Bella's Pov

As far as I could tell, Forks was nothing like Arizona, and it would be taking me quite a while before I'm completely used to this place.

I walked into the Forks high with little confidence, and even less hope of this day ending soon, and I was correct. The day seemed to drag on, and no matter where I looked; there was a pair of eyes already fixed on me. All the attention was really getting to me, but I'm sure they would get bored of me and just not bother within a few weeks.

By the time lunch came around however I was beginning to at least get slightly comfortable.

As I took my seat down beside my new friends I couldn't help but notice a few tables away from me sat a table of five gorgeous kids, and a table beside then with six.

They seemed tense, and I saw how they would throw glares back and forth at each other.

"Who are they?" I asked to the girl named Jessica.

At that moment the boy with bronze-hair boy and the boy at the other table with the jet black hair looked at me curiously.

I blushed and quickly looked away from their intense looks feeling a knot begin to form in the pit of my stomach.

"Those are the Cullen's, and the Parker's, they are kind of major enemies." She said with a grin at the table.

"Which are which?" I asked peeking over to the boy with the bronze hair, then to the one with the jet black hair, they were still staring, but they suddenly looked at each other, and glared.

"The table of five is the Cullen's, the big guy is Emmett, he is with the blonde girl Rosalie, and the girl with the spikey hair, that's Alice, she is with Jasper, the blonde guy." Jessica said looking towards the table with a thoughtful look. "The last guy, that's Edward Cullen, the school's mister perfect in other words,"

I looked at her unsteady gaze now as she stared towards Edward, obviously not even attempting to hide her ogling.

Frowning slightly to myself I let my eyes take in each of the Cullen's slowly, realizing that they all seemed so much alike in looks, but yet they weren't. Their golden eyes and perfect features was bewildering, and unnatural, but I didn't have much time to continue my thoughts as Edward's eyes flashed to mine, locking me in place.

I swallowed hard as I felt the clenching in my stomach again under his gaze, even as his eyes turned back towards his family with a passive look, I still held onto the light headed feeling that had come over me as well.

"They are the good ones, they never get in trouble, get straight A's, all that stuff, then there's the Parkers." Jessica spoke her eyes darting between Edward and the boy from the other table, the one with the jet black hair.

I turned my attention now to the Parker table, noticing right away they were very different to the Cullen's. Each of them talked between each other with superior snickers, and mischievous looks towards any passing students. You could just tell they were a rowdy bunch, but they also thought more highly of themselves then the others; judging by their smug expressions.

"The one with the short brown hair is Katie; she is with Erik; the guy with the short dirty blonde hair. And the girl with the red curly hair is Anna; she is with Josh; the big guy with the blonde hair. The only single guys are the boy with the black hair, that's Quinn, and the other guy with the blonde hair that's Daniel." Jessica said letting her eyes land on Quinn.

Her expression became almost heated as she watched Quinn, as if one look from him would reduce her to a puddle.

I bit my lip to not comment, not wanting her to draw any conclusions from me. But I couldn't ignore the fact that Quinn did seem irresistibly attractive. A dark rush rolled down my spine as I took in his sharp perfect features and mysterious shadow that loomed in his golden eyes.

So Quinn was single? This thought alone relieved me in a way that I didn't understand.

"They are the trouble makers; they're bad, but kind of cool, and fun." Jess explained.

I nodded, and looked back to the Cullen table to Edward.

What a gorgeous name, fit for an angel like him, but then I found myself looking over to Quinn.

He was just as gorgeous, he had a thing about he that screamed bad boy, and I kind of liked it.

It was like looking at opposites, Edward the pure sweet, angel, and Quinn, the cool, bad boy devil.

But I could no longer look at them now, for the bell rung, and everyone was getting up.

I quickly got up, keeping my eyes to the ground as I exited the lunch room. I walked with Angela and Mike to my next class, they both seemed nice, and more than willing to help me out if need be, which I appreciated.

But I was taken by surprise as I saw Quinn walk right up at us all blocking our way into our classroom.

"Well hello Isabella." He said his voice was like a wave of dark velvet, and his smile made shivers roll down my spine.

"Umm, Bella." I corrected with a weak smile, my heart beating quickly in my chest, as my face went red.

"Bella, I'm Quinn Parker, it was so nice meeting you." He said holding his hand out towards me with a graceful movement.

I shook it gently and almost melted at how smooth and cool his hand felt.

When I let his hand go he seemed to be confused, and frustrated with something. His eye brows pulled together with a thoughtful look before opening the door for us all to enter.

I walked into the class room Angela and Mike following behind, both sharing the same look of shock.

"Wow, I didn't think he talked to anyone apart from his family," I heard Mike whisper to Angela as we entered the class room.

Slowly I made my way to the teacher's desk, rolling around his thought in my head for just a minute.

So Quinn must not talk with many others, this only proved that the Parker's kept to only themselves, but I'm just not sure if it's for the same reason as the Cullen's.

Suddenly I noticed that Edward was in this class, also Quinn, and they were sitting almost beside each other.

The seat right in the middle of them seemed to be the only empty seat.

I didn't know if this was good or bad, but what I did know was that this would have to be one of the most interesting classes I'm going to have.

"Go ahead and take your seat Miss Swan," The teacher said without looking at me, and slowly handing me a thick biology book.

I nodded, and turned, heading back to my seat, letting my eyes dance between the two gold eyed mysterious.

Quinn winked at me as I walked back to them.

I blushed at that, and noticed Edward shot him a murderous glare, that he sent right back.

They really must hate each other; I wished I knew why that was though.

When I took my seat I noticed Edward tense up a little, but he turned to me with a mind-blowing smile that had me in a daze.

"Hello, my name is Edward Cullen, your Bella." He said extending his hand.

"Hi." I said taking his hand, and shuddering at the sparks that flew down my arm.

When I pulled away I was so confused that I hadn't noticed at Quinn had shifted his seat closer to mind, and was watching me closely.

I turned to him shyly.


"You're beautiful." He shrugged.

My heart raced at that, and my blush spread at his words.

I swore I thought I heard a low noise from Edward at that, but I was still trying to breath.

"Thanks." I said, still surprised at how direct he was.

Quinn nodded seriously, and continued to watch me.

Edward was now staring at me to, and I could tell by his eyes that he was focusing very hard on something.

I raised a brow at him.

He just smiled warmly at me, and turned to the teacher who had just begun class.

"Alright, pare up in three, and get to work." Mr. Banner said after his lecture.

I turned to Quinn first; he seemed like the guy that wouldn't be too shy to ask me anything.

"Want to be my partner?" I asked hopeful.

His golden eyes sparkled with an emotion, but he quickly scooted closer to me.

"Sure, this stuff is easy." He said with victory.

I then turned to Edward who was glaring daggers at Quinn.

"How about you, will you work with me?" I asked.

Edward hesitated as he glanced at Quinn.

"Sure." He reluctantly, and kept his eyes on Quinn as we both moved to his table to work together.

This was going to be interesting.

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