When Kuroko got home after a long day of classes gone wrong, all he wanted to do was take a nice, long bath by himself; he barely gave Kise a peck on the lips before rushing into the bathroom and shutting the door firmly behind him and starting up the water, though Kise opened it again before he could lock it.

"Kurokocchi, is something wrong?" he asked, perking up a bit when he noticed the smaller blue haired boy had removed his shirt and was standing by the bathtub with an irritated frown. "Ohh, you're taking a bath~? Let's take one together!" Kise exclaimed, starting to strip off his own shirt, when Kuroko put a hand up and shook his head. "I know how that's gonna end up. I just want to relax for a little while, okay? I had a long day and my professors were being difficult, and mmph—!" he tried to tell the exuberant blonde, who had grabbed Kuroko's chin and tilted his face upwards, giving him a light, yet loving kiss.

"Then we can just relax together, okay? I promise I won't try anything" Kise replied, raising his right hand and crossing his heart with his left before Kuroko finally gave a reluctant nod and Kise moved to the closet to pull out some of his bubble bath and adding it to the tub that was quickly starting to fill and fog up the mirror with the thick steam that floated out of it.

When Kise turned back around from putting the bubble soap away and started to take the rest of his clothing off, Kuroko was already in the tub, turning the water off and leaning back against the wall with a blissful sigh. "Kurokocchi…~!" the blonde laughed as he got in, splashing the other boy with hot water and suds, who jolted up with a glare. "Don't; I said I wanted to relax, didn't I?" Kuroko scolded sternly, waving his hand at Kise and accidentally sending a blast of white foam into Kise's face.

Immediately, the model wiped the bubbles from his face, revealing a challenging grin before he grabbed a handful of the bubbles and plopped it onto Kuroko's head with a laugh, Kuroko scooping up as much as he could hold and smothering it all over Kise, who yelped and laughed, snatching Kuroko's thin wrists before he could do any more damage.

Of course, this turned into a war of sorts with the two splashing around and playing in the soapy water until all of the bubbles were gone and the water was only luke warm. At that point, Kuroko, who was panting lightly, leaned up against Kise's chest and laughed quietly "Okay, I guess that was fun. Now I'm going to relax for a while though, so…hold me for a while, please?" Kuroko murmured quietly, snuggling his wet head into the crook of Kise's neck and wrapping his arms around the larger male, who was only too eager to comply with his beloved Kurokocchi's wish.

"As long as you want! If I can do anything to make your day better, I'll do it!" he replied happily, and Kuroko nodded with a small smile before eventually drifting off; at which point Kise simply chuckled quietly and lifted him out of the bath, drying him off and putting him in more comfortable clothing before laying him down in bed and heading back to drain the water and clean up the giant mess they'd made out of their bathroom.

A/N: Yeah, this one was cute too~ I enjoy this pairing very much