Sure, it was supposed to be a trip for the kindergartners, but Kise had never exactly grown up, and when a group of kids ran up to him, giggling and tugging him towards the gigantic ball pit in the center of the room, he wasn't able to resist. He was supposed to be there to visit their teacher; his lover, but the kids loved him, and who was he to resist any child who wanted to play?

Kuroko wasn't too happy with that idea though; especially when one little boy waded over to him, stomach deep in brightly colored plastic balls, asking if Kise would pick him up and throw him back in. Naturally, the blonde was only too happy to oblige and picked up the small boy, tossing him up into the air and sending him crashing loudly back into the pit, balls scattering all over.

It barely took a minute for the rest of the kids to line up next to the pilot, whooping and hollering, shouts of "Me next! Me next! Kise-san, throw me next!" ringing through the room.

After vaulting a few more kids into the air and back down, Kuroko walked over to the edge of the ball pit, arms crossed as he frowned at the blonde, who shrank a little at the disapproving look his partner was giving him. "That's not a very good idea, Ryouta." he said flatly, raising a brow as Kise moved to pick up another kid, about to throw her before he silently set her back down with a pout.

"But we're having fun! And I'm being careful!" he pleaded, giving the blue haired boy the best puppy dog face he could manage, some of the children mimicking him and whining at Kuroko noisily. "I'm sure you are, but that doesn't mean that there won't be an accident. I don't want to have anyone get hurt on this field trip" he replied, making everyone quiet down, though they were still pouting.

Kuroko was just about to turn to head back over to the seat he'd been watching over everyone from when Kise grabbed his hand and tugged gently. "Tetsuya, come in with us; it's fun!" he exclaimed, trying to pull the other man in to no avail. "I can't. Kise-kun, would you stop pulling on me like that? I don't want to! Ryouta-ah!" he yelped as he lost his balance and crashed into the ball pit on top of a laughing Kise, causing the kids to give a whoop. "Yaaay, Sensei came in too!" they cheered as they surrounded Kuroko with their smiling faces, begging for him to play a game with them.

Finally, the blue haired smiled and shook his head with a quiet chuckle before taking two of the children's hands and allowing them to lead him around gleefully.

As Kise watched, head tilted to the side a little bit, he came to a realization that he decided to share with his lover when they were about to get out to help the kids with their lunches, arms encircling him and chin resting on Kuroko's shoulder, mouth fanning warm breath over his ear as he whispered:

"Tetsuya, we should have our own baby…~"

Kuroko was sure there were only a few days in his life that he'd managed to blush harder than he had just then, turning and giving the exuberant blonde an Ignite Pass to the stomach, sending him falling back into the balls with a yelp and a whine. "I'm working right now!" he managed to exclaim after a moment or two, climbing out of the ball bit and covering his mouth with his hand, face still bright red.

"A baby, huh…?

A/N: My girlfriend and I decided that we might just make Kuroko get pregnant, so this can be the little thing that kind of...leads up to it, I suppose?