"Don't touch me." Septimus hissed between gritted teeth.
"Sep." the guy said, rubbing his sore cheek.
"Don't call me that!" Septimus warned and got up on wobbly feet. "What the hell are you doing here?"
"That'd be my fault." the tanned guy that had by now chased Francis and Antonio away, while Gilbert had stayed.
"Hi Esteban." Septimus muttered. "You know when you said: I'm coming over. I really didn't take you seriously."
"You should, brat." Esteban growled.
"Still older than you." Septimus sighed as he started to walk, heading for the elementary school. The rest of us were quick to follow. "And why the hell did you have to bring him?"
"I have a name." The darkhaired guy who still had a red mark on his cheek, reminded.
"Yeah, I know. How about asshole?" Septimus suggested sarcastically.
"If you'd just give me a chance to explain myself." 'Asshole' tried.
"No thanks?" Septimus. "Just tell me why you're here and then get the hell out of my life... again."
"No, not Sep. My fucking name is Septimus." Septimus growled. "Now tell me why you're here."
"Esteban gave me a call and asked me to lend him my car." Asshole explained. "He seemed anxious so I got worried so I went along just to make sure you were alri..."
"LOOK AT ME!" Septimus yelled and spun around on his heel. "Does it look like I'm okay?"
"Don't you dare come here to tell me you were worried. Don't you dare fucking tell me that you care! Cause if you cared you wouldn't have done this to me in the first place."
"I do care, or I wouldn't have driven across the bloody nation." Asshole argued. "Do you have any idea how much you're scaring the rest of us?"
"So Esteban told you then. Then why the hell are you here?"
"Because you're my friend."
"Yeah but not..."
"Would anyone tell me what the hell is going on?" I cried out in desperation. "Who the hell are you people? And you, dude."
I directed my attention to Asshole.
"Septimus asked you to leave. Why the hell are you still here, pestering him?"
"Stay out of this, stranger." Asshole growled. "This has got nothing to do with you, so just leave it. I can take care of Sep's problem just fine."
"Make me." I growled back.
Asshole and I stared darkly at each other. I didn't know who the hell this guy was, but if he was upsetting Septimus, then he sure as hell didn't have the right to be here.
"Would you two stop it?" Septimus sighed. "It's annoying."
"Sorry." Asshole and I muttered.
"Whatever." Septimus muttered and sat down on a nearby bench.
It seemed as though he was actually going to tell me what was going on.
"Alexander, this is Andrew." he sighed. "Asshole, this is Alexander."
"And your relationship with him is...?" I asked.
"Andrew is my ex boyfriend." Septimus explained. "The one who got too cool for me."
"If you'd just listen, I could explain that." Andrew sighed. "The reason I... broke upm wasn't because I was ashamed of you. My parents forced me to break up with you because they didn't approve of our relationship. I'm not asking you to back. I know we've both moved on. But I'm asking you to just be my friend again."
Septimus stared at Andrew with a frown for a long while and for a moment, I thought he was going to slap him again (not that I would have minded) but then his lips twisted upwards before he broke into a bright smile and giggled.
"What's so funny?" Andrew questioned.
"You're soo..."
The rest was covered in more hysteric giggle that soon developed to cheer laughter. After a few minutes, the laughter died down enough for him to talk again, and I found myself wishing he wouldn't stop.
"You haven't changed a bit since back then." he said.
"How do you mean?" Andrew asked, looking sort of crossed at being laughed at.
"You're so totally wannabe vampire." Septimus answered.
This caused Esteban to roar out in laughter too while Andrew raised a questioning eyebrow at the comment.
"I'm not wannabe vampire." he complained but soon smiled as well. "So, are we friends again."
"Yeah." Septimus said softly before getting up. "But I really have to pick Cindy up now. I'm assuming you guys have somewhere to stay."
"We're staying in an hotel." Esteban promised.
"Well, I know you want to yell at me, but let's do that some other day." Septimus said with a semi smile. "I have plans for tonight."
Andrew and Septimus shared a quick hug, as did Septimus and Esteban before we separated. Septimus and I walked in silence for a few minutes before I spoke up.
"Has that happened before?"
"Has my exboyfriend driven across the entire USA to meet me? No."
I chuckled a little at the sarcastic remark but then I returned to the matter at hand.
"I meant the whole deal with Antonio, Francis and Gilbert."
"Don't pick on Gilbert." Septimus muttered and dug his hands into his pockets. "He tried to help the best he could. And about that other thing, I've felt it coming for awhile."
"And you didn't tell anyone?" I asked with a frown.
"I didn't have any proof." Septimus only answered.
I was about to comment on that and tell him that he had to tell a teacher, but just then I was distracted by a incredibly strong scent, one that could have literally thrown a, none prepared vampire with less self-control than I have, at least twenty feet away. The smell was followed not all too long by the happy sound of a smile.
A girl of barely seen charged at us, long black hair swirling around her like she was stuck in a hurricane, bright blue eyes shining with excitement and the brightest smile possible stuck on her face. She took a big leap and hugged Septimus, who just barely managed to catch her, tightly.
"I missed you during school today." she said brightly.
Septimus coughed lightly at the impact of the surprisingly strong girl and adjusted his grip so she wouldn't fall..
"I saw you this morning, didn't I?" he reminded and put her down on the ground.
"But that was so long ago." the girl said with a pout before her big eyes landed on me and she hid behind Septimus. "Who are you?"
"This is my friend, Alexander." Septimus explained. "Trust me, he's not dangerous. Alexander, this is my smallest cousin, Cindy."
"It's a pleasure to meet you, princess." I said, trying to ignore the slight nauseousness I felt from being around her.
Cindy stood on her tiptoes and whispered something in Septimus' ear. Septimus blushed brightly in reaction to whatever she'd said and coughed awkwardly.
"Let's go." he said, taking Cindy by the hand. "We don't want to miss the buss."
Cindy skipped down the road and swung her arm back and forth. Having heard Zeed explain it all, it was clear to me that this little child was a pure-blood too, and yet she was so different from Septimus. In fact, they were almost the exact opposite.

Septimus' house was fairly big with two stories, a wooden door, and I noticed this time (since it was dark the last time) that they had small statues in the garden of different animals. Cindy was fast to run inside and take off her outdoor clothes before happily skipping around the house, probably checking to see who was home. Septimus and I, on the other side took our time, taking our stuffs off and putting our shoes away. The indoor was pretty cosy, with a direct connection to the living-room, further connection to the kitchen and a stair that lead to the second floor. There were some pictures of children, which I guessed was Septimus' cousins, as well as one that looked to be from the sixties to seventies. It portraited two girls on a swing, assumingly Septimus' mum and her sister.
"Nice place." I said, placing my bag at the door. "Were are the others?"
"Edward is probably off with his friends, buying a gift at last minute." Septimus explained and slummed down in the couch. "If Severus is home, Cindy will find him right about..."
"Big brother!" Cindy yelled from the second floor.
I could faintly hear a muffled sound and a thud as if someone collided with the floor.
"Man down!" a teenage voice called. "Man down, I need back up!"
"Solve it by yourself!" Septimus called back up.
"Which one was that?" I asked.
"Severus." Septimus explained. "Which reminds me, where the hell is Luna?"
The question was answered by the door opening and a girl, who looked fairly like Cindy, just a little older, stepped in.
"Hi, Sep." she called. "Is mum home?"
"Working still, James will pick her up after work." Septimus informed.
"Cool, then it's okay for my friend to come over." Luna said hopefully.
"No way." Septimus said. "You're too young to have a boyfriend, so don't even bother."
Luna stuck her tounge out and stomped off the stairs.
"So, eh, what do you wanna do?" Septimus asked awkwardly.
I didn't even have a chance to answer before Cindy rushed back down the stairs.
"Cousin Septimus, uncle Alexander." she said looking betwen the two of us with big pleading eyes. "Will you watch Tinkerbell with me?"
Septimus and I exchanged looks, it was clear that Septimus was worried that the question had scared me off, but I simply smiled.
"I'll be happy to, but you'll have to explain a thing or two for me." I said, pretending as though I had no idea who Tinkerbell was.
Cindy nodded eagerly and started to explain everything about Tinkerbell and the world of the fairies, sounding fully convinced that they actually existed.
And after that, the movie started. It was actually rather peaceful, sitting there, watching Tinkerbell talk with the little human (who reminded me a lot of the little kid next to me). When the movie was over, and the little fairy had toasted with papa human, Septimus looked at the clock on the wall.
"I should start on dinner. Do you mind helping?" he asked. "Or do you wanna play with Cindy?"
"I'll help." I said with a semi smile, and within second, Cindy had dashed up the stairs, probably to talk to her brother or sister.
Judging by the thud up stairs, I guessed it to be his brother.
"We usually don't do anything fancy on fridays." Septimus said as he got incredients for Spagetti Carbonara out of the cupbords. "If you can just start on the pasta, that'd be great."
I nodded with a smile, and dug out a large pot which I filled with water, while Septimus worked on the sauce. At first we both stood there in silent, Septimus working, and me staring at the slowly heating water. Septimus cursed when he spilled a little and stained his shirt (the same one he'd worn when we first met).
"Hey, you wear that shirt a lot." I said absentmindedly. "Maybe you should take it off while cooking."
"No." Septimus replied hastily. "It's not worth the trouble."
"Well, okay." I said with a shrug, before continuing with the food.

Not long after, Septimus had placed five plates of delicious looking Pasta Carbonara on the dinner table.
"Dinner is ready!" he called out.
It didn't take long before the sound of footsteps could be heard, and soon Septimus' cousins were all seated at the table. I now realized that this was the first time I'd seen Severus. I quickly noted that he was quite similar to his siblings, and a little to Septimus as well.
"Wow, Sep." Luna said. "You're really good at this. It feels like I'm eating heaven."
"It's just Carbonara." Septimus reminded calmly. "And no mather how much you flatter me, I'm not going to let you invite your so called boyfriend."
Luna pouted but she didn't argue. It was quite obvious that this was a lost cause.
"So, Alexander." Luna said. "Are you staying over?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Interesting." Luna said with a slight snicker. "Anyway, I'll be going now, I've gotta study for a test on Monday. Thanks for dinner."
"Remember to come down and say good night." Septimus called with a sigh.
"Yeah, I'll be in my room too, with Cindy" Severus said."We're gonna play."
"Yay!" Cindy cheered and left her chair. "Thanks for dinner."
Septimus send a smile after them and like that we were left in the kitchen again.

Later that night, after having tucked Cindy in, Septimus and I sat in the sofa, scrolling through the channels.
"Nothing." Septimus explained. "You'd think they'd have something worth watching on a Friday."
Septimus scrolled through the channels another time before he finally landed on what appared to be some sort of romantic comedy. "Bridget Jones' diary"
"At least it's some fairly good actors." I said, reading aloud from wikipedia on my phone. "Like Collin Firth."
"I think that's the guy who played in Pride and Prejudice." Septimus said thoughtfully. "Yeah, I guess that will do."
And so we watched, with mild interest, as there was some stupid conversation about Collin Firth's (at least I think it was him) shirt, which admittedly was very ugly.
If someone asked me later, how the movie ended, I would have no idea, cause by the end of the movie both Septimus and I were sound asleep on the couch, Septimus head gently (and subconsciously) leaned against my shoulder and me resting my head on his. Strange as it may sound, that was the best sleep I'd had in a long while.