First of all, this has been a long standing dream of mine to write this fic. It all started as a joke about "other" career aspirations for Bella just in case being a Vampire didn't work out for her. I'm glad that I've given it another chance. I've literally laughed out loud while writing this and as ideas come to me, I jot them down and try to create hilarity behind every day, off the wall situations. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have fun writing it. I'll try to update once a week.

And now, the misadventures of Just Bella: A Love Story.

Style and grace have never been Bella's forte. This was apparent when she landed ass first on top of a seven year old in the ballet studio where she worked. She was given the little kids because no one else would work with them and her boss knew that she couldn't do too much damage to them.

Boy was she ever wrong.

The poor little girl never saw it coming until this monstrous ass came right for her face. She was knocked out on the floor and the parents threatened to sue the school. Poor Bella was let go immediately.

So Bella sat in front of a man who could be her father's age discussing the in and outs of In-N-Out Burger. She never realized her life would take such a dramatic turn but she had wants and Charlie, her father, being a man of great character, only catered to Bella's needs... definitely not wants.

"Now Miss Isabella," "Just Bella," she interrupted. "Well Just Bella, it says here you've only held one job. You worked for Ms. Cope's Dance Studio. My daughter took lessons there." His eyes got real big and then he sighed. She knew she was busted and that he wouldn't hire her. Poor Isabella's ass story had been the talk of the town.

The manager cleared his throat and readjusted his tie again. He looked like your typical grease pit employee. You could also tell that he spent entirely too much time eating at the In-N-Out Burger since his belly probably poked out further than his little buddy.

"I understand that mistakes happen, and if hadn't of been for a mass exodus of employees from my restaurant, I wouldn't hire you. But since we are short help, you are hired. Just do me a favor? Stay as far away from the customers as much as you can. I don't need a repeat of what happened at the dance studio."

Bella nodded and accepted her God-awful work shirt and makeshift name tag. The manager, who she finally realized was named Harry, had put "Just Bella" on her label-maker made name tag.

Just Bella, stricken with the inability to walk a straight line or chew gum and talk at the same time, has gone through her entire life wondering what it would be like to be a normal, graceful human being.

Her morning started out like normal. She slipped on the same rug as she had every single morning since her dad placed it unbeknownst to her ten years earlier. That first fall was very nasty. She broke her arm in two places and even though now she catches herself before she hits the floor, she refuses to move it from beneath her bed.

She recovered quite nicely and went straight to the bathroom. Staring at her mousey brown hair in the mirror, Bella wondered if she should cut it. She tried doing it once before and ended up slicing her finger so bad they had to put six stitches in it. From that point on, Charlie decided that it would be safer for her to stay away from sharp objects and removed all pointed anything from the house. Imagine steak night at the Swan residence. Yes, butter knives all around. All the steaks would obviously have to be cooked extra tender.

Miss accident-prone slowly walked down the stairs listening out for her dad. He'd been in a foul mood ever since Mrs. Cope let her go from the dance studio. He kept muttering something about, "My daughter's ass making an ass of me," or something to that nature. Bella couldn't even face her own father.

So when she heard him slam the front door, she finally slipped into the kitchen. She stared at the red and yellow work shirt and sighed. She only had three months till she would leave this awful town and be on her own. She even had a calendar put up in the kitchen signifying the day she would leave Forks to become her own woman.

That is if she could survive long enough before then.

The day went by slow and she dreaded putting the work shirt on. Red and yellow were never flattering to her skin. Hell, at that point, nothing was. She refused to go into the sun. That was the main reason Renee, her mother, sent her to live with Charlie. Apparently her mom joined some "religious" group that worshiped the sun and well Bella was too pale to stay with them. Renee sent her packing as she followed her sun-worshipping leader Phil around the country preaching the advantages of a tan.

Bella grabbed the shirt and headed upstairs. Tonight would be a disaster; she could feel it in her bones.

"And this is where you'll take the orders. Everything is pretty simple. This isn't BK, and not everyone can have it their way, so lay off the special orders, k?" the overly huge assistant manager said as he pointed out the computer screen.

Bella nodded and tried her best to remember everything her new assistant manager had told her. He was rushing through everything and she felt completely uncomfortable with anything she'd been told thus far. She was scared to death though of saying so and hoped she could just wing it.

"So that's everything. Oh also, keep an eye out for this guy," Emmett said as he held up a picture of a teenager who could be at least her age. "This is Jasper. He likes to come in and steal the fountain drinks. He'll bring in his own cup and try to take it and run out. I've caught him at least three times."

She shook her head.

"Also, Harry asked me to make you sign this. It's a document stating that if you do get hurt on the job, we will not cover you for worker's comp, giving the past circumstances of some fall you had?"

Bella blushed and agreed to sign the paper.

"Well good luck and if you need anything, let me know. I'll be back here doing... well nothing."

Emmett walked around the corner and she stood at the counter looking completely lost. She went over in her head at least a hundred times what she was supposed to be doing. She stared at the touch screen and tried to place a fake order so she would at least have a grasp of what she needed to do. Instead, she accidentally rang up a hundred cheeseburgers. She heard a giant groan from the back and someone scream, "We've got a big order!"

"Wait, that's not right," Bella screamed into the microphone.

A head poked from the window behind her and said, "Quit fucking with the system. That was totally not a funny thing to do to us back here." The blonde girl stared Bella deep into her eyes and she shuttered. The girl scared her and all Bella could say was, "I'm sorry." The blonde slammed the window shut and Bella felt herself almost burst into tears.

An hour passed before a single customer walked through the door. Bella tried her best to keep herself calm but she was a nervous wreck placing the order for the overly large woman.

"So that'll be twenty five regular burgers and ten large fries?" Bella said.

The woman put her finger to her double chin and said, "Oh honey wait, I may also want a shake, but which flavor?"

So Bella waited for another five minutes until the woman decided against the shake and ordered ten extra orders of fries. Bella took her money, gave her the change and waited for the back crew to send the greasy concoctions through the order window. The large lady took the towered mess of meat and buns to her table. Bella stared, amazed at how this woman could consume all this food in one sitting.

Emmett poked his head around the corner and said, "Just Bella, how's it going?"

She groaned, "It's going great." She looked back at the woman and Emmett just laughed.

"That's Esme Platt. Her husband left her all this money and his death depressed her so. You know, she used to be a beauty queen and a socialite. Just look at her now. Such a waste. Back then I would have hit it. Now I just wouldn't know where to put it."

Bella gasped and then her heart sank. This poor woman was trying to eat herself to death.

"She ordered twenty-five burgers," Bella whispered.

Emmett nodded, "Yeah that's about right for today." He looked at the calendar on the wall. "Today is Tuesday. She has her schedule of eating out. Monday's its Taco Bell, Tuesdays here, Wednesday the Sizzler and Thursdays she'll take on the Chinese Buffet. She used to go to the all you can eat pizza night but they kept running out of toppings so the manager asked her to not come back."

Bella felt her tummy shake up a bit. The thought of eating all that unhealthy food made her sick. She started turning twenty shades of green and Emmett saw the despair in her eyes.

"Bathroom's that way," he pointed as she ran around the corner.

Bella heaved her entire breakfast into the toilet of the In-N-Out ladies room. She knew that she would also be the one cleaning it and decided to go ahead and do it. After everything, including herself, was straight, she walked back out to Emmett and the blonde chick laughing at her.

"Poor Just Bella, did that make you feel all icky sicky?" the blonde said, patronizingly.

Bella just shook it off. "Babe, I really need to talk to you about something," the blonde said to Emmett.

"Rose, not here. How many times have I told you to not call me babe in front of other employees?"

Rose had her hand cupped around Emmett's balls. Something told Bella that was more than a sign of what their relationship was really like. She quickly darted her eyes away and waited on another customer. The night went on slowly and finally at ten that night Bella was free to leave her yellow and red hellhole.

Bella went home with her feet barking at her. She had completely forgotten what it was like to stand in one place for more than an hour.

She pulled her sneakers off and tried her best to fumigate the smell of grease off her. She stayed in the shower for almost an hour until Charlie started beating on the door demanding half the water bill if she didn't hurry up and come out.

She found her favorite towel and slipped her robe on. Charlie was still standing at the door.

"Finally, I've gotta drop the Browns off at the Superbowl."

Bella turned her nose up and darted fast from the doorway. She shut her door, slipped on her rug and plopped onto the bed. She could still smell French fry grease on her, even through her strawberry shampoo. After fighting with her pillow for a little bit, Bella drifted off to sleep, trying her hardest to not think about the heartbroken huge woman, or Rose's hands clamping on Emmett's balls. That was enough to give her nightmares.

The next day went smoother for Bella. She started getting into the routine of taking orders and even got the majority of them right. Only one customer complained that she put cheese on his burger when he specifically asked for none. She secretly wished she could have recorded his conversation because in fact, he did request it. Bella didn't argue and got him another burger.

Around closing time, Bella was about to break the coffee machine down when she heard a voice from behind her say, "Please not yet, I could really use a cup right now."

The voice startled her and she dropped the glass coffee carafe onto the tiled floor, sending shards of glass and coffee everywhere.

"Ahh, Shit!" Bella screamed as the hot coffee, and glass hit her ankles. Lucky for her she wore pants that night, and lucky for her, she wore socks.

"I'm so sorry," the kind voice said. "Can I help you clean it up?"

"No, you've done enough damage," Bella blurted out.

She looked up and saw the most gorgeous guy she's ever seen in her life. "I'm sorry," she said. "I'm just so accident prone, it's not even..."

Bella found herself on her ass once again. She slipped on the puddle of coffee and she landed with a hard thud. That time, the glass caught her hand and she was bleeding pretty badly.

"Oh my God, you're hurt," the beautiful boy said. "Here," he handed her a napkin. "Put pressure on it, fast. It'll help the bleeding."

"What are you, some kind of doctor?" she asked, trying to stand. Her butt was really sore and she was sure she also got glass in her ass cheek.

"Actually yeah I am."

"Oh," she said. "What kind of doctor?"

"I'm a baby doctor," he said, handing her one of his cards. She stared at it and he realized, "Oh sorry, you can't take it. You may need stitches, can I look at it?"

"What does a baby doctor know about stitches?" she asked, fumbling with the now crimson napkin. It was taking Bella everything she had to not feel sick.

"Well, when male babies are born, I have to circumcise them, so I know a lot."

That was more than Bella could take. She again found herself puking at the In-N-Out Burger. Emmett finally came from the back with his shirttail sticking out of his zipper.

"What in the blazing hell is going on out here Just Bella?"

Emmett looked down at the puke, blood, coffee and glass and just shook his head.

"Just Bella, clean all this up right now before the health inspector shuts us down. Good God you are a mess."

Bella blushed and all she wanted to do was dart out of the restaurant but her pride was standing in the way. Emmett left her to her demise. She finally got the bleeding to stop and put a band-aid on it from the first aid kit. The lovely doctor just stood there, watching her, then took a seat in a booth near the counter.

She swept up the broken glass, mopped up the puke, blood and coffee and then let out a sigh. Bella looked over and saw the doctor, still sitting in the booth watching her.

"I'm sorry, I'm really a mess," she said.

"It's okay, how about I take you out for some coffee sometime soon."

Before Bella could say yes, a dark, long-haired boy stepped into the door.

"My Bella, there you are, I've been looking for you all night. It's time to go home with your big daddy."

The Doctor's mouth dropped and then he walked out the door, completely disappointed.

"Jacob Black, you complete fucktard, look what you did!"


"That guy, who happened to be a doctor, just asked me out for coffee and you just gave him the impression that we were together. Way to go."

She picked up the card with her good hand and ran her fingers across the name. "Dr. Edward Cullen, Pediatrician."

She felt her heart sink again and the miserable life of Just Bella Swan continued on.

A/N: I'm looking for a beta for this story and warning, I'm writing this as I have time. I hope you enjoy the adventures of Just Bella.