The Twilight Twenty-Five
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Prompt: 07. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Pen Name: Twilly
Pairing/Character(s): Edward and Bella
Rating: M

"Edward, are you insane?" she screeches over the squeal of tires peeling out.

"I couldn't just leave on that stage, with those men…pawing at you!"

"This isn't the movies. The Byronic hero doesn't save the stripper with a heart of gold and live happily ever after."

"Just that you used 'Byronic hero,' begs the point that you don't belong there."

"They aren't nice men, Edward." She shakes her head. "I owe them a lot of money. They'll never let me go."

He looks and her, stroking her cheek. "We'll figure it out, as soon as we get far enough away."

This it it! The last one! I did it. I didn't miss the irony that I pushed maxandmo into doing this with me, and then she kicked my ass at it. If you haven't read her TT25's, you should check them out.

Thank you all for your endless support, even for the ones that were really just meh. It kind of says something awesome about you guys that the clear favorite is the big boobie braining.

Big kisses,