Katniss POV:

"Katniss wake up. Don't make me splash water on your face again." I sit up so she knows I'm awake.

I glare at her. "You wouldn't. Plus I'm not going to school I can't face Cato yet." She sighs and nods her head. Then she walks out of my room.

Before falling asleep again I check my phone four new messages. All of them are from Cato.

6:50 P.M. Cato: "Are you ok? Where were you?"

8:33 P.M. Cato: "Katniss, answer me. Are you okay?"

6:11 A.M. Cato: "Morning Kat, you alright?"

7:18 A.M Cato: "Katniss please, text me back. I'm worried about you."

I throw my phone back on my nightstand. Why isn't he saying sorry? Is he just going to pretend this didn't happen? Does he know I know? I probably should just let him explain, but what is there to explain?

My phone starts buzzing. I look at the caller id. Of course it's Cato who's calling me. I just ignore it and let it go to voicemail.

Now that Prims at school and my mom left for work I go downstairs and put in a movie. It's a romance. The couple reminds me of Cato and I. I just start sobbing and go get a carton of ice-cream and a spoon.

They're adorable, and I miss Cato so much. Although I can't forgive him, not yet, probably not ever.

Its 3:35. School should be getting out now. Just then I get a call. I roll my eyes as Cato's name pops up on the screen. Again I don't answer it. A minute later Cato texts me.

Cato: "Katniss answer your phone. I'm serious. What's wrong? Why weren't you at school? I asked Prim but she just ran away from me. Are you guys ok?"

I sigh. I have to admit he's really sweet being worried about me and Prim but he's still a jerk. I'm glad Prim didn't tell him why I wasn't at school.

Then I get a text from Clove.

Clove: "Hey Kat, why weren't you at school? Cato's really worried… he said you didn't answer your phone last night or this morning. We all missed you today and hope you're ok."

I'm tempted to reply but if I did she would probably tell Cato I replied and he would figure out I'm ignoring him. So I just set my phone back on the couch.

The door opens. "Hey Kat. I saw Cato today. He asked if you were okay, but I had nothing nice to say so I didn't say anything at all." Prim says lifting her chin up high striding into the living room.

I laugh and smile at her, and then head up to my room.

About five minutes later the doorbell rings. If it's Cato Prim better not answer it. Then I hear the door open. "Hi how are-…Oh Cato..." Prim says and I let out a sigh.

"Prim, is Katniss here? Can I talk to her?" he says sounding worried and desperate.

I cross my fingers hoping that she will make up some lie, and say I'm not home. "Katniss Cato's here, he wants to talk to you." She shouts up to me. I groan. I should have known Prim is too sweet to lie.

Then I walk down the stairs. Prim passes me as she heads upstairs to her room. When Cato sees me he runs up to me and wraps his arms around me bringing me into a hug.

I missed his warm arms around me so I stand there for a second before pushing him off me. "Katniss are you ok?" he asks noticing the fact that I didn't hug him back.

I stand there for a second not looking at him. Then I look into his eyes and really quickly say "I saw you kissing Glimmer yesterday." Then I look down at my feet.

"Katniss, trust me when I say this, it wasn't what you think." He puts his hand under my chin and pushes my head up so I'm looking at him.

I push his hand away, because just the touch of him makes me want to forgive him. "Ok. Then what happened?" I say and I start to cry at the thought of him and Glimmer.

He wipes my tears away and starts talking. "I was standing next to the tree when Glimmer comes up to me and starts flirting, but she wasn't taking no for an answer. I was telling her how I was dating you, and she saw something past me. Then she leaned in and kissed me, and she wouldn't let me go. She's stronger then she looks and she kept pulling me in. When she let me she looked to where she was looking before and started smirking, but nothing was there."

I looked into his eyes and I realized he started crying. "Katniss, I'm sorry… I didn't mean to hurt you. I love you." I start to cry more and hug him.

"Do you forgive me?" He asks. I smile and nod.

I lean my head on his chest. "Yes. Cato I forgive you… but that bitch Glimmer. Yeah I don't forgive her… and Cato?"

He smiles and then looks confused. "Yes Kat?" I smile.

"I love you too." I say then I kiss him on the cheek.

He laughs. "Are you sure you forgive me? Cuz I bought you a cake. It's sitting in the car." I sit and think for a second.

"Sorry Cato… I can't forgive you." I say with a playful wink at the end. He gets up and walks outside. Then he comes in with the prettiest cake I've ever seen. He sets it in front of me so I can get a better look. It's light pink with purple flowers. On the top it says "Katniss, I love you. Love- Cato."

I smile and stare at the cake; he must have had Peeta make it. "Cato, it's beautiful." I say admiring the gorgeous design.

He pokes the tip of my nose. "Not as beautiful as you!" he says.

"But Cato? How did you know I was mad at you?" I ask confused on how he got the cake. It takes Peeta at least two days to make a cake.

He sighs. "I didn't." is all he says.

I give him a confused look. "Then why did you get the cake?" I ask not understanding where it came from.

"I asked Peeta to make it three days ago. It wasn't for any reason. It was just because I love you." He whispers into my ear making shivers go down my back. I turn over to him and kiss his lips.

Then I hear someone walking behind me. "KAT?! I thought you were mad at him?" Prim asks and I pull away from Cato. She crosses her arms over her chest and raises her eyebrows at me.

I giggle causing Cato to smile and me and Prim glare. "Prim, its ok. It was just a misunderstanding. It wasn't his fault." I tell her and put my hand in Cato's. Prim scowls at Cato and he looks at me. "Prim, I'm serious it wasn't his fault." I say and her dirty look loosens.

Cato puts his arm around me and Prim's scowl returns causing him to take his arm back to his side and move over so he's sitting farther away from me. "I'm watching you." She tells him causing him to look scared.

I stand up. "Cato, excuse us we'll be right back." I say dragging Prim into the kitchen. "Prim… trust me, it was the girls fault, and I just had to let him explain."

She looks at me and then smiles. "Ok. If you're happy, I'm happy." She hugs me.

I hug her back. "Now go say you're sorry." I say pushing her towards the living room.

"Cato, I'm sorry. Katniss was just so sad it made me sad. But I'm glad you two worked it out." She tells Cato and gives him a hug. He's so sweet. "It's ok Prim. I just need you to understand I love your sister and would never cheat on her." He says running his fingers through her hair.

She giggles. "Okay." She says hugging him tightly then he gives her a kiss on the cheek and she giggles even more and blushes causing me to laugh. Then she walks upstairs to her room still blushing.

I walk over to Cato and he puts his arms around my waist. I wrap my arms around his neck and start playing with his blonde hair. He whispers into my ear. "You will get revenge on Glimmer right?"

I smirk and laugh. "Of course."

(Authors Note)

They're back together! : ) I hate writing really sad stories so I made it happy. And Katniss will get revenge on Glimmer! Any ideas for revenge? I have a few, but I'm open to ideas!