"Resisting the Irresistible"

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Chapter 3. Bastard


Miyu ignored the guy who greeted her, who was patiently waiting for her in front of their school gate. She didn't even bother to look at him and just continue to walk.

It's already been four days since that 'incident' had happened and ever since that day she was annoyed as hell because of that.. that shameless, flirt, lecherous guy.

For heaven's sake! My goodness! He had been flirting with her in those past four days! Ugh!

What does he want from her anyway? Even though she's completely ignoring him, he's still so persistent. Seriously, what merit does he get from flirting with her? He's perfectly aware that she hated him, right? She even said it straight at his face. He heard her, right? He seems to have a clean ear so he heard her clearly, right? So, what's his problem?!

"Ne, Miyu." He followed her. He didn't care that she ignored him again. He smiled while watching her long blonde hair bounced as she walked. "You know, I'm seriously going to follow you forever if you continue to ignore me like this." Still no response. "Common, baby. Talk to me."

That statement made the blonde stop and turn to him. She gave him an evil glare. "W-What did you just called me?"

Kanata smirked. He knew that tactic would work. See? It doesn't even take a second and it catches her attention. Maybe he would use that term more often.

Miyu, on the other hand was so irritated. She doesn't want to get called by that term. And besides, that term reminded her of someone. And that someone was the only one she allowed to call her that way.

She bit her lower lip upon remembering him. Oh. Because of that stupid bastard she remembered the least person she wanted to remember.

She looked at Kanata, her eyebrows twitching. "Don't" she raised her pointing finger and point it to him. "Don't you dare call me that again, Saionji."

"What should I call you then? Miyu-chan?" Oh. How she hate those innocent look that he's always giving her. Damn him! Damn him to hell!

She growl. "That too. Please don't act like were close or something. I'm begging you. Just.. Just shut up! Stop talking!" she facepalmed. She's going to die young because of this guy, for sure.

But to her annoyance, he ignored her again. He even put his hand on his chin and pretending to think hard. "How about I call you Mrs. Saionji, then?" His handsome face is obviously gleaming in delight.

Miyu's eyes widened. She doesn't even know how to respond. She was so shocked that she wished that she bring a knife with her.

M-Mrs. S-Saionji?! The fu-?!Miyu fought the urge to curse. Calm down, Miyu. Calm down. Calm do-! Argh!She screamed mentally. She can't! How can she calm down?! Is he really testing her patience? That.. That shitty guy!

Her knuckles turned white as she is fighting the urge to kick the shit out of him. She gave him the evilest glare she could ever muster before she turned away from him.

"Hey! Miyu! What about that?" And he followed her again. "You don't want that? Then how about—"

"Argh! Shut the fuck up Saionji!" Miyu being annoyed to the highest level said those, uh, very bad words. She even tried to kick him but he was so fast that he managed to avoid it in time.

"Oh! Whoa!"

Because of her action, they caught attention. Well, they were getting attention when they were talking earlier but now, they were really standing out. Especially, the attention of the girls. She even heard murmurings around her but she doesn't care. She's too annoyed to give a damn care about them.

"Mi-Miyu? Are you mad?" Ha! He even dared to ask her that? If she was mad? Isn't it so fucking obvious that she wasn't? Yup. She's not mad. She's just furious. Too furious that she want to kill him with her bare hands.

"Mad? No! I'm not mad! You moron! Not at all! You brainless idiot! Argh!" Miyu fought the urge to pull her hair out of frustration.


She put her hands in front of his face. "Don't talk. Please, before I seriously separate your tongue from your mouth. Don't talk in front of me again, okay?"

And before he could respond, the bell rang and she quickly ran after giving him another glare.

And for the third time he was left there, amused.


Afternoon. 5:05 pm.

"Hey Miyu, let's go home."

Miyu looked at her bestfriend. She's still sitting on her desk. It's already been 5 minutes after the bell rang, signaling that the classes today ends.

Chris eyebrows twitch. "What's with that face? You look ugly. Stop doing that."

"Why? How do I look?"

"You look like you owned all of the problems in the world. Don't tell me you're afraid of those girls who threatened you?"

Miyu rolled her eyes. Actually, this lunchbreak. Some freaky fangirls confronted her. Uhm, they were giving her their warningabout Kanata. They, unfortunately, saw that she tried to kick him this morning. And she was so tired to acknowledge them that's why Christine take care of them for her. It was so good that she have a best friend who loves cat fight.

"What? Me? Scared of those girls? Common Chris, you know I can take care of them all by myself."

Christine put her bag down on her own desk and sat beside her. They were the only one who left on their classroom. "What's your problem then? Is it Saionji-kun?"

She released another sigh. "Bulls eye Chris."

"What about him? You know, I kinda envy you." She pouted. "Imagine? The most handsome, cool, talented guy in our school is actually tailing you? Aw. You're so lucky girl. I can't imagine how many haters you got right now."

"Do I look like I care if he is the most handsome, cool, talented guy in our school? And, one more thing. You knew that I don't like him, right?"

"What part of him you don't like about him?"


"Oh. I know. I'll bet our own house that the reason you hate him is because he looks like.. him?"


"You know, I'm talking about Mi—"

"Hey! I warned you about him, right? Don't ever mention his name again in front of me."

Chris sarcastically smiled. She looked at Miyu with teasing eyes. "Oooohh.. You still love him! I can see it in your eyes Miyu! Hahahahaha!"

"Shut up Chris! And besides, he doesn't look like him." She sighed again. She can't really hide something from her best friend. "It's just that, you know.. they have the same personalities."

"Oh. They are both flirts?"


Christine laughed again. "I knew it! Hahahaha! I can't believe you, Miyu. You were really expecting Saionji-kun to be like him? Common! You hate him, without even knowing him just because he's a flirt? Well, he really is. It's a shame though that he didn't even flirt with me even once. But, it doesn't mean that he will do the same to you, right? Why don't you give him a chance?"

"A chance? A chance for what?"

"Well," She shrugged. "I really don't know why he is so persistent about you. Well, you are always avoiding him that's why we don't know the reasons why he keeps on tailing on you. Why don't you just talk to him and ask him what he really wants? If his intention is not good then turn him down, okay?"

Oh. That made her speechless. Well, Chris does have a point. Maybe she will talk to him first before she judge him.

"Okay. That's enough chit-chat. Can we go home now?" Chris stood up. She didn't have to hear any words from Miyu to know that she understand her points. Her silence explained it all.

"Okay." She stood up too, grabbed her bag and made their way to exit their school.


Before Miyu and Chris had their separate ways, they've gone out to grocery store to buy some things, and some foods. When they were done shopping foods they say goodbye to each other.

When she reached her apartment she was so surprised to see the person in front of her apartment.

"Aunt Misa?"

"Miyu. I was waiting for you." It's her mother's sister Misa.

"What are you doing here, aunt? And..? who's this kid? Is this Ruu? Is he my little cousin?" she asked when she saw a little kid around four years old, she guessed.

"Oh. Yes, he's Ruu." She smiled, "I just want to ask you a favor, that's why I'm here Miyu."

She was confused and she's going to ask her what is that favor thing her aunt wants her to do, when she remembered that they were still outside her apartment. "Oh. Sorry aunt. Why don't we just talk about it inside?" she generously offered but her aunt simply decline.

"It's okay. I'm in a rush that's why there's no need."

"Oh. Then what is it you want to ask me?"

"Can I leave Ruu here for a while? Well, you know. I have to work and you know.. you're the only one I can think of.. I know you have school but.."

"It's okay aunt." She kindly smiled at her. "I understand. He's my only cousin after all. I'll take care of him. And it's a good thing that I'll have a little company here. It's a little lonely here all by myself anyway."

"Oh. Thank you, Miyu. I knew you'd understand. I'm going to call from time to time okay? And I will send money every month, okay? Thank you so much Miyu. I gotta go now." She turned to Ruu who has been silent the whole time.

Oh. He's so cute. "Mommy's going to leave now, okay baby? Don't give neechan a hard time, okay?" she kissed the little boy on his cheek. The little boy just smile and wave when he saw her mother leaving.

When her Aunt left she kneeled down to his height and talk to him. "Hi Ruu. I'm your cousin. Miyu. Let's be friends, okay?" she smiled at him kissed him too in his cheek.

He just nodded and uttered the word 'neechan'

"Yes. I am your neechan. I'm going to take care of you so behave okay? Are you hungry?" another nod. "Let's eat inside. It's a good thing that neechan bought a lot of food today. Let's go." She accompany the little kid inside her apartment.

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