Eye contact was awkward but Aaron forced himself to meeting Harry's worried inspection, 'Sorry' he offered, the same time as Harry's 'Did I read you wrong, oh merlin I thought… err I'm so sorry, it won't happen again'.

Aaron could feel his cheeks grow uncomfortably warm, god he was blushing like a bloody school girl. 'No, I'm sorry' his eyes flickered down, lingering on Harry's very interested erection 'I definitely wanted that'. He pressed a soft kiss on the corner of Harry's mouth, 'But Jack and Theo are upstairs and I haven't... it's just been a while'

'Believe me I understand' Harry sighed but kissed him again, chastely. 'We'll take it slow' he whispered, his warm breath ghosting across Aaron's lips. 'Do you need me to go?'

Aaron shook his head, 'Stay, it's been a trying day. Let's just get some sleep while we can. Tomorrow is going to be hell.'

Harry groaned, the ministry would no doubt try to recruit him into the Auror program again. 'Definitely going to be a trying day.'

'The BAU should be grounded for at least two days national security permitting, we could get dinner tomorrow and maybe talk' Aaron felt his cheeks flush, somehow Harry had the ability to make him feel like a 16 year old boy.

Harry pressed his lips to Aaron's 'We could definitely do that.'

As predicted, the following day was a mess of bureaucratic meeting and inter-department negotiations between the local branch of the ministry of magic and the FBI home office to authorise the BAU to stay on as official liasons to the magical realm, provided they signed the statute of secrecy.

Apparently, Sherlock's brother was some hotshot in the British government and had pulled some strings to smooth the process along. And whilst that was nice, Hotch felt that between the BAU, Harry, and the discovery of the existence of magic, he was being pulled way out of his depth.

By the time Hotch's stomach protested with hunger, and he finally glanced at the wall clock hanging in his office, it was hours later than he expected. And he had entirely missed his reservation for dinner with Harry, shit. This was exactly the thing that had broken Haley and him up, the glamour of marrying an FBI profiler had quickly worn thin especially after one to many cancelled reservations.

And the worst thing was she was absolutely right, the work did come first, always had. Hotch could vividly see the scene play out as he called Harry, apology on his lips. He winced at the inevitable disappointed silence.

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