A/N: So this is fluff. It may deceive you in the beginning because of the angst but it turns out I was in a fluffy mood. Go figure right?

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It made Leo immeasurably happy to see Kendrix again. Her face, made bright with a wide smile for him, her eyes that gleamed with warmth and a promised mischief. It was beyond his comprehension how it all made him feel.

Leo remembered how it felt to see her die. Everything that was inside of him had been ripped out, violently like someone had taken a wrench to him. He had been powerless to stop it—it was her decision after all—but never could he have imagined that it wouldn't be the end for her.

She'd been watching out for them, watching over them all this time, waiting for them to return to where they had been destined to arrive all along.

Karone placed her Saber into the stone and the magic within was released, Kendrix with it.

Leo hugged her tight—how could he not? She smelled like flowers. Death was a brief stop for her, her sacrifice necessary but not in vain and the reward was wonderful—to be alive again, to simply be again.

But what was she, really? Leo wondered, often when he was alone and always in the dark of night. He wondered how he should treat her—like she was fragile? Like she could break at any moment, or dissipate into the elements like an ethereal being? Was she a ghost?

He was uneasy about it, this strange return from the dead. But why should he be? He had accepted Mike's return without hesitation.

It was morning when he saw her walking alone, her uniform tight around her and her hair whipping in the breeze. She was holding a flower, a purple thing that looked foreign to Leo—perhaps it was native only to this planet.

"A new specimen?" he called to her, racing up to stand beside her at the edge of the woods.

She smiled at him, full and warm. "Which can only mean a new project. Want to help?"

Leo wrinkled his nose. "Science? I'll pass."

Kendrix laughed and Leo thought it was so real, how could it not be? There was silence between them and it stifled any comfort.

"What's wrong?" Kendrix finally asked, because it was time.

After a pause and a deep breath, Leo began. "I don't know how to be around you. It was so easy between us before, and then you were gone for so long. What if something happens and you're gone again?"

It was incredibly easy for him to say. He knew the words without knowing them, it was extraordinary.

Kendrix looked at him, found his eyes and saw his doubt and understood it, but felt compelled to quell it. "Leo, I'm still me. I'm here, really here. I don't understand it all but I hope that I can figure it out, with you. Will you help me with that?"

Leo's eyes trailed down to where the purple flower was resting between her fingers. Carefully he plucked it from her hold and twirled it in his own fingers. It looked like a daisy, with long, thin petals and green stem. But it wasn't a daisy. Leo knew in that moment that this was the beginning of a new age, a new world where possibilities were endless.

He smiled and mischief glinted in his eyes. With the flower outstretched in his hand, Leo kneeled on one knee while his other hand reached for Kendrix's.

"A flower for a flower."

Kendrix shook her head but couldn't help the smile that grew wider still.