'We'll see you at Easter! Don't forget to write!'
'Hah! Losers! We're moving to Colorado! Na-na-na-na-na-na!'
'Homer! Don't be so rude! Aren't you upset about leaving?'
Marge made an annoyed noise. Yes, she was happy to be making a fresh start, but she had made a few friends here in Springfield. Helen Lovejoy, Luanne Van Houten, and-ahem- sometimes even Edna Crabbappel. Which, inevitably, was her handful of a son's 4th grade teacher. Oh, the hell she got from her about Bart...
'Hey, Marge. Pass the popcorn.'
Marge looked confused. 'Why, Homie? We're not watching a movie.'
'Yeah, but I want to throw it at Flanders...'
Meanwhile, at the back of the family car, Bart had a handful of chewed-up gum and his trusty slingshot. He was aiming it at the back of Todd Flanders' head. 'Okay, Bart, keep a steady hand, aim... fire!' The ball of gum flew out the window, across the Simpson's lawn and into the yard of the Flanders' household. Todd Flanders let out a yelp and felt the back of his head. Bart just screamed with laughter after seeing him tear out a hank of his hair. The gum-ball was still on his head.
Lisa looked up from her book with distaste. She'd always known Bart's infamous pranks would get to her someday; however, she was studying for her 3rd year of elementary school and the book she was reading was one of her favourites.
'Bart, scream any louder and you'll hack up your lungs. I'm trying to study.' she said.
' What for? We're not in Springfield Elementary anymore. This is your chance to stop burying your nose in those things-'
'-Yeah, whatever; those books and get a fresh start. Who knows, you might even become cool!' grinned Bart. Oh, her annoyed face was the milk to his cereal!
Just as Lisa was about to retort, the car pulled away from the sidewalk and drove off. Lisa could make out the least favourite voice of hers.
'Goodbye, Bart, Lisa! I'll never forget you! especially not you, Lisa!' called Milhouse, Bart's best friend and Lisa's not-so-secret admirer. Bart waved and Lisa did too, but only because she was being polite.
'Oh my god! She waved at me! Everything's comin' up Mil- ayyyeeeeeeee!' Milhouse was chased down the street by Dolph, Jimbo and Kearney, the school bullies.
'Bully-bully-bully!' they called after him.
Homer swerved past a heap of upcoming traffic while Marge looked worriedly back at Maggie, who was fast asleep. Marge knew that moving to a completely different place could be unsettling for a young child, but the money Homer earned wasn't quite tying the knot, and so Marge looked for a job. She had eventually found one in the newspaper, but it was all the way in a small, remote town called South Park in Colorado. She broke the news to the family a few weeks back, and everyone had cried. But no one, not even Maggie, had cried louder than Homer.
'Where am I supposed to go to drown my sorrows?' Homer had said. 'Uhh.. Homie... there's about 5 bars in South Park. You could go to one of them.' Homer had come round immediately after hearing that. In fact, he was the first person in the car the day it was time to move.
'Well, Maggie, I hope you'll enjoy it in South Park. Maybe now I can get that new Cot-o-matic 3000 I saw in that Mothercare leaflet...'

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