TIMELINE: Alternative Universe in which woobie!Rumple and Belle live in the same time.

WARNINGS: Where do I even start? Dubious Consent, Gaston made them do it, Violence, Humiliation, Angst, LOTS of Angst and I turned poor, poor Gaston into a psycho-sock-puppet to make my plot-line work.

THANKS to indie for proofreading, invaluable insights and overall encouragment.


"You want him, have him!" Gaston snarled and took another generous gulp from the wine bottle in his hand. "Fuck your precious spinner like the whore you are." He must've emptied at least two bottles of wine already but he didn't slur his words. He never did, no matter how much he drank.

"I'm so sorry," Rumplestiltskin whispered. "So, so sorry." He kept his eyes on her face, avoiding her naked figure. Tears were streaming down his cheeks and Belle suppressed the urge to kiss them away. If Gaston could see how much she really cared for that the man in front of her, he would probably kill him. Rumplestiltskin's face was already bruised from the punches Gaston had landed against him earlier. Belle was sure Rumplestiltskin's body would hold even more bruises.

Belle and Rumplestiltskin kneeled on her bed. The bed her husband never had spent a night in, because he couldn't bear to touch her. And as much as Gaston despised her touch, as much as he loved to see her humiliated, he took great pleasure in spoiling everything she held dear. Belle should've known that her husband would find a way to corrupt her friendship with the foreign spinner, but she wouldn't never guessed he would go to such lengths.

Once more, she tried to reason with her husband. "Let him go," she begged and her eyes pleaded with Gaston. "He's just a spinner," she added. "He's new, I barely know him, he means nothing to me."

Rumplestiltskin flinched from her words, but Gaston just glared at her.

"Kiss your whore, spinner," he ordered from his chair across the room, gesturing at Belle with the bottle.

Rumplestiltskin whimpered. "He has Bae," he mouthed to Belle, and "I'm sorry," before he cupped her face, bent forward and pressed his dry lips against hers. He was so sweet, gentle, just like Belle had hoped he would be.

She brought her hands up to his face and stroked away his tears with her thumbs, while their lips lingered. She wished this could be different. She wished her husband would drop dead. She wished Rumplestiltskin kissed her because he loved her, not because her husband captured his son.

Belle drew away when she saw Gaston striding towards them, holding the bottle by its neck. She moved in front of Rumplestiltskin, shielding him with her body. Gaston wouldn't hit her. He never raised his hand against her, just against the people she loved. The only way of keeping him from hurting Rumplestiltskin even more was to give him what he wanted. Because she was sure Rumplestiltskin couldn't handle another punch.

"Don't hurt him," she said, her voice shaking. "I'll sleep with him, I'll do what you want, but please don't hurt him again."

Frowning, Gaston stopped in front of the bed. "You mean it," he said, surprised.

Belle nodded. "Promise you will let him and his son go and I'll sleep with him."

Rumplestiltskin gasped behind her. "Please …"

"Quiet!" Gaston barked at him, then he focused on his wife again. "You would humiliate yourself by giving your body to a pathetic spinner?"

"If you promise not to hurt him or his son, yes."

"Please, I'm unworthy," Rumplestiltskin whimpered behind her.

Belle ignored him and waited for Gaston's answer.

"Deal," her husband said finally. "I won't hurt him or his son anymore, promise." Then he grinned smugly. "Now good luck getting that pathetic excuse of a man hard for you."

Nodding slightly, Belle swallowed once before she turned around to Rumplestiltskin. If she could've stayed away from Rumplestiltskin, maybe they wouldn't be in this terrible position. She shouldn't have snuck out to visit Rumplestiltskin so very often, but she had enjoyed talking to him and Bae so much. They were both such kind people and Rumplestiltskin was smart and gentle and he always listened to her. She should've known, that Gaston would figure it out eventually.

She heard Gaston retreat to his chair again, but she kept her gaze on Rumplestiltskin. Her heart raced, she felt like crying but she pulled herself together. Her tears would only make it worse for the both of them and she didn't want to let Gaston see how much it hurt her to pervert her relationship with Rumplestiltskin like that. She wanted Rumplestiltskin to make love to her because he wanted to, not because Gaston forced him to.

Rumplestiltskin was shaking, his arms hanging down like dead weight. He looked miserable and so scared. All she wanted to do was take him in her arms and tell him how much she loved him. He flinched when she placed her hands on his clothed shoulders and she bit her lip. Sweet magic, she hated this. She hated touching him against his will. They should have tenderness and love. She had so much love for him and now all was tainted by her husband's violence.

"Forgive me," she whispered, "I wish there was another way." This wasn't what she had pictured for them. This wasn't it at all. She thought she'd confess her love to him and he'd tell her the same and then she'd kiss him. And they'd be happy. Now she felt like her heart was bleeding.

"Move it along, will you?" Gaston barked at her.

Belle didn't turn around to him but focused on Rumplestiltskin, trying to catch his gaze, but Rumplestiltskin stared at a spot behind her. Her hands shifted from his shoulders to his face. He was crying still and she stroked away his tears.

"Please …" Rumplestiltskin was begging her now. "Please, I can't do this to …"

Belle cut him off with another kiss. Just as gentle as he had done before, she pressed her lips against his mouth. She lingered for a while, then she nibbled on his bottom lip and he moaned softly. She moved closer to him, holding her body against his. Gaston had been wrong, she noticed. She could feel Rumplestiltskin's erection poking against her stomach, hidden between those layers of fabric he still wore. She tried to get closer, but he caught her hips in his hands and stopped them from moving while he pulled away at the same time. Belle let go of his face, her hands lingering in the air, undecided on what to do next.

"I am not doing this," Rumplestiltskin muttered under his breath. Then he turned his head to look at Gaston. "I am not doing this," he said again, louder this time. "I may be a coward but I won't force myself on a woman. I will not hurt her. "

"Found a backbone, hm?" Gaston chuckled strangely bemused. "That'll make a great eulogy for your child, spinner."

Shaking her head wildly, Belle grabbed Rumplestiltskin's collar and pulled him back to her. "Just have me," she whispered, pressing her hips against his once more. "You want me."

"Because I'm a monster." he rasped, disgust filling his voice. "I shouldn't want you. Not like this."

Belle could see the shame in his eyes and she flung her arms around him, pressing her face in the crook of his neck. He tensed up.

"You're not a monster," she whispered in his ear. "You're not. You're the best man I know." She was crying now. This was breaking her heart. "I love you," she added quietly, so Gaston couldn't hear her. She wasn't even sure if Rumplestiltskin heard her. But he must've.

"No, you don't," he answered. "You deserve better."

She slid one hand down his arm until her hand covered his, then she guided his hand between her legs. "I want you."

Their fingertips grazed against her dry sex.

"Belle." Her name sounded like an entreaty coming from his mouth, but he didn't pull his hand away. "This is not what desire feels like."

"Please," she begged, again careful to speak just loud enough so Rumplestiltskin could understand her. "Please touch me." She kissed his throat and he shivered. At the same time she maneuvered her fingers between his, parting herself and bringing his fingers in contact with her skin.

His hand flinched but she pressed into him. She kissed him again, less tender this time. He had to understand that she wouldn't break. She nibbled at his lips, dipped her tongue into his mouth. He tasted like tears, but perfect still. She wrapped her arms around his neck, losing herself in his taste, his scent.

Finally, she could feel him relax, his hand was still between her legs, now gently stroking her folds, his other hand closed around her waist. Sighing, she leaned into him as far as possible without crushing his arm between their bodies. Warmth rushed through her and pooled between her legs.

"Lose the robe, spinner! I'm curious if she can get it up for you," Gaston cut in.

Rumplestiltskin dropped his arms to his sides before he went rigid in her arms. When she pulled back she could see the terror in his eyes.

"Tell me, Belle," Gaston added titillating, taking another sip from his whisky bottle. "Is the spinner aroused yet or does he find you as boring as I do?"

Again, Belle ignored her husband but concentrated on Rumplestiltskin. Swallowing, she started to pull up his robe. Rumplestiltskin pulled the fabric back down.

"Maybe he won't hurt Bae," he whispered, but not quiet enough.

"I won't hurt your son," Gaston sneered. "I'm no monster. I will just provide him with the opportunity to fight for our country. I'm sure your son will do well as a frontier guard." Gaston sounded nonchalant, like Bae's life meant nothing to him.

Belle wondered if anything mattered to Gaston at all or if he just was curious to see how much pain he could bring upon others. The expression on Rumplestiltskin's face was heartbreaking. Her Love was shaking and she got him in this position. She should've stayed away from him.

"Forgive me," Belle said to Rumplestiltskin, before she pulled at his robe again. This time he didn't stop her. She dropped the robe to the floor and pulled in a sharp breath when she saw the bruises on Rumplestiltskin's skin. He had bruises on his ribcage, on his legs, his arms. Everywhere. She clutched a hand over her mouth to keep her from crying out, before she turned and glared at Gaston.

"Look at that, the spinner is horny," her husband stated, staring at Rumplestiltskin's erection.

"How could you do this to him?" she asked fiercely.

Gaston leered. "The hard on? Let's share the credits for that, wife."

"How dare you!" Belle wanted to get up from the bed and go over to Gaston to strangle him but Rumplestiltskin pulled her back against him, gently wrapping his arms around her body.

"Please don't do that," Rumplestiltskin whispered in her ear. His skin was hot against hers and his erection rested against her thigh. He felt so good and this was all so wrong.

Belle stared at Gaston in disbelief. "How could you do this to another person?" she cried.

"Honey, if you don't fuck him soon, I'll do much worse." Gaston leered. "I'll let you watch so you can see for yourself."

This had to stop. Belle felt tears stream down her face. She had never wished death on anybody but she wished it on her husband. Sweet magic, what was Gaston doing to them? She couldn't let that cruel bastard win.

Wiping away her tears, she turned to Rumplestiltskin again. With new determination she took him by the shoulders and pushed him down on the bed so he'd lay down. She straddled him and swallowed his groan with her mouth when his cock came in contact with her sex.

She could hear Gaston laugh, but ignored him. Instead she took Rumplestiltskin's erection into her hand and guided it to her opening. Moaning, Rumplestiltskin bucked his hips against her.

"Belle!" he yelped before he rolled them both around with one swift move. He caught her wrist and pulled her hand away from his cock, at the same time he slid down her body a bit. The weight of him crushed her to the bed. He pinned down both her hands behind her head, then he supported himself with his elbows, lifting his weight from her.

"No," he panted, "not like this." His face was a mask of concentration.

He was everywhere. His smell, his touch, the taste of him in her mouth. Everywhere Maybe she should've felt trapped with him pinning her down like that, but she didn't. He would do whatever she asked him to do, she knew that. And he wanted her. They were touching all over. It was nothing like she had imagined but she desired him. Needed him. She could feel her body prepare for his. The only thing that broke her heart was that this was probably the only chance she would ever get to be with him. She locked her legs behind his back, holding him against her.

"Like this, then," she said. She lifted her head and kissed his throat. "Just pretend like he isn't there," she whispered against his skin. "Just pretend it's only us." If they were alone, if they weren't forced to do this, she would smile at him, would smile the whole time and would kiss him and tell him again and again how much she loved him.

Groaning, he let go of her hands. Within moments one of his hands cupped her face, while the other slipped between her legs. He moaned when his fingers touched her wet center. He kissed her again, still so gentle, but this time he let his tongue slip into her mouth while his fingers explored her the same time. His thumb brushed over her clitoris and she keened.

"More," she whispered and for the first time tonight, she could feel him smile against her lips. He kept stroking her clit while one of his fingers dipped into her wet opening, making her gasp.

Aware of his many bruises, she gently ran her hands over his back. All the tenderness she possessed, she wanted to give him. All the love she had was his.

Pulling his hand away, Rumplestiltskin shifted above her. "Tell me to stop and I'll stop," he said, " I'll keep it brief, I promise."

Then she could feel his cock at her opening. He slowly pressed into her as he kissed her again, softly, tender. Something wet dripped on her cheek. With her hands in his hair she pulled his head back just enough to look at his face. He was crying. She saw the pain in his eyes. The sorrow, the shame and the guilt and somehow, in all this mess, there was love.

"I'm so sorry," he mouthed.

She shook her head. He hadn't done anything he needed to apologize for. He treated her like she was silk, like she was woven from threads of gold. He made her feel precious. Enough with the guilt, enough with the shame. Nudging him on with her legs, she pulled him down for another kiss. This was them. They were together. He stilled his hips after he fully sheathed himself inside of her.

"It's okay," she mumbled against his lips. "I want this. I want you. Move."

He silenced her with another kiss and slowly rocked against her.

Having Rumplestiltskin inside her felt good, pleasant, like he belonged to her. And it felt a little awkward and a little weird, but she loved him so much. This was love, she thought, as Rumplestiltskin kissed her throat. This felt right. This was something Gaston couldn't take away from them.

Then Rumplestiltskin shifted again, adjusting his hips and changing the angle. Suddenly he hit a spot in her that shot desire through her. This was bliss. She keened and he burrowed his face in the crook of her neck, groaning. She felt how he spent himself inside her. He tried to pull away from her shortly after, but she wrapped herself around him, holding on to him as if he'd vanish as soon as she let go. As if he would slip through her fingers like sand and she'd be alone with Gaston again.

"I love you. I love you so much," she murmured into his hair. "Forgive me."

Rumplestiltskin just groaned again. She wondered if he had heard her. He hadn't said it back yet. She wondered if he would ever say it after what just happened between them. After what Gaston did to him.

Next to them Gaston leered. "Is the spinner already finished with you, wife?" he asked. "A rabbit has more stamina than that." He chuckled. "Well," he added, " then again, I just told him to fuck you, not to satisfy you."

Rumplestiltskin flinched from his words and freed himself from Belle's grip. He didn't look at her. Belle wanted to follow his movement when he sat up, but restrained herself. They had done what Gaston had wanted them to do. Gaston was a man of his word so he would let Rumplestiltskin leave now. Belle didn't want to risk that by letting her true feelings shine through her actions. So instead of pulling Rumplestiltskin back against her and telling him that she loved him again and again until he understood. She rolled herself into a little ball and faced her husband.

"You promised to let them go," she said. "You promised you let him and his son go."

Gaston chuckled again, dropping the now empty wine bottle to the floor. "Too disgusted to look at your prince now, aren't you, wife?"

"Whatever you say," Belle answered.

Tilting his head, Gaston stared into her face, then smiled. "That's a good look on you," he said. "The shame, the guilt, the sorrow …" He licked his lips, obviously satisfied. "I like it."

Out of the corner of her eye Belle saw how Rumplestiltskin grabbed his robe from the floor and slipped it on. She wasn't sure if he was hiding from Gaston or from her.

She bit her tongue and said nothing.

"You heard your Queen," Gaston said to Rumplestiltskin. "Time for you to leave." With that Gaston stood up, walked to her bed and grabbed Rumplestiltskin's arm, pulling him away. She heard Rumplestiltskin whimper quietly as Gaston dragged him out of the room and she was left with the feeling of a great loss.

THE END of Part One

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