Based on the video game series 'Resident Evil' copyright of ┬ęCapcom. Based on 'Resident Evil'; 'Resident Evil (Remake)'; 'Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles ('The Mansion Incident')'; and other depictions.

Warning: Contains scenes of graphic violence and gore and strong language.

Summary: Alpha team has been sent in to investigate the disappearance of their comrades, but are forced to flee into an ominous mansion, where they discover mind-blowing secrets and uncover a stunning revelation.

AN: Hey guys! I know it's been over a month since my last update for this story, and I'm so sorry. I had massive writer's block and I couldn't always work on it. I was also trying to manage my other story, Sacrifice, and I managed to catch it up with this story, which took longer than I expected. Anyway, I'm sure you don't want to hear anymore of my dumb excuses. I'll try to update faster next time! This chapter is quite short, I know, but the next chapter should be very long. Anyway, enjoy!


"Chris?" A voiced below called, relieved.

Chris walked to the edge of the balcony, holding onto the railing with one hand. He found the face that matched the voice. "Jill?"

"Well, it's good to see we're both alive." She replied.

Chris gave her a soft smile. "I knew you would be alright."

"Thanks, but if anyone could survive this, it would be you." Jill responded, returning a gentle smile as well, but within a second, it dimmed down. "Chris..." She choked, then paused to breathe. "I'm so sorry- Forest, he didn't-"

"I see," Chris stopped her. He sighed, trying not to think about his old friend, and how they used to compete in target practice sessions. His eyes wandered, noticing that some of the railing was destroyed which left a small opening. Not too far away was a statue, which was about eight feet tall. It seemed to be a woman, with one of her arms stretched in the air, as if it was holding a prize. Chris looked closer, and realized it was holding onto something- it was a royal blue jewel- the size and shape of an eyeball. Wait a minute- that tiger statue! That must go in there!

"Hey, Jill?" Chris started, walking over to the statue.

"What is it, Chris?" Jill asked, half regretting telling him about Forest. But he deserves to know. Stop feeling guilty about it!

"There's a jewel in this statue. I think I know where it needs to go." He then proceeded to tell her about the tiger statue he'd seen earlier.

"But how are we-" Jill began to ask before being cut off by a loud thud. Chris had used his body to push the statue over the edge where the opening was.

-going to get it, She sighed, finishing the sentence she wanted to say in her mind. Jill rushed to where the statue lay in pieces on the floor and picked up the jewel, inspecting it for a brief second. "Got it!" She held it up to show Chris.

"Good." He nodded.

"I'll go put this in that statue."

She hurried off, and Chris watched her go, before he turned and went to the main hall.


It didn't take a long time for Jill to find the statue Chris told her about. She placed the blue jewel into the right socket. The statue turned, revealing a small golden crest with an illustration of blowing wind. I'd best hold onto this.

Jill exited and headed back to the hall. She located what she had come for- a tan emblem of a centaur. Walking back to the bar, she entered the passage, emblem in hand. She pulled the golden emblem out, causing the passage to close, but she didn't worry because, when she placed the tan emblem in the hollow, it fell back down again.

Leaving the room, Jill went back to the place she had found the other centaur emblem, setting its golden counterpart in. She heard the chiming of the grandfather clock echo in the room. She turned around to watch it slide over, revealing a secret compartment. Jill wandered over, finding another key- a blood red key with a shield carved on one of the sides. Great. Now to figure out where to use this.


Chris wandered in the familiar hall, his loud footsteps echoing, his mind recalling the last time he was in the gigantic space- when Chris and Jill discovered the disappearance of their Captain and their teammate- who just happened to be Chris' friend from the his Air Force days- Barry Burton. He'd been so relieved to see Jill, he'd forgotten to ask about them.

Chris sighed, opening a door, leading to a twisty hall. Chris stopped near a turquoise door with a carving of a centaur being attacked by an elite army of knights.

Classy, Chris thought as he looked at the lock- a carving of of armor was etched just above the lock, and he pulled out the key needed and unlocked it. Stepping inside, there were nine foot tall suits of armor; four suits against the left wall and four suits against the right wall. They were made of a shiny, silver metal. In the middle of the room were two heavy-looking red statues of helmets, parallel to each other. In between them, on the floor, was a palm-sized, crimson button. There were also two ventilation ducts, which, strangely, blew out a foul smelling gas. Chris didn't need to be an expert or a genius to know it was poisonous.

Chris looked over to the other side of the room to a glass display case, with dusty and rusty helmets. Looking closer, he saw a golden crest poking out of the pile. He had a feeling it would be of some kind of use, but he knew there was no way in hell he'd be able to open it up.

He looked around, and suddenly, it hit him- there's some trick to getting that crest! Chris walked over to the red button, then glanced at the ducts. He pushed the statues over them, hopefully it would stop that gas from escaping. Hesitantly, he pushed the button. there was no response, until the glass from the display case slid down, and virtually disappeared in the ground. Chris went over, and discovered the sparkling crest had an illustration, a carving of a blazing sun.

Chris was overly eager to leave the room, and he did so while storing the crest. He knew his next objective was to locate Rebecca- and who knows where the hell she could have gone. At least he no longer needed to worry about Jill, knowing she was capable of handling herself and was completely- okay, almost- safe on her own.

Satisfied, Chris started to wander the corridor again, before hearing a deafening, desperate scream, shouting "NOOOO!"


Next Chapter- Chris finds the source of the scream