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A Simple Dinner

"You did!" Gabriella Dawson listened to her three year old niece Maria explain her dance class.

"Yeah, I gotted the fairy costume. Mommy said I looked beautiful! Daddy saided "He couldn't compete with that."

Gabby laughed, "Daddy told me what day your recital is, and I put it on my special calendar. I just need to get the tickets from Daddy."

"Daddy can we go to Auntie Gaby's house?" Gabby heard the four year old ask.

"Not tonight sweetheart," Gabby then hears her older brother's voice getting closer, "Hey Gabby, You're on speaker."

"Great," Gabby responded with a slight sigh as her apartment buzzer rang.

"I'll come by the fire house after shift tomorrow and drop the tickets off. Give me a chance to catch up with everybody too."

"Antonio, you don't need to come down just for that. I can pick up the tickets." She buzzed Matthew Casey up.

"Its no problem sis," Gabby heard Antonio pick up the phone, "I wanna make sure you're doing alright."

"I'm fine," Gabby sighed as she opened her apartment door for Casey.

"Still, I'll drop the off at the station," Antonio responded. "Somebody with you? Or are you talking to yourself?" He questioned with a slight chuckle.

"Just having dinner with a friend."

"Uh-huh," Gabby could picture her brother rolling his eyes, "See ya' tomorrow sis'."

"See you tomorrow," Gabby hung up the phone. "Sorry," Gabby turned to Casey "How's Vargas doing."

"He's doing okay. Chief sent Severide and I home after we got to the hospital. It was after visiting hours."

"I put the pasta and the sauce on simmer if you still want some," Dawson mentioned as she walked to her chalk board and wrote down the date of her nieces Christmas dance recital."

"Maria's dance recital," Casey read aloud as Dawson scribbled the information down, "2:00 Saturday December 22nd. I bet that'll be adorable."

"Yeah," Dawson smiled as she turned to face him, "You wanna come with me?" She asked as she got plates from a cupboard.

"Sure," Casey responded without hesitation, "I'll text Antonio and ask him for one."

"Actually he said he was giving me two, told me to invite someone.

"How much were the tickets?" Casey got out his wallet.

'No," Dawson immediately shook her head, "You fixed my window and that helped me out a lot. Just think of the dance recital as an early Christmas present."

"Dawson I-"

"Yes you can," Dawson assured him as she dumped the sauce into the pasta and began stirring everything together.

"No I can't," Casey placed a twenty on the counter and made himself useful as he set the table.

"I'm not taking that and don't you set the table," Dawson scolded good-naturedly.

Casey laughed

"Dawson, your brother's outside," Severide walked into the Station's break room the following day.

"Thanks," Dawson stood from her seat and walked towards the garage. She was surprised to see him talking to Casey, "You thinking about changing jobs?" She approached the pair.

"Just catching up," Antonio turned to her. "And didn't Mom always tell you not to snoop."

"It just so happens you were suppose to be coming here to see me." Dawson smirked.

"I was and I am," Antonio handed her an envelope with her name on it, "Maria's really looking forward to you coming. She wouldn't stop talking about it all morning. For some reason she seems to really like you."

"Gee thanks Antonio."

As Casey watched the two siblings bicker back and fourth he couldn't help but smile. They were very close and seemed to share a special bond.

"So…" Antonio's voice snapped Casey out of his daydream, "Who're bringing to Maria's dance recital? Shay? Mills? Casey?"

"Antonio!" Dawson blushed furiously.

"Actually I'm going with her," Casey announced and the entire Truck and Squad teams were now intently listening having all gathered in the garage sparingly.

A smile beamed across Antonio's face, "Nothing going on ah," He whispered in his baby sister's ear as he turned to walk out of the station.


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