There were things, even we considered wrong. even we had laws, some of which penalized with death. There were those people, who were pure. Those were the people we had to stay away from. Those were the people we weren't allowed to touch. That was one of few rules I would never break. And yet...

With a happy sigh, I inhaled the sent of rain pouring down on the streets below, staring out at the small-town I had somehow ended up at. It was cold outside, despite the spring sneaking up ever so slowly, and a chilly wind brushed against my pale, skin. I stood unfazed of it. Cold didn't get to me as much as heat did. I stared up at the sky scanning it for any sign of a break in the harsh down-pour. I smirked at the conclusion that I came up with. The sun wouldn't bother me for at least today. But then again, it was Monday. I couldn't possibly escape through the hole week. My thoughts brushed against the possibility of skipping out of school for the week, in case the sun would peak out. I shook it off with an annoyed sigh. I'd skipped out of almost the entire last week. I cursed out loud and turned away from the window without closing it to get ready for another boring day in school. I hated school. I hated my class-mates. I hated the teachers. The only one I could stand in that prison, was my chemistry-teacher Mrs Overstrand. But never mind that. I released another bored sigh and turned away, not closing the window behind me. I looked myself over, contemplating whether or not I needed to change after the night. Dried out blood ran up my arms as well as staining my chest. I sighed. I couldn't go to school like this, or there would be questions. I pealed my shirt off and threw it in the laundry-basket. Aunt Janice could take care of that. After getting dressed, I stomped down the stairs, heading for the kitchen. The kitchen was unusually calm, due to my dad and two uncles being away and my uncle in law (I refused to actually call him uncle), Alex had already left for work, leaving me alone in the house with my aunt and cousin. My interest drifted to my cousin, Janice (yeah, I know, they have the same name), sitting by the table with her cellphone, and a devious smirk spread across my lips. Quiet like a mouse, I snuck up on her, noticing her being clearly absorbed with chatting. Smoothly, like a bat, I lunged forward and grabbed the phone from her. On the top of the screen, I read: Fabulous! (Mike) I smirked again, as Janice (t.y.) lounged at me and tried to grab it back.
"Dear Mike. I love you!" I said, as I wrote it down, adding a couple of hearts before sending it.
"Alex!" she yelled and tried to take it back again, to no avail. I was way faster than her, not to mention more experienced.
Janice's' phone vibrated in my hand and I flipped it up to read the answer. You what now? it said, a confused smiley at the end.
"Oh, Mike. I am in love with you." I ranted as I wrote. " I need you. I want you inside of me. I..."
"I'm going to kill you!" Janice hissed at me, lounging forward one last time and grabbing the phone from me furiously, to explain herself to Mike.
I laughed at her, and dodged as her fist emerged towards my face. As I dodged, Janice took the opportunity to trip me with her left foot, causing me to momentarily loose my balance. I quickly regained it though, and dodged another hit.
"I'm not going to fight my baby-sister, not now." I reminded her.
"I am not your baby-sister! I'm your cousin, and stop being such a chicken."
Another hit, and another dodge.
"Oh, I would fight you, kid. Just not now, cause I'm gonna be late for school, and so are you."
"Die!" Janice yelled.
Janice grabbed the kitchen-chair she'd been sitting in and lunged it at me. I dodged it just barely and it continued out the door to land in the hallway outside. Oh if only. The chair stopped in it's route, as a pale graceful hand grabbed it, red nails burning slightly into the dark wood.
"How many times do I have to tell you two. Do not. Fight. In my. Kitchen."
"H-hi, auntie."
Aunt Janice looked from one to another.
"Get going, you two. You'll be late school. The bus comes in ten minutes."
"I'm not taking the bus, mum." Janice reminded. "Mike is picking me up. That is, if he's not completely freaked out by me."
Janice sent me a death-glare, and I thought she would attack me again. I was saved by the sound of a car stopping outside, followed by a knock on the door. Saved by the bell. Janice moved to answer the door, but I was faster. Carelessly, I opened the door to greet the blonde outside.
"Hi." Mike coughed awkwardly. "I came to pick up Jan."
"Janice isn't home now, she's in Antarktis slaying polar-bears."
Mike rose a sceptical eyebrow.
"There are no polar-bears in Antarktis. Polar-bears live in the north, Arktis especially, or the north-pole as the no-brains call it. Pinguins live on Antarktis."
I raised an eyebrow at him.
"See, I'm both sexy and smart." Mike beamed, pushing his glasses up with the brightest smile possible. "I know you're the one sending me that text by the way. Not cool, you better apologize to her, or I will come after you."
"Really? You figured it out?"
"Yeah, well, duh. Jan doesn't call me Mike. She calls me Fabulous. See, cause my name is Fabulous, and I'm fabulous. Anyway, no need to tell Jan about that, just yet."
Mike winked at me behind his glasses.
"What lies have you been telling him?" Janice growled and pushed pass me. "Hi Fab, sorry about the texts."
"No prob, Jan. I liked it." Mike giggled. "Come on, I wanna show you my new car. My dad gave it to me for my birthday."
Mike ran down out driveway, proudly showing off a pink Mercedes standing on the street, Janice following him.
"It's fab right?"
"It's gay." I called.
"Says the guy wearing powder." Mike retorded with a smirk.
"It's my natural skin-colour." I yelled after him, as the two got in the car.
"Get going now." aunt Janice called from the kitchen. "You don't want to miss the bus!"
I sighed and returned inside to quickly grab my bag and jacket, and run to the bus-stop. It was a miracle there even was a bus-stop near me. I was the only one near-by who even needed it. Or so I thought until I neared the bus-stop. I'd lived here for so long, I would recognize the sent of every person in town, as well as anyone in my school. This smell, however was new, though slightly familiar. This wasn't right? I frowned. For the last year, I'd been the only one in the neighbourhood to take the bus, and now... My thoughts were interrupted when the intensity of the other's blood truly hit me. I gulped, as my fangs extracted themselves into my mouth.
The closer I got to the bus-stop, the stronger and more intoxicating the smell became, and I was beginning to realize that this smell was more special then I first thought.
"Hey, Volt!" a male voice yelled mockingly.
Oh wonderful, the bad touch trio.
Francis Bonnefoy and Antonio Carriedo Fernandez grinned at me from there black Mazda. Gilbert, sitting in the backseat, only rolled his eyes and gave me a weak smile.
"Running away from your awful sense of fashion?" Francis asked.
"Wouldn't you rather be driven to school?" Antonio asked. "Oh wait, I forgot. A faggot like you would only ride your little "Hello Kitty" car."
With that, Antonio hit the break on the car and hit off down the road laughing as he rolled up the windows. As he drove off, water splashed from the street getting me wet all over.
"Are you 'kay?"
I somehow, hadn't even noticed getting to the bus-stop, nor did I notice the boy standing next to me. I had to fight back hardly, not to give in to my instincts, for this was the source of the intoxicating sense of blood I had sensed before. I willed my teeth to retract themselves and looked the boy over. Raven-black long hair clinged to his forehead, framing his thin and almost sickly pale face. His thin body was heaved down by the heavy black coat that hung on his (week looking) shoulders. From the moment I sensed the smell of his blood, I was positive, there could be nothing more striking and intoxicating. I was proved wrong, the moment I saw his eyes. They were looking back at me, ice-blue in contrast to his hair. But his eyes were sad and hollow, as though he wasn't really looking at all, as though someone had ripped his soul out, leaving an empty shell to stay on earth. I shivered.
"Are you okay?" he repeated.
"I-I'm a little wet." I laughed nervously, feeling his eyes burning into my soul.
"How far do you have home?" he asked.
"Just a couple of minutes." I said, just as I spoted the bus comming down the rainy road.
"I see theres so no time." he sighed. "You can take my coat."
Before I knew it, he unbuttomed his coat and handed it to me, thereby releavling the (indeed) week figure that hid beneath. A black-grey button-up shirt hang loosely over his chest over a black t-shirt, and his black baggy jeans were held up by a belt at his waist. He was really thin.
"I think I'm a little bigger than you." I said.
"It's too big for me anyway. And you'll catch a cold otherwise."
"Won't you too?" I questioned.
The boy released a bitter laugh.
"Wouldn't that be lucky?"
The bus stopped and we stepped on. I just ignored the annoying buzz around me, as the boy and I made our way through the bus until he sat down on an empty seat. He looked up surprised when I sat down next him, but he didn't say anything. We just sat in silent.
"Alex!" I looked up, seeing Godric Parkinson and Serino Fans-Pool looking at me over their seat.
"Where were you last friday?" Godric asked.
"Where were you all weakend?" I retorded.
Godric's face reddened.
Serino kissed the other on the cheek.
"Godric was busy this weekend. Busy being the cutest..."
"Stop that!" Godric squeaked as he blushed deeper.
"Stop what?" Serino teased. "Telling you how gordious and sexy you are when you..."
"Serino. Have some shame dammit, and don't just talk about that outloud!"
As the realization struck me, I suddenly started to laugh.
"You guys did it!"
"Hell yeah, we did!" Serino grinned. "And he was the hottest damn..."
"Serino! Don't just blurt that out like that! Would you just respect my privicy!?"
"No way, I wanna hear details." I laughed.
"Oh, sure, I'll tell you now!"
"No! One more word from you, and I'll get off at the next stop."
"But you don't have an umbrella." Serino pointed out.
"I'd use your bag." Godric muttered. "And don't try to tell me your not the least embarrassed by this."
"Why should I? You are perfection. You however have the right the feel ashamed, loving but a mare farmer like me."
Serino leaned in and captured his boyfriend's lips.
"Oh, get a room will you? You're in public." I complained looking away.
That's when I remembered the new guy, who was absentmindedly staring out the window with those hollow eyes. It made me shutter, as I remembered them looking at me a couple of minutes earlier. I'd never feared being found out. I was a master of controlling my instincts, but this guy was pushing me towards the edges. I found myself having to fight to keep control, to not bite him. I wanted to taste his blood, I realized. More so, than I had ever done before. But me beginning to loose control wasn't what threatened the most. My control, I could always control as long as I focused. But I couldn't control him. I couldn't control the way he would look at me. I couldn't control the feeling of him seeing right through me soul, peering into my deepest and darkest secrets.
"Alex? You're spacing out."
Godric looked puzzled at me.
"Oh, sorry. You were saying?"
"We're here. At school. Where we're supposed to learn boring things."
"Oh yeah." I looked out the window, seeing endless of students running by. "Where's Serino?"
"He had to hurry off, to get his stuffs from his locker. Which I actually have to do too, so I have to run now."
"See you at lunch?"
"I don't know, maybe. I'll just have to see how things turn out first. Okay?"
"Text me." I told him, before he was off and out of the bus.
I suddenly heard an awkward cough behind me. I looked around, and remembered the new guy again.
"Would you mind? I have to get to the reception and get my schedule and such."
"Oh, sure, sorry."
I moved aside with an embarrassed sigh and followed him out of the bus.
"So you're new then?"
"I am." he replied absentmindedly.
"Not that I'm not grateful or anything." I said, hesitantly as I stepped off the bus (last one). "But do you usually borrow your coat to strangers like that?"
Pale cheeks adapted a small shade of pink.
"O-oh... well... When I left my house in Florida I..."
I supressed a light laugh.
"What?" he blushed.
"I'm sorry." I excused myself. "You just don't look like the kind of guy to enjoy a sunny place like Florida."
"I'm not." he admitted. "That's why my mum sent me here to live with my aunt. Either way, when I left, I promised her to try and make friends."
We walked through the rain, over the schoolyard and towards the house.
"Only... I don't really know how to."
"Well, truth to be told, giving away jackets may be a bit too fast forward."
Another blush.
"Hey, don't apologize. It came in handy this time. Oh that's right." I stopped. "The school-reception is just down this hall. I have to get to the gym-lockers. I have some spare clothes there, but maybe I'll see you later."
I quickly took the coat off and handed it to the slightly blushing teen.
"O-oh thank's." he said before walking down the directed hall.
"No problem." I called after him.
He turned around ever so slightly and offered me a week smile. As he turned again, he subconsciously tossed his hair to the side. My mind snapped for a moment, as I stared at his now bare neck, and the smell of his blood filled my senses. I took a couple of steps towards him.
"Come back." I mumbled, and my fangs extracted themselves again.
He turned around with a puzzled look, blue hollow eyes peering into my soul again. I gulped.
"Why don't we like trade numbers, and you can like text me your schedule or something." I suggested, amazed that I had enough control left to at least not take him right there and then.
"Really?" he asked.
"Sure." I mumbled, my eyes still fixed on his neck as I kept moving closer. "What's your number?"
Unsure, I fumbled a little with my phone, before I managed to press "new contact".
"You're hands are trembling." he pointed out innocently.
"A-are they?" I stuttered. "Maybe you should just write it yourself."
I mentally thought for control as I handed the phone to the slim pale hand. After a few moments he returned the phone to me with another week smile.
"You should probably hurry to your gym-locker. You can just text me later and I'll have your number."
Before I could answer him, he hurried down the hall. Part of me was angry about him leaving, but the rational side of my was more than happy.
"I'm Alexander by the way!" I called after him.
All I got in response was another week smile before I was left alone in the corridor.

I slammed my head hard against locker-door. What the hell was I doing? I didn't loose control! I was never even close to loosing control! Then what the hell was all this? I closed my eyes and groaned, only resulting in the same image I'd seen every time I'd closed my eyes, playing before my mind. I could have bitten him. And considering how close I'd been to doing so, I could just as well have killed him too. He wasn't normal. Hell no, he wasn't normal. No normal mans blood could get me that unfocused. No one, I mean no one, could ever make me loose control. He must be a wizzard, I decided. Of course. He'd bewitched me. Even more likely. He was an alien. Of course. An alien, who was here to enslave humanity. That was logical, right?
"Alexander? What are you doing?"
"Holy SHIT!" I cried out loud, glaring at the red-head who was leaning against the lockers. "Dammit, Zeed. What are you doing in a school? And what the fuck are you doing here at all? I thought you were in France."
Zeed grinned at me.
"I'm not here, actually. I'm an illusion." Zeed bragged, running a hand through his hair. "See, that's the sort of stuff I learn out here. Things I wouldn't learn if i were going to a human school."
"Get to the point, Zeed."
"Well, I'm taking a couple of weeks off, so I thought I'd come to you to catch up. What do you say?"
"I'm not sure." I admitted hesitantly.
"Dude." Zeed laughed. "You're hitting your head against a locker. You obviously need your best friend to come save you."
"I'm living in a human town, and I'm going in a human school. I don't think it's a good idea for you to be here."
"Great, can't wait then."
I sighed.
"Fine, you can come on one condition. If you kill anyone, I'm sending back right away."
"Tch." Zeed pouted. "Who wrote that ridiculous law."
"No one, but someone did write the law "we are not allowed to cause a scene", and in this town, killing one person, means causing a scene."
"Geez, you're boring." Zeed whined. "Say, why are you doing that thing anyway? Are you practacing some new warrior-move.
"No, I'm just confused and annoyed. Alliens are taking over the world to enslave humanity." I explained tiredly.
"Yeah, course they are." Zeed replied sarcasticly. "Seriously, now."
"I am serious." I argued. "I met someone, a guy. And he's... he's unlike anyone else. You should see him. You should see his eyes. It's like he can see right through me. And that look. I've never seen someone look so hollow before. And he's so thin, like sickly thin. I don't think I've ever seen anyone even remotely alike him."
"So he's good looking, doesn't make him an alien."
"H-hey! I-I didn't say he was good looking!"
"The solemn look in your eyes is telling me everything. What about his blood?"
"Really, is blood really all you think about?"
"You're a vampire! That's the first thing you should be thinking about."
"Sssh." I hissed at him. "People can hear you."
"No they can't. If only you would come with me in France with my master, you would know all of this. Only you can hear me. Don't you have class or something?"
"I'm skipping. I hate world history."
"You should try vampire-history. It'll blow your mind."
"Would you stop that? You've been nagging at me about this since we were sixteen. That's ten years ago."
"Yes, and you said: No, I'm gonna take some time alone."
"I did, and now I'm among the most controlled vampires in the world. I even have trophies."
"Boring trophies." Zeed yawned. "Man, why would you want to go in a human-school?"
"It's my believes. I promised myself, when I turned vampire, that I wouldn't let go of myself. That I would live as a human as much as possible. I'm not gonna allow myself to become a monster."
Zeed rolled his eyes, and I sat down on the bench with an annoyed sigh.
"I've never been even remotely close to loosing control, but this guy. I almost bit him."
"Who is he, anyway?" Zeed required.
"His name is... his name is...?"
"Dude!" Zeed exclaimed. "If you're gonna have a crush on someone, at least learn his name."
His words caused me to instantly jump to my feet, defiantly.
"W-who said anything about a crush? Don't just make things up!"
Zeed laughed.
"Sure. What ever you say."
"Zeed!" a third voice called.
"Man, I've gotta go, Alex, but I'll contact you later. See you."
With that, Zeed's image was gone and I was left alone. I sighed. I would have to leave soon before the PE students came to get there lockers. I got up from the bench, grabbed my bag and left the locker-room. I walked slowly through the empty corridors. I always preferred it like this. No one around, no one to distract my control or anything alike. I would always get a headache in too crowded places. So many smells going around, and so many voices. Still, I would always be able to make out those certain scents. Like those of my friends, though one of them had went abroad for a semester. I could also always spot out the Bad Touch Trio, as well as some of my teachers, for whatever reason. And now, I felt a new sent that I would never ever mistake.
"I'm sorry for being late, professor." his voice echoed through the empty hallway. I glanced around a corner, spotting the black coat disappear into the classroom. The world-history-classroom. I looked at the closed door for awhile, once again forcing my fangs to retract themselves. Then I remembered what Zeed had said. What was his name? I tried to recollect the events of the morning. Surely, he must have said his name sometime. Like when I intruduced him to Godric and Serino. No. I thought. I never intruduced them to eachother. But when we first met. I thought triumphly. What kind of idiot wouldn't give his name at a first meating. My triumph soon faded. That's right, the kind of idiot who would care about your well being instead.
"Dammit!" I complained.
Wait, I gave him my name, right? Right after we shared numbers. Shared numbers! That's it!
I dug out my phone, and slowly began to flip through my contacts, looking for anything unfamiliar. I didn't even know why I cared in the first place. There was just something inside of me that told me, that I had to know. At long last I reached the letter S, and a name caught my interest. The name I'd been looking for. Septimus. Septimus Pie.