For Cislainee Helga Potter, because her review made me smile. Sorry this took a week to put out even though it only took about a half an hour to write and finish. Note: This story remains unbeta'd.

"I think you would be an asset to the team." Nick murmured.

"Do you really?" Harry responded, not glancing up from the coffee he was making with careful precision. Fury nodded, hands clasped around his mug full of tea.

"Yes, I do."

"Nick, I'm no superhero." Harry said, turning around with a sigh and leaning against the counter.

"No, you're just an immortal with superpowers." Nick shot back snarkily. Harry rolled his bright green eyes, returning to his coffee making once more. He pressed the button to start the process with relish; turning back to the infuriating man he called his husband.

"For the last time, I am not going to join your merry band of superheroes."

"Why not?" Fury asked, an edge of whining coming to his voice as he stood and wrapped his arms around his husband's waist.

"We've been married for how long now? You ask me this question about once a week. The answers has always been no and it always will be!"

"That doesn't stop you from diving into the battle whenever one comes around." Nick pointed out, pressing his thin lips against the milky column of Harry's neck. Harry sighed contentedly, tilting his head back to allow the older man easier access.

"Am I supposed to just let innocent civilians die?" Harry murmured softly, knowing that this argument would end in a draw, as it often did with Nick Fury.

"No. But you could save them legally if you joined the Avengers Initiative."

"Wouldn't that cause a conflict of interests?" Harry asked with a wicked smirk as he wriggled around in Nick's arms until they were facing each other. Harry tilted his head back so he could look up at the taller man, once again cursing his genetics that made him so short. And the fact that he stopped aging when he was a teenager. Nick rolled his eye and kissed the smaller man gently.

"I think they would let us get away with this." He whispered against Harry's full pink lips. Harry hummed gently to himself.

"Well then, why don't you show me how much you want me on this team?" Harry whispered back, smiling seductively up at his husband. Nick smirked and dragged Harry off to the bedroom. The coffee lay forgotten.

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