lock, turning it. The door magically opened and I hesitantly walked through. The door closed behind me and I internally started freaking out again. Taking a deep breath, I looked ahead and gasped softly, seeing a beautiful landscape. There were green forests, tall blue mountains, and a white palace that almost sparkled in the sunlight. As I looked around, my jaw dropped in shock when I saw the landscape opposite of where the glittery white palace was. On the opposite side was an ominous dark cloud with murky swamps and a blood red and black palace. I gulped softly. I knew where I was heading...

And with that, I started toward the green forestry.

I have no clue how long I was walking. I must've walked for two hours. Exhausted, I leaned against a tree. I closed my eyes and panted softly, licking my lips. I was so thirsty, it wasn't even funny. I stood, looking around before walking for another half hour or so. I leaned against another tree.

"Who do we have here?" I heard a voice say. I screamed and hid behind the tree.

"Wh-Who's there?" I said shakily.

"Behind you." I jumped and turned around.

"T-Ty?! What the heck, man! Don't sneak up on me like that!" I exclaimed. Ty simply shrugged before smiling.

"It's fun, though." He grinned. I glared at him.

"Not for me!" I exclaimed again. "Why are you still in your costume?" I asked, seeing that he was still dressed like the Cheshire Cat.

"Costume? What? You hit your head or somethin'?" Ty asked, looking at me like I was insane. I rolled my eyes.

"Maybe, but that's not the point." I said. "Where's Rocky?" Ty looked at me like I was crazy again.

"Who's Rocky?" He asked.

"Ty, this isn't funny anymore. Where is Rocky?" I demanded.

"Ty? My name isn't Ty. My name is Chessur." My eyes widened slightly.

'Chessur? That's the name of the Cheshire Cat in Rocky's movie.' I thought. 'No. I'm not in the movie. I'm outside in Chicago. Rocky must've wanted to reenact her favorite movie. She just went a little overboard.'

"Yeah right, Ty. Just tell me where Rocky is so I can talk to her." I said. Ty shook his head.

"I don't know a Rocky." He said. I growled in frustration.

"Fine, I'll find her on my own." I said as I stormed off. Ty poofed in front of me. "Cute special effects. Now move."

"You're tired and thirsty. Sit." Ty said. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm fine." I said, continuing to walk. I saw black after that.

"Is she ok?"

"Give her some space."

"Shut up. She's waking up."

I groaned softly as I listened to the voices. My head was pounding and I was still pretty thirsty.

"Hey there. Are ya ok?" One voice said. I opened my eyes slightly.

"Deuce?" I mumbled, sitting up and looking to see Deuce, Dina, and Ty. I glared at Ty. "Oh, sure. You find Deuce and Dina, but you won't tell me where Rocky is?" All three of them looked at me like I was insane.

"Good God. She's delusional!" Dina exclaimed. I gave her an offended look.

"I am—"

"You kinda are. Once again, I am Chessur. This is the Mad Hatter..." Ty gestured to Deuce. "And the March Hare." He gestured to Dina. I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever." I said, struggling to sit up. Deuce, uh, the Hatter handed me a teacup.

"Sip on this. It'll rehydrate you." He said. I nodded, sipping it. I normally hated tea, but this tasted pretty good. Maybe Rocky will like this. I finished the tea after a few sips and I actually did start to feel better. I sighed softly.

"So, what's your name?" Di—um, the March Hare asked.

"CeCe." All three of them gasped. "What?"

"The CeCe?" Chessur asked.

"As in the CeCe of Prophecy?" Deuce asked. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, and I'm the delusional one." I said, my tone dripping with sarcasm, rolling my eyes.

"Hey, now. No need for sarcasm." Dina said. I rolled my eyes again.

"Dina, I'm a very sarcastic person. You know this. You all do!" I exclaimed. All three of them gave me another 'You're mentally unstable' look. I growled in frustration, going to walk away.

"Where are you going?" Ty asked.

"To find my best friend. With or without any of you." I snapped, getting up and taking off through the forest before they could stop me or I changed my mind.

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