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It had been two and a half weeks since they talked to Bella. She had been respecting their wishes about not randomly showing up to their home. During that time they had been teaching Harry to fight hand to hand since he could no longer use his magic. They also worked on teaching him to control his shield. They had been amazed at how fast he learned to expand it he did it even faster than Bella had. One evening Harry made a suggestion that upset a few of the Cullen's.

"I think we should invite Bella over to train with us this weekend."

"Why would we want her at our practice?" asked Edward.

"Yeah she will probably just try and cause trouble," said Rosalie with a sneer.

"Well think about it. She knows how you all fight but chances are the Volturi taught her how to fight in ways that you didn't. There is a chance that we could learn a lot about their fighting technique if we invite her and that will give us another small advantage," said Harry. "Plus she did offer to help and she has done what we have asked and left us alone until we needed her."

"Harry does have a point. They have clearly show her at the very least how to dodge an attack as she was able to make it pass all of us to get to the house. And I'm sure they would teach her how to fight if they had her go out with them when they went 'recruiting' because most covens try to put up a fight and he doesn't always have Jane and Alec incapacitate them, Aro does enjoy watching a fight, so she would have to know so she could be able to defend herself if she was attacked." Carlisle said.

"Fine we can invite her but if she tries to do anything to you use your shield. We can call her later," Edward said.

The next day they had all met up at their baseball field. Bella couldn't believe her luck Edward had finally called and asked her to come and join their practice. She was so glad that they remembered her offer to help train Harry. Now she could find out his weak area's and find a way to beat him then Edward would see that she was better than him and come back to her.

"Alright this is how we will train today," said Carlisle. "We will work in groups of two or three. Harry and Edward will work together to fight off our attacks. And to make it a little more challenging no gifts for Edward or Harry. Bella since you are here do you think you could block everyone's mind from Edward? That way he doesn't cheat and use it anyway."

"Sure Carlisle," Bella said just happy they are letting her help.

"Ok first up will be Rosalie and Emmett followed by Alice and Jasper then Esme, Bella, and myself. Then after that we will work on your shield some more."

"Ok. I'm ready whenever you are," Harry said as he made his way to the center of the field. The fight they had with Rosalie and Emmett was fairly quick as Emmett like to use brute strength to take down his opponents. He like to charge into his fights without thinking ahead and Harry was able to use that against him. He had Emmett on his back in a little under five minutes. It to a little longer to take down Rosalie. She, unlike her husband, liked to plan what move to take next and where to strike while the other person wasn't looking. Without his gift she was beating she and Edward were at a standstill neither could get the upper hand. Until Harry came and join their fight. The two of them together were a pretty tough pair but Rosalie still held her own for a few moments longer before she went down thanks to a well-placed kick from Harry. When it was Alice and Jaspers turn Harry knew this would be a lot harder. Jasper had been in a war were he fought other vampires for years and Alice even though she didn't look it was an excellent fighter. The battle did indeed last a lot longer Alice never seemed to stay in the same place long enough for you to land a hit on her and Jasper would always be there to strike once you took a swing at her. They worked well as a team but Harry and Edward were right on their heels. They finally gained the upper hand when Harry went to go after Alice and Edward stood ready to take out Jasper the moment he moved to attack Harry. With Jasper down it was they went for Alice who Harry had been studying closely the entire fight. While it appeared she moved to random spots before you could reach her she was in fact moving in a pattern. Once Harry figured out what it was he was able to get to her next spot before she even moved and she was down before she even realized Harry was in front of her.

Then it was time for the fight the rest for the younger Cullen's had been waiting for Bella vs. Harry. They all new perfectly well that's how this fight would end up. They loved Esme but they knew she would get out closer to the beginning. She just wasn't a fighter, that didn't mean she couldn't beat a vampire in a fight but she just didn't enjoy fighting and only did so when necessary. While Edward and fought Carlisle, Harry was fighting Bella. As the fight continued Edward notice that he could hear thoughts again which meant Bella was losing her focus. He had just pinned Carlisle when Alice's voice told him to just let Harry handle it. Bella had been planning to do this the whole time trying to prove that she is better than Harry and that she should be with Edward and not him. And if Edward stepped in Bella think either Edward was trying to protect her or that Harry wasn't capable of defending himself alone. So he stood back and let them fight it out knowing that if it got out of hand Harry had his shield. Everyone watching could see the exact moment Bella and Harry's practice fight became a really one. Bella lunged at Harry and he rolled under her with ease pointing out her flaws as they continued to fight.

"Focus Bella. I'm only so tall you jumped a lot higher than necessary to get at me. Which is why I was able to easily roll out of the way. What you should do is aim for the middle of the person and not the top. Like this," Harry said as charged for her. She was barely able to move out of the way in time. "See it's a lot harder to dodge it that way."

Bella growled in anger. He was making her look bad in front of her family. Bella got next to him and started throwing punches and kicks and Harry stood there blocking every single one of them with accuracy that she had only ever seen Edward and Alice use. "Come one Bella you have to do better than that. You have decades of practice and experience on me. You should consider using it. You not aiming you just flailing around trying to hit me. Again you should try more like this, aim for the parts of the body that the other person isn't blocking as well instead of trying to it the same place," he said as he punched her on the right side of her body were her ribs are and as she leaned to the right he hit her on the left side. All she could do was stumble backward. She ran forward again trying to hit him when Harry used her own momentum to flip her over and slam her to the ground ending their fight.

"You did great Bella but if you remember those tips I gave you, you would be even better," Harry said as he walked back over to his family. Emmett and Rosalie were trying to hold back their laughter as Bella slowly got up of the ground. She just couldn't believe she had lost. Like harry had said she had decades of fighting over him she just didn't understand how she could have lost to him. Then she remembered he was a new born so she just thought it was because he was still stronger than her. As she walked back over to where everyone else was standing Carlisle began to explain what they would do for Harry as he worked on his shield.

"Now we will work one your shield Harry. I want you to expand it so that it's around you and Edward and we will see how long you can hold it against people trying to break it. The rest of us will be the ones attacking it. Hold it for as long as you can but when it gets to be too much say something and we will stop," Carlisle said. Harry focused on his shield expanding around him and Edward and once he saw it he gave the ok for them to start. They had planned the day before that since they didn't want Bella to know yet how strong Harry's shield was, he would keep it up for about 45 minutes before he asked them to stop. When the practice was over the Cullen's thanked Bella for her help and they went home leave her there. She had hoped they would have at least invited her back to hang out for a little while. She left and went back to her home. She couldn't wait until the Volturi came because if Harry was taken or died during the fight she would be there for Edward and not Harry. He would want to get back together with her, she was sure of it.

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