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Edward's PoV

It's been about eighty-five years since Bella was turned and we had to leave Forks. A first everything had been perfect. I was happy with Bella we had gone to school with the rest of the family. She had fantastic control for a new born. She has got great with her power and she can now shield all of us without even think about it. The house has become so peaceful for me now that I don't have to constantly hear their thoughts.

Then everything went to hell when she left one day leaving only a note.

Dear Edward

I sorry I left like this, and don't be mad at Alice she wouldn't have been able to see it in time. I love you so much and maybe one day I may come back but for now I'm leaving. When I joined your family I thought there would be more fun more action but its boring me so I've left to join the Volturi. Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone come find me when your lives get more interesting.

Your Friend,


To say that I was crushed was the understatement of the century. I can't believe she left just like that out of boredom. I vowed that day that if she came back I wouldn't let her back into my life and I would never try and fall in love again. It was finally time for us to move back to forks and I wasn't looking forward to it. But school starts in a week and there's nothing I can do about it.

Harry's PoV

It had been ninety years since the finale battle and it the most stressful ninety years of my life. Getting used to this curse, reading about what it did, and trying to find some kind of reversal spell. Finding out that not only am I stuck at looking seventeen but I can never see my parents and friends again. Being immortal sucks especially when you are still able to die.

I remember the day I died for the first time back before we knew what would happen to me. It had been the day after Ron and Hermione had got married. We where twenty-four and then we had gotten used to the whole "I'm not aging thing" but I still had a glamour on that made me look older. We didn't want the whole wizarding world to know I was immortal or they would never leave me alone. While everyone was enjoying cake we got attacked by the few death eaters that remained after Voldemorts defeat. We battled but in the end one caught me mid battle with someone and got me with a cutting curse to the neck.

I remember Hermione crying over me as I blacked out it was too late for them to save me I'd lost to much blood. The next part I hear from Ron and Hermione when I turned eleven again but from what they told me when I had stopped breathing my body began to smoke. Ron got Hermione to back up just in time for my body to bust into a bright orange flame. As the flames died all that was left was ashes and a baby. Ron told me that they raised the baby as their own. When I had turned 14 we found the information on the spell. Everything made a lot more since now that we had it. And we truly understood what had happened to me that day at the wedding and why this spell was called the "Curse of the Phoenix."

It's been a long time since that day and since then I have left the wizarding world. Now I'm headed to a small town in America that people tell me as similar weather so it should be perfect. Only drawback about leaving is that I have to go to school every couple years I ditched the glamour it's too much work to keep it up long term. So now I'm living in my new house in Forks, Washington and hopeful when school starts I can act like a normal kid for once.

Well this is the begining i dont know if i'll continue or not but most likely i will cause the idea has been runing around in my head and its keeping me from writing my other story. Bella will come back