Bella's point of view

I rushed around my room as I got ready for my day at the beach with Quinn. I was so excited but also so nervous I thought I was going to pass out every time a car went past.

Picking out my most comfortable clothes, I couldn't help the smile that stayed on my face and the bounce in my step as I went around my room, throwing things together.

I knew I was acting a little childish about all of this, but I couldn't help it. When I was with Quinn it was like he was my key, the key to everything inside me, he opens everything and I actually feel alive.

It was an amazing feeling; it was like I had a cage around my heart and as soon as Quinn's dazzling golden eyes meet mine the locks fall right off, as if they were even there.

But then there was Edward. Quinn might be the one setting my heart free, but when Edward is with me it feels as if it was taking its first real beats.

Quinn was like a mother bird pushing the babies out of the nest. Edward is the one that flies away with you, holding you closely to its side and making sure you're safe.

I didn't quite know for sure what this feeling was, and I knew that it was getting harder and harder to pick between them. But all I could do; was follow what my heart suggests.

But as a honk of a horn outside my window got my attention I was again hurling myself around my room grabbing my beach bag, getting my shoes on and running for the door.

I managed to trip about five times, and when I made it out to Quinn I tripped over nothing but was caught.

Quinn chuckled and to my surprise lifted me right off the ground in about two seconds before setting me back down on carefully.

"And hello to you to Bell-Bell." He said amused as he slowly let go of me.

I blushed shyly, and gave him a slight punch on the chest.

I was used to the hardness that I had felt when we touched like that, and I was sure my hand would probably disintegrate if I tried to punch him any harder.

"You know what a klutz I am." I mumbled embarrassed.

"I am well aware actually, are you ready?" He asked curiously as he took my bag, walking it to his car.

"Sure as ready as I'll ever be." I said excitement leaking in my voice, and I could tell Quinn was pleased with this.

"Good, but I should tell you today is going to be a…strange day." Quinn warned with a sigh, opening the car door for me.

I quickly got on and without hesitation, watching as he slowly walked around the car to the driver's seat.

"What do you mean strange day?" I asked curiously.

He now gave me a rueful smile, starting his car up.

"I'll explain when we get to the beach." He said and without another word we were flying down the road.

I wanted to groan at that, I had enough on my mind at the moment; I didn't need more to think about.

But now as we raced down the busy roads all I could think was, this little secret, what this was all about, and why he couldn't just say it now. Quinn always would be a mystery to me. I didn't know exactly what he was, but I knew that no matter what, I would still feel the same way about him.

When we got to the beach I was even more excited than I was before, there was nothing like spending time with Quinn, whenever he goes everyone would just become more easy-going, and more fun.

After Quinn had parked I watched as three locals came over with bright grins.

"Hey Quinn, this must be Bella, the lucky lady." The one said with a grin.

Quinn threw him a look but quickly looked back at me and gave me an innocent smile.

"Bella this is Quil, Jacob and Embry."

"Hello." I said shyly.

They grinned at me as they circled around me.

"She sure is pretty Quinn." Quil said with a snicker at Quinn's glare.

The one that was Jacob just stared at me with a look that I couldn't recognize; it made me a little uncomfortable so I shifted a little behind Quinn.

He noticed and snapped his fingers at Jacob.

Jacob shook his head to clear it, and smiled nervously.

"Sorry dazed off there for a second."

Quinn narrowed his eyes at Jacob but didn't say anything.

"Would you like to join us at the beach?" Quinn asked only looking at Jacob.

He blinked in surprise and victory.

"Sure." Jacob said and as Quinn led the way to the beach I watched as Jacob stuck his tongue out at his friends.

"So how have things been Jacob?" Quinn asked curiously.

Jacob shrugged and glanced at me.

"Nothing really, school, homework, hanging with the guys, eat, sleep the usual."

Quinn nodded. "Not working on anything, any car or stuff like that?"

"Nah, Billy said I have been working on it more than school so the garage is off limits." Jacob said a little sourly.

"That's too bad; Josh has wanted you to help him with his bike for a while." Quinn said but I could tell he was not really getting into this conversation for his eyes stayed on mine the whole time.

Jacob sighed sadly. "Wish I could help you out there, maybe if I get some good grades I'll stop by and take a look at it."

"Sounds good to me, Josh will be thrilled." Quinn said then rolled his eyes as we pasted two couples making out.

"So you work on cars?" I asked impressed with that.

Jacob beamed. "Yep, I have since I was able to hold a screw driver."

"That's cool, what else can you do?" I asked as Quinn made us take a seat at the shore.

Jacob thought about that for a while and when I thought he wasn't going to answer Quinn did.

"He is the master of telling scary stories." Quinn said lowly almost reluctantly.

Jacob grinned. "That is true."

I was shocked at this, it seemed that Quinn hadn't wanted to bring this up, why was that, I had to know, there seemed to be only one way to find out.

"Will you tell me one?" I asked hopeful, and looked to Quinn trying to understand what he was thinking.

He gave me a weak smile.

"Ok, now let me think of a good one…" Jacob said excitedly.

"You should tell the one about the LaPush secret treaty." Quinn suggested with pain filling his eye, but only a tiny bit.

Jacob's eyes brightened and became amused.

"The one with you Parkers, the Cullen's, and us?" He asked.

Quinn nodded and looked away to the shore.

"Prefect selection, ok ready Bells?" Jacob asked getting my attention again.

I nodded.

I was finally going to find out something; maybe I'll be able to piece this together finally!

"Alright, about eighty years or so Cullen's and the Parkers were one big family known as the Stalkdales." Jacob started looking to Quinn a few times to make sure he was ok with this, but Quinn continued to look away now beginning to look nervous.

"They were just one big happy family, but there wasn't an ordinary family, they were vampires…" Jacob said in a scary tone, and with that word in my mind I felt my jaw drop.

Quinn was now looking at me with concerned eyes.

But as I looked deep inside me I wasn't scared, just extremely curious as to how this was true.

Quinn was now biting his lips and looking like he was about to stand up and leave and never return so I quickly without thinking took his hand in mine, not wanting him to move, I needed him here.

He froze in shock.

But he soon relaxed and held onto my hand with a small smile, and nodded for Jacob to return.

"And one day one of our tribes found them hunting on our land, the land of werewolf's." Jacob said with a grin.

I looked at Quinn shocked needing for him to confirm that this was true.

He gave me a nod and continued to watch me.

"Our leader had hesitated on his order to calm down one of the wolves and it attacked the leader of the vampires." Jacob said.

"Now known as Carlisle Cullen." Quinn threw in with a cold look that gave me chills, but Jacob nodded not noticing and went on obviously deep in the story.

"So of course like a real family the Parkers jumped into to fight, but the Cullen's stood back and watched like cowards." Jacob said but I could tell that he didn't really believe this story at all, but I knew better.

"The leader of the Parkers now tackled the wolf down that had Carlisle and he ran back to his Cullen's and they all ran without another word." Jacob said looking down now, and Quinn winced lowly at that.

His pain stabbed at my heart, and I squeezed his hand gently until he looked at me and smiled a warm smile.

"So that left the Parkers and the wolves to begin to fight, but when Gale had realized that when he tackled the wolf so hard it broke it's spine he began to cure his." Jacob said.

"Curing him?" I asked confused.

"Yeah, he was skilled with animals, he was a vet and stuff, and healed the wolf completely." Jacob said looking impressed himself.

I looked at Quinn in awe, and he smiled proudly.

"The leader and the other wolfs watched as the wolf was all back to normal and the leader decided that it took someone with a big heart, and a pure soul to have the courage to try and help his enemy and called off the fight." Jacob said with a huge grin at Quinn.

"Then the wolves sat down and talked with the Parkers about everything, they explained that they only fed on animals, they never hurt a human ever, and never would." Jacob said.

I looked at Quinn with a big smile of my own.

So he wasn't bad, not at all, he never hurt anyone, even though he was a vampire.

"So after about a month the wolves accepted this and made two treaties, one saying that the wolves and the Parkers would forever be in peace, and work together to protect the humans from the true monsters in the world."

"So there are more vampires out there?" I asked shocked, and wondered how many were around, hiding from everyone one, it was terrifying to image.

"Yes, oh and the other treaty was with the Cullen's, if a Cullen ever set foot on our land the wolves would attack and start a war." Jacob concluded.

"Why didn't you give the same treaty to the Cullen's?"

Jacob shrugged. "The wolves still didn't trust the Cullen's, they talked with the Parkers and understood them, but all the wolves knew about the Cullen's was that they didn't hurt humans, and they would leave their family to die in battle to save themselves, and in our books that is the opposite of the Parkers." Jacob said sharing a grin with Quinn.

"Why did they leave?" I asked confused.

Quinn was the one to answer this one.

"All I know is that Carlisle said that he thought we could handle it on our own." Quinn said with a harsh sneer.

"But of course it's just a story Bella so don't worry about it." Jacob said chuckled at the chills that had appeared on my arm.

I nodded and looked at Quinn.

"So Cullen's aren't allowed here, that's why Edward couldn't come."

"That's why I picked this beach." Quinn said with a smile.

Jacob looked between us, and stood up.

"I'll give you two some privacy now, see you later Quinn." Jacob said and threw me a look before going back to where his friends had ran off to.

I turned to Quinn. "We have a lot to talk about..."

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