"Resisting the Irresistible"

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Chapter 1. Encounter

"Oh my goodness! I'm going to faint! Boys at the soccer team are sooo hot!" Miyu's bestfriend Christine shriek. She even hit the poor blonde in her arm.

"Ouch!" Miyu touched the part where it was hit. "Watch it, Chris!" she rolled her emerald eyes. " Your psychological disorder has shown up again. Calm down. Puhlease." She looked at her best friend like she was a retard. "They're not that hot." She even emphasizes the word 'not'.

It was their daily routine. Oh, crap no! Let me correct it. It was Christine's daily routine after class to go and watch the daily soccer team practice. She was just force to come and watch with her. But Christine, being a whiny annoying brat as she is whenever Miyu refuses to accompany her, she had no other choice but to come than to tolerate Christine's retard behavior.

Obviously, she's not a fan of things like that: ogling over boys and look like a damn stupid retard because of screaming over the boys who wouldn't even give them a damn second look.

Well, she doesn't hate boys. Actually, she fantasizes about them sometime too. But to make yourself a stupid brainless fangirl? Ow common. She loves her youth so much to waste it in nonsense fangirling. But of course, just like any other girl she does want to have a boyfriend too. But, a normal one to be précised. She doesn't want to fall in love with a guy whose loved by hundreds of girls too. Get what she meant?

Christine eyed her. "What do you mean by that?!" Her voice is becoming louder every second. "NOT THAT HOT?!" Miyu's bestfriend looked at her like she was an extraterrestrial. "Why, Miyu? Don't you find those guys hot?" she even pointed a finger at the boys on the soccer field. The pitch on her voice is in its highest volume now. "I can't believe you! Those guys are practicing without a shirt! Without a shirt Miyu, without a shirt! Are you blind, stupid, or stupid blind or something for that matter?! Or you don't have any taste at all? Tell me, are you lesbi—humph!" She was cut off when Miyu placed her hand on her bestfriend's big, disgusting, clamorous, vociferous, boisterous mouth.

Miyu saw the boys on the field stopped practicing and was now looking at the two of them. They all have an amused look on their faces. They absolutely heard Christine.

She was sooooo embarrassed. "Have you no shame at all, Chris?! You're too loud for heaven's sake! They're looking at us now! Look, Chris they are all laughing! They were probably laughing at us now and thinking that we are some kind of alien came from another planet and think that we're already out of our minds! Geez! Where's your dignity Chris?! Where?!"

Chris doesn't answer and instead she removed Miyu's hand at her mouth and quickly catched her breath. She was red. Oops..

"Oh my-!" she gasped.

Miyu laughed nervously. She must have put too much force on covering her mouth. "S-Sorry.. Didn't mean to-"

"You're trying to kill me, aren—" her expression suddenly changed from being murderous to flirtatious. "Oh. Hello there Saionji-kun." Christine even giggled.

Miyu raised her eybrow. Saionji-kun? Who the hell is that Saionji-kun? She looked behind her and saw a guy standing before them.

She knew it. The reason why her bestfriend's attitude suddenly changed when she was so closed at strangling the hell out of her. There was a hot guy behind them smiling like a creepy freak at them.

Oh yes. She compliment and criticize him at the same time. She's actually great at things like that.

"Hey." The guy looked at Christine and then at her. Miyu saw the amused and surprised look at his face when she looked at her. Why? Does she have a dirt on her face?

But Miyu doesn't even realized that she was looking at him with a weird face. She had her eyebrow raised, like she saw something gross. And that made him look surprised because this is the first time that a girl is looking at him like he didn't even take a bath.

Unlike Chris, she was so overwhelmed that the most popular guy on their school, and the captain of the soccer team: Kanata Saionji is standing and smiling in front of them. OHMYGOSH! This is really my day. Chris said to herself, completely forgotten about what her best friend did to her. She was slightly disappointed though that he had his shirt on. But, who cares about that anyway when he is already hot enough even with just a simple white shirt?

Chris cleared her throat before talking. She's fighting the urge to hug and kiss him. "W-Why are you here, Saionji-kun?" Miyu's attention turned to her best friend when she heard her talk.

"Uhm." Kanata shrugged. He noticed that this pink haired girl had a crush on her. Well, she's cute but the blonde over there was the one who caught her attention. "I was just wondering if the two of you are talking about us?" he smiled kindly.

They both blushed at the same time but in a different reason. Chris blushed because of excitement for the very nonsense reason that her crush is making a conversation at them. But Miyu on the other side, blushed because she was embarrassed. So, they really did hear them. But wait. Let me ask her question again. Who the hell is this Saionji-kun?

Before Christine could reply, Miyu butt in. "Who are you?" she asked innocently. Well, she just wanted to know who he is that's why she asked.

Chris jaw dropped at her sudden question. Her best friend doesn't know who he is? Is she joking or what?!

And Kanata on the other side was taken aback by her question. This girl, she even looked at him like that earlier and to top of it all she doesn't know him? He was popular all over the school. Because of her question his ego was hurt. How come this blonde doesn't know him?

"Y-you don't know him, Miyu?" Chris asked.

Miyu looked at her, shaking her head. "Nope. Well, I wouldn't be asking if I knew who he is, right?" she said sarcastically looking at Kanata.

Kanata fought the urge to smile.

Isn't this girl interesting?

"Well, okay. It seems that this missy here doesn't really know who I am. By the way, I am Kanata Saionji." He said politely and offering a shake hand at Miyu. "And you are?"

Chris almost shout when she saw Kanata offered his delicate hand at her dumb bestfriend. Wishing that he would offer her a shake hand too.

Miyu just look at his hand. She blinked and innocently smiled.

This guy is obviously a flirt.She thought.

Well, he can't make me drool over him by smiling like that. Ha!

"I'm so sorry but I don't give my names to strangers, especially hand shake with them." She bow and then like that she left.

She even left Chris there who was so close at fainting because of what she said. She can't even utter a word. And Kanata, take back his hand while watching the blonde's back walking away from them.

Oh? So girls like that can ignore me actually existed? Interesting.

And a mysterious smile appeared on his face.

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