Ch. 8

A few days have passed since the takeover of sugar rush and everything was back to normal, or so everyone thought

Deep in the candy cane tree forest a small mouse robot was setting up a small transmitter

"This is probe 5 to Skynet, do you copy Skynet?" asked the mouse

"This is Skynet probe 5, do you have the transmitter set?" asked Skynet

"Yes sir, the transmitters are set, the invasion may proceed as planned" said the mouse

"Good, return to base" said Skynet

The mouse tried to leave but accidentally fell into a taffy swamp

"Those games won't know what hit them, when I take over, this entire world will be mine to take over, all mine, hahahahahahahaha" said Skynet

The terminators began to make their way towards the exit into the arcade, the arcade won't know what hit it when they were through

The End?

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