Clove: Cato opens the door and I walk in. "The rooms are upstairs." He informs. I drag my suitcase and walk upstairs. Cato follows from behind. There was one big room with a king-sized bed and two more guest rooms with single beds. I'm guessing the big one is Cato's so I start walking to the guest room on the right. A hand on my waist stops me. I am spun around to face him. "Hey, where do you think you're going?" He smirks. "Um…My room?" I say, but it comes out as a question. "Nuh-uh. Your room's there." He points to the large room with his head. "Why? You should have that room." I say. He smirks evilly. "That is my room." He replies. "What? Then ho-"I realize what he means. Before I could protest, Cato starts dragging me to that room. I drop my suitcase at the door. "Cato!" I try to protest. He stops but keeps a firm grip on my wrist. "Clove. Do you remember who you are?"

Cato: She looks really confused. I sigh and hold up her hand, showing her the shining ring sitting comfortably on her finger. "You're my fiancée." I remind her. "Yeah, and?" She pouts. "Come on Clover, I mean, what different will it be? Just like the Arena and in the train." I protest. "But why?" She asks. I gently rub her hand nervously. "I-Okay, I admit, I get nightmares and only you can stop them." I admit quietly. She raises an eyebrow. "How do you know? Try sleeping with someone else, bet you won't get nightmares." She replies. I pretend to look shocked. "Clove, how could you even suggest I sleep with someone else?!" I cry in fake horror. She smirks. "Like you would even let me." I add. "So you would want to!" She exclaims. "No!" I protest.

Clove: He sighs and sits down on the bed. "Okay, okay, fine. I won't force you. You can sleep wherever you want." He says arms on his thighs. "Okay!" I exclaim happily, skipping out the room.

Cato: Clove skipped out of my room. I gasp. She really is going to her own room!? Doesn't she get nightmares? I put my head in my hands. Why though? I hear a thump and I look up. Clove stood there in the doorway with her suitcase next to her. "Where do I put my clothes?" She asks with a smirk. I feel my face break into a huge smile. I get off the bed happily. "I knew you were going to crack!" I say happily. She folds her arms. "I could go back if you want." She threatens. "No way!" I exclaim. I plant a quick kiss on her mouth, making her smile. "You're staying here." I say, returning the smile.

The END..for now.

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