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"Mukuro-san, Byakuran-san, on standby please!"

Mukuro Rokudo, an indigo haired man with a strange pineapple hairstyle, stood up upon his chair followed by Byakuran Millfiore, a white haired man with a tattoo down on his left eye.

"It's a shower scene right?"

"Yes Byakuran-san. You'll be doing it in the shower."

"Oh my gosh… get me some tissue please! I feel like I'm having a nosebleed!"

Upon hearing the this, Mukuro, in his glory, grabbed the chin of the woman who talked. He neared his face on the woman.

"Kufufu… you know, we haven't started yet."

When he let go, the woman turned into a bloody mess and she was dragged by some crew while apologizing. Byakuran snucked up his arm unto Mukuro's shoulders, peck his lips and pulled him in the shower.

"You know Muku-chan, it's not nice making me jealous you know"

Mukuro just chuckled on the possessiveness of partner. Soon, both of them walked towards the shower area. Byakuran turned the and now, both of them are being soaked with water.

"Please give it your all!"

The director said, all lightings are in place, and cameras started to film.


"Ahh… It's like we're having a good day!"

Tsuna said as he looked up to the sky for a moment. For him it was a good random day like any other. A random day which consists of his daily routine. He'll help Fon, a braided Chinese man, his manager, to make some steamed buns, entertain buyers that come to their shop, do some cleaning, go home then work again tomorrow.

It was just this day was when Fon asked him to do some deliver for their current delivery boy was sick. Tsuna hesitated at first as he look at the three boxes that he'll be bringing. He's not sure if his small body can handle it when riding a bike, and lastly, the place to be delivered was on top of a mountain. He'll be sure faint on his way before reaching the place.

But of course, seeing his manager looked at him pleadingly, he agreed later on. Ahh, good luck my small body.


Hibari Kyoya agreed that he will attend his next appointment until upon arriving at the ground floor he was startled by a loud gun shot.

"Oyy… Hibari… Didn't Kusakabe told you that I'll talk to you right now?"

"I have business to atten-"

Hibari was cut off by a loud gun shot again obviously from his manager again. He narrowed his eyes and furiously glared Reborn for stopping him. He really doesn't want to talk to him right now, especially if that topic is what they were going to talk about.

He brought his tonfa out, a weapon he use first, to protect himself to assassins since he is very influential, and secondly, to literally shove his die-hard crowding fans. He aggressively ran towards and to attack Reborn, which was easily dodged off by his manager. It hit directly the hard concrete wall and seemed stocked up there. He pulled it with all his might but seeing it will not eventually come off, he let it go then brought up another of his tonfa. Damn tonfa. Now he needs to buy again.

"Hibari… let's talk this into a civilize manner, ok?"

Reborn let out a smirk that sends shivers to the whole building. He lets out a furious aura towards Hibari who narrowed his eyes some more. He was ready to give another attack when suddenly a mop of brown hair blocked his way thus, making him stumble together with that someone who'll be later bitten into death.


Tsuna finally made it into place where he supposed to deliver the buns. He thought that it was some orphanage of some sorts since it was build into the top of the mountain. After all, children must be free. So he keeps wondering why? Why? Why is there a tall building on top of the mountain? Isn't this illegal? Does the building code of Namimori stated a law like this?

After a few seconds which was like a lifetime of drooling, wondering and adorning the place, he shook his head and heads towards the gate. There he saw a big muscular man that could ripped him into pieces if the man wanted to. He mustered all of his courage and look at the man while fidgeting.

"I-I am he-here to deliver th-the bu-buns s-sir"

Tsuna stuttered as he looked at the big man and observed him carefully. He was wearing a black suit, with an earpiece on his ears. And of course, as was stated earlier, he was a big man.

"You were an employee of Master Fon right?"

"Ye-yes s-sir-"

"Then you can go in"

Huh?! That fast? And how did this guy know Fon-san? Does Fon-san associated with this guy?

"Oyy… I said you can go in!"

"Uhmm… y-yes!"

Tsuna frantically run towards the building. When he was already at the doors, he stopped for a bit and caught up his breath. He was supposed to enter the establishment but he heard gun shots inside. After hearing such thing, he really wanted to go back now to the shop. Upon waiting for a few minutes, the gun shots were no longer heard. It was then, Tsuna collected himself and with a determination, he went inside.

First step, clear. Second step, clea-wai-wahhh?!

It happened so fast that Tsuna found himself lying on an expensive red carpet, with a body on top of him. A heavy body that will be soon the cause of his death anytime. He was already suffocating by the body that laid on top of him. He did his best to move out the body, but all of his effort went to waste.

"An-ano… E-excuse m-me… yo-you're h-heav-HIIIIEEEEE!"



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