This is the longest chapter yet and it wasn't supposed to be this long! It was supposed to be drabbly and now It's nearly 3700 words. I hope you lot enjoy it.


Two days after the man with the whips tried to kill Tony there was a press release at the California base of Stark Industries where Tony Stark handed over his company to his PA, Pepper Potts. The news reporters went absolutely bonkers and there were a lot of questions being shouted but Tony handed the microphone over to Ms. Potts and waved at her.

Harry idly wondered if that was the news that Tony had wanted to break to Ms. Potts and that's why he had needed to know how to make omelets. He paid it no mind to it much after the news was said as he had started up his summer menu and a new refrigerator had come in that could hold up more things. With this new refrigerator he could actually be able to make his different types of mousse as well as several ideas for pudding pops. If anything the pudding pops would be a big hit with the kids.

He hissed in displeasure as the vanilla pudding he was making for the vanilla-chocolate pudding pops boiled over and ruined the batch. If he was quite honest with himself, Tony Stark was beginning to be quite the distraction for him.


Saturday the 22nd Tony appeared at the front of the bakery in his usual sunglasses and a pair of jeans and a t-shirt at around eleven as Harry was putting some chocolate ricotta mousse cups into the refrigerator by the wall. Harry saw the man's reflection as he closed the door to the refrigerator and turned around.

"Hello," he greeted as he opened the door and quickly closed it behind the man as he went back to the counter to pick up the rest of the cups of mousse and some of the buttermilk pudding bowls he had been experimenting with. "How did the omelet for Ms. Potts go?"

"It came out green and goopy," Tony answered as he eyed the tray on the counter with the desserts that were going to be put in the refrigerator. "Apparently you have to cook things differently when you're in a high altitude."

"Oh. I wasn't aware that you were going to cook for her in high altitudes," he paused as he put the remaining items on the tray in the refrigerator. "I've never done anything in high altitudes so I wouldn't have been able to help you make an omelet that was perfect for Ms. Potts anyhow."

"It's fine," Tony said as he looked about him.

"Would you like to join me in the kitchen while I finish up with the first batch of things to be put out?" Harry asked while pointing to the door on the other side of the counter. "You can try out my new banana-blueberry muffin cake. You seem to like blueberries."


Tony situated himself at a corner of the kitchen with a large cup of coffee and the freshly made banana-blueberry muffin cake to watch Harry flit about from place to place making sure that everything was going perfectly.

"There's something different about your place," Tony commented as he looked around the kitchen and took a bite out of his cake. "I can't put my finger on it but there's this feeling."

Harry raised a brow and looked up at the ceiling as he thought about the comment. It wasn't possible that Tony could be feeling the wards since Harry himself had a hard time noticing that they were there most of the time. You could say whatever you wanted about the witches that came out of Salem Witches' Institute but they could make some amazingly well placed wards.

"I've decided to try out gluten-free recipes for a while," Harry said lightly. "You'd be surprised but there are a lot of people that can't have gluten or that have dairy allergies. I'm learning a lot by making these recipes and," he paused as he moved another small bundt shaped banana-blueberry muffin cake over to Tony. "And looking at you, I can tell that they taste good."

Harry smiled as Tony took a sip of his coffee and continued to eat his cake. He turned slightly to go back to his baking of a chocolate cake when something caught his eye peeking from the edge of Tony's t-shirt. He did a double take and stared at the silver- silver as in metallic aluminum foil silver not grey- branching up Tony's neck. There was a greenish black tint to the branches as well that Harry assumed were Tony's veins. But the silver was worrying.

"I didn't know you were seriously injured in Monaco," he said as he stepped forward and pointed to Tony's neck. "Did one of those whips catch you?" Harry asked as he touched the silver line with his pointer finger.

Tony wrapped his right hand around Harry's wrist and leaned back from the touch. "It's nothing. Don't worry about it."

Harry blinked and the silver shined as if it were in tandem with a heartbeat and the branch of veins grew just a tiny bit longer with each pulse of silver.

"Is that," Harry paused and tried to figure out how to phrase what he was going to say without sounding insensitive or too nosy. " It's probably not a good idea for that silver line to get to your brain because it will more than likely kill you. It'd be a shame to lose someone of your intelligence."

"Shit," Tony swore and let go of Harry's wrist to feel his neck with shaking fingers. "Can I use your bathroom?"

Harry blinked at the request but figured the man just wanted to see the branches of silver around his neck in the mirror. "Through that door. It's the door at the end of the hall; can't miss it since the others are all storage closets and freezers."

"Okay. Thanks."

Harry watched him go with concern.


Harry became even more concerned when Tony didn't appear in ten minutes. Yes, there were times when one needed time but he had just gone in to look at himself in the mirror, right? But he didn't just want to knock on the door and the man was on the commode or something; that'd be awkward and weird. Then again, he had been looking kind of pale and his fingers had been shaking. It could be that he fainted or something in the bathroom and cracked his skull open on the bathroom tiles and now he's slowly bleeding out on the ground.

Harry gave an internal sigh and made his way to the door that would lead to the hallway. The door to the bathroom was closed and there was some light that shined out into the hallway, but there was no noise from inside the room.

Harry tensed his shoulders and knocked on the door.

"Tony, are you okay?" he asked as he knocked again. "Please don't be dead in my bathroom," he pleaded to the ceiling as he twisted the knob of the door and opened the door slightly. He frowned when the door opened up and Tony was against the wall looking deathly pale. "Don't be dead, don't be dead." Harry rushed to the man's side and quickly searched for a pulse and breathed a sigh or relief when Tony blinked at him and tried to get a gasping breath into his lungs. The usual blue glow of his reactor was nowhere to be seen on his chest and he looked around him and found it over by the door. He looked back at Tony, the silver in his veins was gone but the black-green of the branching veins was still there.

Tony blinked again and his finger twitched on his thigh.

"I'm not a doctor," Harry grumbled and scrambled over to the reactor and stared at it thoughtfully. There was a part that looked rusted out and Harry showed it to Tony. "I don't think it's a good idea to put this back in you like this. You'll get metal poisoning or rather more metal poisoning than you already have," he looked around Tony again noticing the small case by Tony's thigh. He grumbled under his breath but looked through the case quickly, noticing several missing squares and quickly taking one of the small metal squares out trying to figure out how to go about putting it where it was supposed to go.

Tony groaned under his breath, but didn't manage to make words. He was staring at the reactor in Harry's hand like it was going to disappear all of a sudden.

"Two blinks no, one blink yes," Harry instructed quickly as he kneeled closer to Tony, and showed Tony the reactor. "Do I have to take out the rusted square?" Blink. Harry scrambled about trying to figure out a way to get the rusted metal out of the reactor. He got to his feet quickly and rummaged under the sink for the first aid kit he was required by law to have in his bakery—not that he didn't have two others, one in the kitchen and one in the front of the bakery. "Tweezers, tweezers," he mumbled and in his haste to find what he was looking for ended up dumping everything on the floor by Tony's feet. He quickly did the change of metal squares and stared at the rust still around the lip of the reactor with concern.

Tony's eyes were closed and his breathing was nearly non-existent. He stared at the reactor again and quickly came to the conclusion that Tony was going to end up dead in his bathroom if he didn't do something quickly about it. He cautiously took out the wand that he had in his right pocket and tapped the reactor twice in quick succession watching as the rust disappeared and the reactor sparked back at him in an arch of blue electricity.

Tony's skin had gone even whiter than before and Harry nearly panicked at the thought that he had dawdled too long and Tony was already dead when the man gave a barely there breath. Harry leaned over Tony's body, staring into the hole where the reactor would go and quickly tapped it twice as well, the blue electricity arching towards him again. Without pause he inserted the reactor back into Tony's body, but nothing happened. The veins on his neck were still dark, the reactor was dull, Tony was still pale white and not responding.

"Tony?" Harry questioned as he tapped the man's cheek lightly. "Tony, come on," Harry murmured again, but the man didn't even acknowledge him with a blink of his eyes. There were veins or poison or something branching around the reactor and Harry winced as he tried to get Tony to respond again with a decidedly more desperate sharp slap on his face. "This won't do, this just won't do. You can't die!"

"Reparo. Trado. Usque. Epî."

Harry swirled his wand about trying to find a spell or something to make Tony wake up. He paused as the spell came to his head and nearly smacked himself on his head at the obvious spell.


Nothing happened and Harry was running out of spells since his repertoire of healing spells only went so far. Hermione did all the healing in their little group and once he left for France he didn't have to worry about healing because he was going to school and he was learning about baking. There just wasn't any time to learn anything extra that wasn't necessary. The times he had needed the healing part of his knowledge it was usually for a burn or a small cut. He had never had to deal with a man dying of metal poisoning or one that had just stopped breathing.

He put his fingers at Tony's neck and didn't feel anything. His fingers twitched in distress and he quickly put his palm on Tony's chest, just above the arc reactor but there was nothing; no heartbeat.

"How am I supposed to fix this?" Harry asked himself as he continued to try and find the heartbeat. His eyes scanned Tony's face and his closed eyes and then down to the arc reactor. "Shouldn't it have worked? It's an electromagnet. The heart needs electricity. It should have started working when I put it inside. Did I put it in wrong? Maybe it needs a kick start."

Harry looked about him and tried to figure out how that was going to happen and looked at his wand as if it would give him the answer. Harry tapped the wand against Tony's arc reactor and the electricity arched again much like it did when he had take the rust off of it.

"Electricity," he said as it finally came to him when a flow arched rather sharply over his arm and around his head. He took the wand away from the arc reactor and tried to gather up the energy that would cause some type of electric charge that wouldn't fry Tony beyond recognition. It was one thing for a man to die in your bathroom; it's entirely another when you fry him after he was dead.

He took another breath and let the electrical ball he had on the tip of his wand fly towards Tony's body.


The sudden gasp of breath and the quickly blinking Tony was completely expected and downright welcomed. What wasn't expected, however, was the sudden arching of blue electricity going from Tony's reactor to Harry's wand and up his arms. Harry dropped his wand on the ground and tried to stop the electricity from going any higher than his arms but it just kept arching rather violently and he figured that this is what he got for trying possibly dangerous medical procedures on a man when he had no medical knowledge to speak of.

"I probably should have just called an ambulance," Harry muttered and tried to slap the electricity away to no avail.

Tony was trying to get his breath back into his lungs and choking on air. Harry was trying to keep the electricity back in Tony's body and away from his as much as was possible, which wasn't much.

"Can you do something?" Harry asked as he tried to move away only to have the electricity arch towards his head and up towards the ceiling. The light above them sputtered and flickered and Harry had all of that as warning before throwing himself over Tony just as the electricity intensified and the light bulb blew up and the mirrors that were stylishly positioned all over the bathroom shattered around them. Merlin, it was like a badly directed muggle movie.

"What happened?" Tony asked as he tried to move Harry away when everything around them stopped breaking and the electricity fizzled out with one last sharp sting to Harry's shoulder.

Harry stared at Tony's glowing blue face and smacked his shoulder sharply. "What is wrong with you?" he hissed at the man. "Why the hell would you go and die in my bathroom? I don't have time to get rid of your body! I have to open the bakery in two hours and I wouldn't even know where to hide your body! My freezers aren't big enough unless I chop you into little pieces."

Tony blinked at him and rubbed at his shoulder while Harry raged. "You could have called an ambulance."

"It wasn't my first thought when I saw you here," Harry said as he scooted back and thought quickly about how it wouldn't be a good idea to sit on pieces of glass. "I thought you were dead and that I was going to get blamed for you being a moron and leaving out your arc reactor! Who does that?! You know it keeps you alive and you took it out. What is wrong with you?"

"I had to change the palladium chip," Tony said with a little shrug and Harry smacked his shoulder again, making the man wince. "The palladium chip is what keeps the reactor working."

"Then find something else to make it work!" Harry hissed at him, getting in his face and poking his collarbone rather sharply. "You can't go about just dying in people's bathrooms because you have to take out your reactor every bloody time the palladium thingie decides to rust. You're a bloody genius, use your brain!" Harry smacked him upside the head and stood up from the ground and gave Tony a hand up. "I can't believe you. Honestly this has got to be one of the stupidest things I've ever seen anyone do."

"You could have just called an ambulance," Tony tried to state again but Harry wouldn't hear any of it and angrily opened the bathroom door and pointed down the hallway. "I would have eventually gotten up and put the reactor back inside."

"I don't care," Harry growled and shoved Tony into the chair he had been in before his trip to the land of the dead. He slammed pots and ingredients down on the table and glared when Tony tried to get up. His shoulder was itching from where the electric charge had zapped him and his neck stung from what he assumed were glass shards.

"What are you making?" Tony asked as he poked at what had been his banana-blueberry muffin cake that he had eaten earlier but had no desire for now.

Harry scowled at him but calmed down slightly when Tony poked at his plate. "Tortuga Rum Cake. You are driving me to making alcohol drenched cakes, Tony."

"Does it actually taste like Tortuga Rum Cake or is it just and imitation?" Tony asked as he stood and stared at the bottle in front of Harry. "I've had it when I've been to the Caribbean."

Harry looked at Tony and shrugged while pointing to the blue bin in front of Tony. "It tastes similarly, though I don't normally sell it as Tortuga Rum Cake, just as regular rum cake. I don't use any Tortuga products."

Tony opened up the blue bin and then picked up the cup Harry gave him. "Do you use Bacardi?"

Harry's nose wrinkled and scooted a piece of paper over to Tony. "I use El Dorado Spiced rum or Cream Liquer if I make it in the bakery and Whaler's Vanille Rum if I'm at home," Harry said and sat back to watch Tony make the cake.

"Why would you use Whaler's at home?" Tony asked in a scandalized tone while he dropped the cups of cake flour into the bowl next to him. "Seems kind of scandalous for a baker to use subpar ingredients in his own home."

"I get the rum shipped to the bakery while I just go to my local convenience store for Whaler's," Harry shrugged and went over to the oven to make sure that it was pre-heated correctly. "It doesn't matter what kind of rum it is in the long run. Any rum will get the same result no matter whether it's the most expensive or the cheapest one on the shelf."

"Am I doing this right?" Tony asked as he picked up a spatula and began to mix the ingredients together.

"You're doing fine," Harry grumbled and rested his head against the wall. He felt antsy for some reason, like there were ants under his skin. It probably had something to do with the stupid reactor's electricity messing with his wand and reacting to his magic earlier.

"Hey," Tony said quickly as he pointed a goopy spoon at Harry's face. "I don't mean to alarm you or anything but the bowls are floating behind you."

Harry's eyes widened and turned around quickly to stare at the silver and glass bowls behind him. He quickly snatched two of the glass bowls for the stand mixer and put them on the table by Tony. "Jeez. What is going on?" he sighed as several of the bowls began to spin rather violently. He squeaked as one slammed against the wall and he tried to stop another one. "Stop. Stop!"

The bowls stopped spinning and crashed to the floor.

"Maybe you need to work on your control," Tony suggested as Harry picked up the bowls from the ground and put them in the sink. "Ah, there's a school upstate that teaches how to control mutant powers," he continued and Harry glared at him.

"Mutant powers?" Harry murmured. "I don't have mutant powers."

Tony pointed to the general air around Harry. "The bowls were floating."

"They do that sometimes," Harry grumbled and leaned against the metal counter with a sigh. A blue electrical charge bounced from his hands to the metal table counter and Tony yelped as the entire table charged. "Augh. Damn it!"

"Ow," Tony whined as he rubbed at his hand where the charge had caught him. "I think you do."

"This is because of your reactor," Harry said indignantly as he pointed at Tony's glowing chest. "It began to throw out sparks and destroyed my bathroom. I'm not the one with the powers here, mate."

"It's not so bad," Tony said and shrugged. "Just take deep breaths. In. Out."

"This is not labor pains," Harry growled and smacked Tony's upper arm. "Stop with the Lamaze thing. I'm fine; I just need a cup of tea or chocolate is all."

"The breathing thing is supposed to work for control, though," Tony grumbled. "Why are you so violent? You keep hitting me."

"To get things through your thick skull," Harry hissed.

"You're kinda cute when you're angry," Tony said with an eyebrow wiggle and Harry smacked him again. "Ow. That was a compliment!"

"Don't think I'm just going to get into your pants after you died in my bathroom," Harry growled and then pointed to the bowls. "That's not how things work. Don't over mix the batter."

"So you want romance and a candlelit dinner?" Tony asked. "I can do that."

Harry's entire face flamed. "Will you just finish the rum cake?"

"How do you like Italian? Or French? We can do French," Tony suggested.


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