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Present day.

Hotch was sure that the man wasn't lying but he had a feeling that there was more to it than the green eyed man had let on. He was quite sure of it, he had seen the haunted look in the young man's eyes when he had spoken of innocent children. And for a moment, those piercing green eyes darkened and Hotch could tell that the man before him had seen man's depravity and the horrors of the earth.

"Looks like I owe you an apology and a heart-felt thank you." Hotch made sure to keep his voice light, giving no indication that he had caught the haunted look.

10 minutes earlier.

He hadn't meant to, but what else was he to do when he saw his godson's new friend chasing a soccer ball onto the busy street? It had been all too easy to predict what would happen next.

Without a second thought, he had lunged after the child and with one swift motion scooped the child into his arms, puling him back to the safety of the curb. The grey pick-up truck which they had narrowly missed swerved dangerously and the driver gestured obscenely.

He had seen too many innocent children die and the vision of the boy stepping off the curb had made his chest seize up. It was only now that his heart had stopped racing, but the firm hand gripping his shoulder startled him once again.

Rather ungracefully, he stumbled around, coming face to face with a solidly built man in his early 40s perhaps. A stern man who happened to be the kid's father and whom still had a tight grip on his shoulder

"Errr… hi" his voice squeaky, sounding much like his 12 year old self. He inwardly winced as he saw the man's eyes narrow "I take it you're his father"

Harry watched as the man relaxed slightly as his grip on the boy's forearm loosened but he could practically taste the tension in the man. It was obvious that the man was armed, What in the world is with Americans and their guns?

When the man spoke it was the same type of silken authority that Snape had once projected "What are you doing with my son?"

Before he could say anything, the kid had made a beeline for his dad, burying his face in the man's leg "m sorry, 'twas my fault". The kid's voice was soft but both of them had heard.

"Explain" The tone was neutral but Harry had a feeling it was a demand rather than a request. He was also sure that the command was aimed at him rather than the remorseful child.

He swallowed once before spilling the whole tale.

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