Me: hi guys! I'm back! :D

PPG fans:...took you long enough...

Me: I know...but it's not my fault!

Me:hopefully I'm getting a laptop for Christmas so everything should work out

Fans: should?

Me: BUT! as a time filler I will be doing this story for Christmas


Me:ok*phew*alright I don't own the PPG , RRB, any characters, or The Christmas Carol which I based this off of. ENJOY! :D

Buttercup's POV

I woke up to the most annoying sound on Earth, an alarm clock. I immediately threw the annoyance at the wall, which shattered on contact. I groggily got out of bed and opened the blinds. I winced at the bright reflection, of the sun, from the snow. I glared as I shut the blinds again. I dragged myself over to the bathroom to get ready for this awful day.

I looked at myself in the mirror. Today I actually brushed my hair so it reached the base of my back, neon green eyes peeking out from under my bangs. I had on a oversized dark green sweeter, black skinny jeans, and black and green vans.

I sighed. I hate Christmas. Always have always will. Just all the cheeriness of it all, is annoying. It sucks we have school the days before it. I mean give us some slack. I opened my bedroom door and- oh my way. There were lights, holly, candy canes, mini Christmas trees, everything you could imagine was in this hallway. I walked towards the stairs mumbling "bullshit" under my breath.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs I was welcomed with a painfully cheery, "Merry almost Christmas Buttercup!" I looked at Blossom and Bubbles. Blossom was wearing a white, button up, long sleeved shirt with a sparkling tie decorated with candy canes. Red jeans with random Christmas stickers all over. (A/N: I did that once) With Ugg boots and a pink candy cane sweater. Bubbles had a baby blue shirt with a big present on the front. Navy blue jeans, white sweater and Ugg boots. She put a fake reindeer antlers headband to rap it all up.

They gave me a hopeful look. Hoping I would be a bit nicer. All that escaped my lips was a small grunt. they sighed and sat down to eat. "So bubblebee," I said,"what's for breakfast?" She gave me a warm smile. " Santa shaped pancakes!" she squealed excitedly. I gave Bubbles the 'Are-you-serious' look but she didn't noticed and just gave me a plate of 4 pancakes. Whatever. Things Bubbles make are delicious any way.

As soon as I finished, I ran outside and immediately took off into the sky. Down bellow I could see the kids if Townsville, who actually had vacation, caroling at random people's houses. Once again I muttered "bullshit" I slowly touched down in front of Town S. Ville High School. And of course it was covered with candy cane lights and blinking lights. Inside was worse. Paper snowflakes, posters of Santa Clause, and sluty Santa costume (thanks to Princess) I got to my locker and laser beamed the decorations off. After I dumped my backpack in my locker, someone or something slammed it closed.

I looked up to see a cocky, smirking face. Butch. Yup I was wright. Something. "What do you want jackass?" "Well, merry almost Christmas, to you too" He retorted with a smirk. Uh-oh. He had that 'I'm-gonna-annoy-you-cause-its-fun' look in his deep, dark, forest green eyes. "Look up, babe" Ignoring his comment, I looked up. He was holding mistletoe above our heads. I gave him a glare as he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at me. "No." I simply stated. "Come on, Buttercream. Just one lil' kiss" He pleaded. "I said 'No' " "It's Christmas tradition, where's the spirit?" I glared at him "Right here!" I planted a kiss on my fist and gave him a powerful punch to the jaw. Girls ran to his side to check if he was ok. Bullshit.

Finally lunch time. Despite the cold weather I went outside after I ate. I sat at a picnic table under a tree as I watched the boys have a snowball fight. Sigh. I watched my breath float in front of my face for awhile then I heard Mitch yell, "BC WATCH OUT!" I looked up just in time to see a snowball fly above me. Oh-no. I looked up and-BAM! Snow from the tree fell all over me. I was angry-no-PISSED! "WHO THE THREW THAT!?" I yelled.

They quickly parted revealing a uneasy Boomer. His ocean blue eyes looking at everything other than me. I stomped over to him while wiping snow off me. I grabbed him by the collar and lifted him off the ground. "Now Boomer",I said threw clenched teeth, "what do you have to say to me?" "Im really sorry!" he quickly said. "How sorry?!" "REALLY REALLY REALLY SORRY!" I let him drop to the ground. "Good!" I said with a glare. Great, now I'm wet.(butch:that's what she said Me:SUSH!) I went inside and quickly changed into my gym clothes. Sweat pants and a grey, short sleeved shirt. Riiinng. Good, lunch is over.

I was home free. School was over. Just 1 more day until the weekend. Since it was snowing I decided to walk home. I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to meet ruby red eyes. Brick. He gave me a smile. "Here, I have something for you." He said as he reached into his duffel bag. He pulled out a smaller bag. Inside was two mini Christmas cards and three candy canes. "Merry almost Christmas, Butters!" I rolled my eyes. I grabbed the bag and walked away. "Aren't you gonna say it back!?" He yelled as I walked away. "Bullshit!"

I used my super speed to get home. I walked upstairs and flopped onto my bed. Sigh. Why can't I just skip Christmas. It's Pointless! "Stupid Christmas!" Suddenly my windows flew open and my lights went out. Cold wind and snowflakes flew around me.

What have I done?

Me: obviously Buttercup is the Scrooge in this story

Blossom: I saw that coming

Buttercup: Shut it!

Me: I know a fight when I see one hold on *leaves*

Blossom: Don't tell me what to do SCROOGE!

Buttercup: wow best threat eve-

Bubbles: STOP! I hate it when you guys fight :'(

Me: *holding popcorn* IM BAAAAACK

Me:aw it's over :(

Me: anyway Im determined to finish this before Christmas

Me: and I-*ring*hm? I got a text?

Me:*reads it*...

Bubbles: what's it as-

Me: NO Dziadku! Dlaczego musiałeś mnie zostawić! WAAAAHH!


Buttercup: Bubbles translate please she said 'no grandpa! why did you have to leave me!'

Me: On jest teraz aniołem w Gods świętego królestwa *mutters prayer*

Bubbles: 'He is now an angel in God's holy kingdom' *GASP* OMG HE'S DEAD?!


Buttercup&Blossom: Bubbles!

Bubbles: sorry...

PPG: *comforts me*

Blossom: Please R&R