Revenge of the Terminators

Hi everyone, this is a sequel to wreck it salvation. The story is about Vanellope has trouble sleeping at night because of her terminator nightmares, so she goes into the games code to try to erase that memory. But lurking deep in the code is turbo's ghost who hears about her fear and escapes to terminator salvation. He takes over skynets central core and takes over all the terminators, which he then uses to try to take over sugar rush. Now it's up to Ralph, Vanellope, and the resistance to take back sugar rush.

Chapter 1

Vanellope was in her bed in the castle after a long day of racing. She couldn't sleep, she was tossing and turning in her bed and whimpering a little. Ever since her experience with the Terminators she's been having nightmares, this was just something she couldn't forget, no matter how hard she tried.

She woke up screaming. This was the second week in a row she's been having nightmares. She couldn't sleep, she wasn't good at racing anymore, and she hasn't won a race in a week. These terminators were ruining her life.

This was the last straw, tomorrow morning she would go into the games code and see if she can erase her horrible memory.

The next morning in the games code

Turbo was wondering around the games code, ever since Vanellope took over, his life hasn't been the same. He was now a ghost and he couldn't leave the code unless the door was opened.

Today was his lucky day, he saw Vanellope enter the code and heading towards her box.

"If this works, I won't ever have to worry about terminators ever again" said Vanellope as she made her way to her box

Turbo had an evil idea; it seems that she was afraid of these things called terminators, he'll just have to find some and he could take over this game once again.

While Vanellope tried to get rid of some memory, Turbo made his way out of the code and to game central station. He tried to be quiet so no one could hear him. When he got out of sugar rush he made it into Terminator salvation.

His first mission was to take over the games code. He made it to Skynet central. The turrets began firing at him, but they just went through him.

"You puny fools, you can't kill me I'm already dead" said Turbo as he made his way into the city

He made it to skynets central core deep within the city. Skynet tried to fight back, but since he was a ghost it couldn't do anything.

Turbo took over the game no matter how hard it fought.

"I've done it again, with my new army of terminators, I can take over any game I want, and I think I'll start with sugar rush" said turbo

That's the end of the first chapter, please review and I'll update as soon as I can