A/N: hey peoples. I'm writing this story to vent out some feelings I'm having right now. If it seems a little depressing then it represents my mood. Btw this is in KF POV.

1 minute.

There was only one minute left before the bomb went of. The rest of the team was already out. It was just him and robin left. They had to get out of the building.

It was supposed to be a recon mission. Find out what the bad guys were doing, stop them, and get out. Turns out, they were planning on destroying the white house while the president was inside. Before they could get out of the warehouse the team had attacked.

Sadly, while the team was occupied one of the people from the mafia had armed the bomb. They had thought it would get us out of the building so that they would disarm the bomb and move to a different location. But they miscalculated. The people who gave them the bomb failed to tell them how to disarm it.

They retreated, but not before they closed of all the exits. We were all separated into different groups in the warehouse. Superboy was with Miss Martian. Aqualad was with Artemis. And Robin was with me. We were the farthest away from an exit.

30 seconds

And that is how we got to where we are now. Running away from a ticking time bomb of fiery explosions. I was carrying Robin in my arms. His entire left side was covered in blood. He was barely holding on. I had to make it. He was my best friend, I couldn't let him down.

15 seconds

I could see the exit. We were so close. I was reduced to running normally because my stomach was so empty that I wasn't even running on fumes. We were just so close!

5 seconds

So close! Almost there! I could just make it. But then I tripped. "NO!" BOOM!