The Twilight Twenty-Five
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Prompt: 16. Mind over matter.

Pen Name: Twilly
Pairing/Character(s): Edward and Bella
Rating: M

"Matter is ge-gen-generally considered to-to-to.." Bella's voice trailed off into a moan.

Edward's head popped up. "We need to study; keep reading."

He dipped his head back down when she nodded and picked the book back up.

"To be a substance—ahhh-ahhh-often a particle— that has rrr-rest…" her fingers tangled in his hair, pushing him closer. "…mmm-mass and—usually…" The book fell back to the bed.

She cried out when he stopped again; he looked up at her. "You stop and I stop. Keep going or we'll never make it to the big bang," he said with a wink.

Mind over matter...get it? LOL

Thanks for reading. Also, please to be submitting any ideas for "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread" because I'm clueless. (Even more than normal.)

And in case you're wondering...wth twilly...where's TLB? I promise, I'm working one it.