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Girls Weekend

Matt leaned on the door frame of the bedroom and watched Gabby fold clothes and put them into a small black over night duffel bag. Instead of a bachelorette party which Gabby did not see the need to have she, Shay, Dani, Carlotta and Matt's older sister Kristie were going away to a spa resort for the weekend.

"I know you're watching me. What's up?" Gabby didn't bother to turn around.

"Nothing's up," Casey moved further into the room finally sitting on the edge of the bed, why would anything be up?"

"Because you never breath deeply unless something is," Gabby finally turned to look at him. "And don't lie either."

"I just-I don't know I guess I'll miss you," Casey admitted.

"Good," Gabby smirked as she kissed his lips, "We'll have plenty to do when I get back then."

Casey laughed as he ran the back of his hand along the smooth skin of her face,

"Besides it's not like you're not doing anything you're going to a basketball game with the guys."

"I'd rather stay home with you," Casey kissed her romantically just as the apartment buzzer rang.

"That's probably Shay," Gabby pulled away just as Matt's lips touched hers.

Casey swore under his breath as he stood up and carried Gabby's bag out of their bedroom, "You know you have the worst timing in the world," He set the bag by the door before hugging her.

"It's a talent," Shay smirked.


"You ready?" Shay asked Dawson.

"Yep I just-" Dawson turned around to get her bag surprised to see it already at the door. Smiling she kissed Matt on the lips, "Don't have to much fun without me."

"That'll be hard."

"Yeah and don't' do anything I wouldn't do tonight," Shay added.

"That's not a lot."

"Ha-ha," Shay punched him in the arm before following Gabby out the door.

"So I was talking to Matt the other day," Kristie spoke from the back seat of Shay's car, "He said his Spanish was getting pretty good, is that true?"

From the seat beside her Gabby smiled, "Depends on what you mean by good? He knows more then one sentence now, but he can't speak fluently."

"Why does he think he has to?" Dani wondered from the passenger seat, "He knows you speak fluent Spanish so it's not like he needs it when you go to Spain, plus he'll probably pick it up better when he's there."

Gabby sighed, "I tried telling him that Dan, but he won't listen."

"That's my younger brother, he's stubborn for sure," Kristie said.

As Matt and Kelly walked into the predominantly cop bar a few blocks away from Antonio's precinct almost all eyes turned to them.

"What this isn't a free bar?" Kelly questioned raising his eyebrows.

"That depends?" A cop bit back, "You a cop?"

"No but-"

"Okay, okay," Antonio stepped in between Kelly and the cop, "They're my friends and I invited them." He gave the other cop a stern glare.

"They could've said," The cop mumbled before returning to his beer.

"You just love making new friends don't you," Antonio plastered a very fake smile on his face as he turned to Kelly.

"Yeah so?" Kelly rolled his shoulders.

"Hey Tonio lighten up, it was entering!" Antonio's partner Liam chuckled.

"Tonio?" Casey questions.

"Don't," Antonio shook his head as he took his seat next to Liam and Casey sat beside him and Kelly beside Casey and the female cop.

"Geez, nice manners Dawson," The female cop glared at Antonio after he failed to introduce everyone to Matt and Kelly. "My names Hannah,"

Kelly smiled at the beautiful woman and shook her hand, sparks running throughout his body as they touched, "Kelly."

"Ah, so that means you must be Matt."

"Your powers of deduction are amazing," The police officer sitting beside Hannah quipped.

"Oh shut up," Hannah punched him.

"Hey, hey be nice," Antonio appeared to be the leader while Liam was the one to edged everyone on.

"This guy, just do you know he's a goody-goody," Liam who was more then a little drunk spoke of his partner.

"Come on Liam, I'll give you a ride home," A police officer whose badge was still visible rose, "I gotta go work night shift after anyways."

"And he, he doesn't drink, he work's night shifts," Liam slurred as he stumbled to his feet. "

"I think I'll get going to," The other police officer said, "See you on Monday man," He clapped Antonio on the back and left.

"Oh yeah Gabby mentioned you were taking the kids to the park tomorrow," Casey remembered Antonio had the weekend off.

"Yeah," Antonio took another swig of his beer, "You guys wanna grab a drink here before we go to the game or not?"

"Well the train's gonna be packed if we go later," Severide mentioned, "So we should probably go now."

"Don't look at me like that Dawson," Hannah spoke up, "I know a lot of people here, I'll just sit with someone else.

"Anyone gives you a hard time you text me."

"Since when haven't I been able to look after myself?"

"I don't care, I do it to Gabby and I'll do it to you as well."

Hannah rolled her eyes, "Okay, okay," She stood up and walked way Severide watching her.

"Don't even think about it," Antonio glared at him.

"WHAT? You get mad at me for staring at your friend but you don't beat him up for sleeping with your baby sister?" Severide pointed to Matt.

"Thanks," Matt said dryly.

"Don't change the subject," Antonio waved his finger at Severide, "If you even touch her without her knowing what your intentions are I'll rip your body to shreds understand?"

"Geez, no wonder Gabby never dated anyone," Kelly grumbled.

"┬┐Quiere que le patee el culo?"

"What's he saying?" Severide asked Matt.

"Don't look at me I'm just learning but knowing Antonio it's probably not that good." Matt smirked.

"Yeah you'd know," Antonio spoke in English, "Come on if we don't go soon we're going to be packed like sardines on the L." He put some money on the table and walked towards the exit.

"Penny for your thoughts," Shay stepped out onto the patio of the hotel suite, "Dani and Kristie went for a late night run so its just the two of us," She added sitting down beside Gabby, who had been unusually withdrawn all day.

"Just wedding jitters, it is only less then three weeks away," Gabby refused to look Shay in the eyes.

"Yeah," Shay said, "You still having doubts about marrying him?"

Gabby placed a piece of hair behind her ear, "No not at all, it's just, I don't know it all feels so surreal, like it's not really happening you know?"

Shay nodded her head as they heard the door open and Dani and Kristie come in laughing. "They seem to be getting along great," Shay commented.

"Yeah," Gabby nodded in agreement as Dani and Kristie joined them on the patio.

"Well that was a short run," Shay smiled, "And since when did they have candy outside?"

Dani giggled, a laugh Shay noted that reminded her of Carla's. "Instead of running outside we ran down the stairs towards the store and grabbed some late night snacks.

"Ah wise choice," Gabby stretched her feet out on the railing and opened a chip bag and pouring it into a bowl Dani had brought out.

"So do you wanna hear something about Matt from when we were little?" Kristie asked.

"Yeah," Gabby nodded her head.

"Okay well I'm not sure how embarrassing this is for him but it's a pretty cute story looking back on it. Anyways were six years apart so when I was twelve he was six. On my twelfth birthday I had my first sleepover and Matt wasn't very impressed that I got to stay up late and watch scary movies. So, after he went to bed he snuck downstairs in a blanket and started making scary noises to try and scare us.

"Did it work?" Shay asked.

"No! I just yelled at him and got mad," Dani answered, "Typical older sister behavior."

"Dani you're the oldest right?" Dawson asked her sister in-law.

"Yeah, I have two younger brothers."

"That's what I thought."

"What about you Leslie, do you have any siblings?" Kristie asked.

"Nope, just me." Shay responded taking a sip of wine.


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