A/N so heres my little side story of one shots for my main story 'Transformers Prime OC POV' so those who havent read that might not really 'get' my OC but you can still read :)... anyway this is basically everything that happened in-between the results of the poll ended with Ellen dreaming that the autobots were sparklings but the memory loss chapter will be next in line ;) so yeah this is just something to read while we wait for spring...waiting...and waiting...

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I Dream of Sparkling's

I was just strolling around base most notably the main room, on a hot day like this i was weary and bored, i don't want to go out because it's too hot, i don't want to lie on the couch because it's too warm to sit on, this building is naturally cool but still a little air-con couldn't hurt. "Ellen will you stop loitering." Ratchet moaned, his weary sounding voice wasn't helping either.

I rolled my eyes apparently even walking is frowned upon here, but i guess i should find something to do, and the storage room was like the cave of wonders.

Because of how brilliantly organized i am the room was still, well, kind of organized, but the first thing to catch my eye was a basketball, haven't played that in a while, even at school, this weather was making me want to be random, since i was doing basketball tricks while praising myself out loud, "and the forever brilliant and highly evolved young woman whose name makes mortals explode is naturally tearing up the floor!" i cheered basically spinning around in circles with a spinning ball on my finger, as i mentioned before, this weather is making me look slightly odd, "oh but what's this? Silas has taken up the court alongside him Lex Luthor and the Kurgan what a turn out." I continued until i finally found some sense to how weird i was acting,

I looked at the ball as i questioned my sanity, "must-find-real-being." I said running out of storage slightly frightened, "Hey Ratchet, wanna go a few games?" i asked slightly begging, hey i know what his reaction would be but i took the risk anyway that's just how i roll.

He scoffed as he pulled himself from the screen, "well let me think, no." He said flatly, a plain 'No' would have worked just fine but hey blatant mockery works fine too.

"Don't rush yourself you can take as much time as you need for an answer." I said sarcastically.

"Even if i did posses the primitive mind of a human I'm busy debugging the system...the computers there acting up again." He moaned.

"fine." I said throwing the basketball over my shoulder; exercise was making me hot and bothered anyway. i know that everyone is in there quarters apparently this sun is heating up there Armour and can become uncomfortable when it expands.

i know Arcee doesn't like anyone in her quarters but i technically wasn't in her quarters as i was stood outside behind the border of her territory, "Arcee, how about a spar off?" i asked, though i wouldn't actually want to...exercise and all.

She didn't give me eye contact as she was fixed on what was inside her weapons, "Sorry, I'm upgrading my weaponry they need tending to first." She stated.

"Yeah sure of course." I said, jeez what's with the sudden tinkering around here? Nonetheless i shrugged it off; after all there was still, Bulkhead, Bumblebee and Dad to pester.

Oh cruel fate has made me have no life, Raf and his family are beaching it, Miko is at a concert on the beach and Jack isn't on a beach but he's laying down some beach flooring for his Mom, apparently Ms Darby wants the vision of a beach house. A sound of lumbering footsteps made me switch to predator mode, "Bulkhead! What ya doing?" i demanded as if he were an enemy, he jumped slightly because of this, for doing something other than nothing.

"Filling in that wall Ratchet threw me through, had to be fixed some time." He said in a slight nervous laugh.

"At the risk wanna play basketball?" i asked, again i just want to snare someone into a long conversation about anything.

"Sorry kid, this comes first, personal responsibly and all that y-you understand." He said pulling off an anime style smile.

"Yeah fine." I said as i caught glimpse of Bumblebee...my next victim.

"Bumblebee!" i practically screamed as he whirled in a shriek and leapt in the air, Bulkhead used this time to escape.

"Please tell me your free, not tinkering, not upgrading, not fixing, no responsibilities just a care free day?" i asked.

"I...well" he started, scratching his head awkwardly, "I'm er...studying." he said.

I let my face hang, "studying? You serious? Studying? Studying? For what? Is Ratchets throwing out pop quizzes now?" i said.

"Autobot tactics so i can become a better warrior." He said. "its pretty boring and i don't want to do it, but you know, it is War." he finished with awkwardly taking his leave.

My face was if i had just sucked on a lemon, "do you wanna play basketball?" i said to the ceiling. I then slumped as i thought of the last bot to ask since when would Dad be available he's in his our room meaning he's probably sorting out stuff, boring stuff, boring stuff with words, oh the humanity...

"Hey Dad." I greeted tiredly as i slumped on my bed, like towel that had been thrown on the back of a couch.

He was swift to answer "Are you suffering from heat exhaustion?" he asked sorting through files on screen, logs that he sends to Agent Fowler as updates on Decepticon activity, anything that would involve Earth basically.

"No something worse, boredom." I said melodramatically. "Can i go out?" i asked.

"I would prefer you did not. there have been reports of Alien activity near this area, though there have been no evidence of the decepticons mining or any other activity, but as soon as Ratchet has the systems functioning again, we can confirm this." He said.

"basically your day off" i announced.

"Today is a time for getting things done that we could not do before." He said trying to calm me down.

"like old men, Arcee included." I said.

"I do not understand your statement." He said.

"the sun is out and you guys are inside...working, now despite what you've told me i still think you guys were born adults." I said as i lay on my bed in a fetal position, drowsy weather...

"No." Dad started as his voice began to sound faded. "We were all Sparkling's once..." He said.

"u-huh." I said, last resort for hot weather was to fall asleep and deal with the horrible consequence of dry mouth and sticky bed sheets later.

so...hard...to...open eyes, i feel horrible, I blinked at the ceiling as i felt incredibly warm, and slowly begun to sit up and i practically stuck to the bed sheet...gross...oh yeah horrible consequences.

I stretched as taking a nap during this weather really does make it worse, my joints are achy, I'm starving and i have the worst migraine. I held my head as i yawned and looked across the room and Dad was gone, man he's a light stepper for a big guy "Dad? You finished then?" i called. I then sat up as i slapped my lips together which were very dry, "take note that if i fall asleep during this weather force me awake." I said as i reached for my Pepsi bottle on my draws that were on the side. oh yeah, that is so much better, i then noticed that Dad hadn't answered, i couldn't even here any sound, "hmm, i guess he's finished with all that stuff, how long have i slept for? I hope its night-time because I'm sleeping outside if it is despite the fact that it would be below zero."

I got up as i walked towards the hallway, i peeked around as i heard nothing, no beeping sound from the computer screen, no whirling sound from Arcee, no...no Bumblebee, no Bulkhead? Come on not even a sound from Bulkhead?! ...A decepticon hunt perhaps? so there was some mining in Jasper?

"Urgh this weather..." i frustrated rubbing my face.

Just then i felt a tug at my trousers and at first i looked forward thinking about what could be tugging on me the first place. i finally looked down, "E-n." My eyes widened as a tiny metal form sat there tugging on my pants and was giving me a concerned 'o' look, "W-ow a Sparkling?" i started as i knelt down, i looked the sparkling over as my eyes widened in horror, its distinctive look was no guessing game, "D-ad?" i said in an almost whisper.

The Sparkling, formed a tiny sad smile as he let out a slight 'eh' sound, it was him alright except his antennas were shorter and his Armour wasn't as and i can't believe I'm saying this but not as 'buffed' up as they should be, there were flat. "Dad. How...what, when what?!" i said.

"E-n." He said again, and looked slightly frustrated as he kept concentrating on a certain word clenching his fists in the process, "E-ln." He said this time, "E-lin." He said putting every effort into the word.

"E-lin? Ellen? My name?" i said pointing to myself.

He nodded slowly, well I've been called Helen before but never has my name been pronounced as if the 'E' is my first name and 'Lin' was my second name, "so you are aware of what you are right now?" i asked.

He nodded as his lip quivered slightly, "but even though you're aware of that you're still somewhat behaving as a sparkling." I said, hormonal crisis, oh boy...

He then reached his arms out to me frantically, "E-lin!" he said along with a number of 'eh' sounds, god i hope i wasn't like this at his age, must-burn-home-videos, then again dad has most of those memorized in his processor, note to self stop Dad from ever reaching my graduation ceremony.

"Arh man you want me to pick you up?" I'm not really into little kids, my box reads 7+, but seeing how its dad i guess i can kind of grin and bare it. I picked him up as he wrapped his little arms around me and nuzzled my face he nearly choked me with those arms. "E-lin!" he exclaimed almost sounding scared, wow so weird, he knows me, he knows he's a Sparkling, yet all that emotional discipline is completely gone.

Which in a way is really weird it's like if he started crying as an adult, it would be slightly unsettling, maybe it's his sparkling instincts of being nurtured or something, i kind of see Arcee more fitted for this, "Wait, if you're a sparkling what about the others?" i said as i lightly jogged into the hallway Dad started laughing as he bounced up and down. "Stop having fun." I said to him.

and if this wasn't confusing enough the guys were here, "Jack? Miko? Raf?" i said just as i entered the hall, but why are they here? There supposed to be somewhere else. And they were surrounded by a group of sparkling's themselves much like dad they all had their own distinctive look and were easily identifiable, Ratchet was hitting the ground with one of his little tinkering gadgets and ended up breaking it and laughing in the process which is such irony. Arcee had a slight pout look on her face, as Jack had a hold of her and he was being very protective; Bumblebee was making high pitched beeping sounds and was slightly wrestling with Bulkhead, which Miko encouraged. "Ellen. How did they get this way?" Jack asked sounding just as dumbfounded as i was.

"Don't look at me i was sleeping." I said, as i placed dad on the floor, but he started whining as he put his hands in the air again, why does he want me to hold him so much? "Its okay I'll be right over here." I said pointing to literally two steps away, i spoke in simple English as i was still unsure of the level of communication he could understand.

"E-lin! Elin! E-lin!" he whined.

"No Dad, i need to talk to Jack and i can't carry you all the time you know." i said.

His little hands dropped to the floor as did his head, he then started something that sounded like he was gasping for air but then he started whimpering, "Oh please Dad don't do that." I begged.

But like the calm before the storm he wailed as energon tears leaked down his face as fast as a cartoon character, what's wrong with him?! Was it because i rejected his plea?

"Okay, okay." I said as i went to his side and picked him up, but he still continued to cry.

"Don't l-leave m-me." He said crying into my neck.

"I'm not leaving you, i was just putting you down so i can talk to jack holding you for so long is tiring you know." i said.

"S-so, your not leaving base?" he said.

leaving base? as in, going outside? so I'm ruled by a kid now? how low you get? "No. wait, why do you want me to constantly hold you for?" I said soothing him as i held his helm.

"Not safe." He said.

"what isn't?" i asked.

"i-i'm not...strong, if you were...in trub-ble i don't have..." he then stopped as he looked at his hands and struggled an attempt to transform them, that's right his t-cog is barely developed, and he knew this, "i need you to be with me." He said.

I wiped a hand across my face, "oh diabetes...I mean, we're in base the only thing here that could possibly render me harm is Miko's guitar." I said.

"hey!" she exclaimed in the back.

"You might fall." He said with childlike innocence but at the same time he sounded very serious.

After trying to refrain myself from a choked laugh i moved on from the subject and got straight to adapting to the situation that wasn't going to change anytime soon, "Okay you guys, We're going to have to look after them until we can get a hold of Fowler." I said, first things first, inform Earth that there defenders are currently going through a psychological child like phase.

"Ag-ing Fowl" Dad said confirming that he agreed.

"Ag-ent Fow-ler." I corrected, he seemed to have difficultly pronouncing words with more than one syllable.

"He will be angry." He said bowing his head in worry.

"Okay well are we all in agreement that we look after out assigned guardians? we know them best that way and will be able to understand them better." i said.

"Sure and me and Raf can look after Ratchet together." Jack said as said bot was standing pretty close to Raf subtly asking for attention.

"Sure." was the only thing i could say.

"This is so cool, we can tell them what they can and can't do." Miko then added.

"as tempting as that is, and believe me it is...we can't really abuse that power over them, there just stuck in stage limbo." I said.

"E-lin?" Dad then asked. "Down please." He said tugging on my jacket.

"O-kay?" I said placing him on the floor, thank you primus my arms are aching! he then grabbed my fingers as he pulled me lightly, "you too." He said in a commanding tone.

"You want me on the floor too?" i asked in a groaning voice.

"Yes." He said continuing to pull me down.

"okay." I said crossing my legs on the floor, dad came crawling over to me as he placed himself in my lap, "oh man this is so not my thing, I'm not the mothering type, more like the supportive sibling type, when it comes to babies or really young kids i just feel awkward, i rarely come in contact of them and when i do i address them, i do so as if there were adults, no way am i going all 'baby talk' on them, and personally i don't find them cute, puppies are cute and you can quickly teach them to do their business outside as well as being able to eat for themselves, babies are just not my thing...But as i said before i guess i can kind of tolerate these guys as sparkling's but there is no way I'm going all 'goo-goo' over them. "I'm guessing you can't walk yet then?" i finally said to him.

"No E-lin." He said nuzzling into my stomach getting comfortable what's he trying to say I'm fat? I guess its revenge for all those 'huge' jokes i make at his expense.

He started making slight purring sounds and clicking sounds, i rubbed his back as i felt i had to take up the role the way he shrieked before made my ears bleed, he presented me his hands as i took hold of them reluctantly "clap." He said, "Clap." He repeated i brought my hands over his as i started clapping them, he laughed in hysterics finding it hilarious, though i had a flat expression that Ratchet would be proud of. One thing's for sure Dad will never have grand-kids, n-ooo way.

Then after constant clapping he got excited that much he ended up slapping me in the face, one reason i feel awkward around them because i can't get angry when they do things like that because technically speaking they don't know any better therefore i have no one to blame. "ow-w." I uttered putting a hand to my cheek rubbing it.

Dads optics were huge, "E-Elin? You Hurt?" he asked.

"No, no I'm fine it's okay you didn't mean it." I said grinding my teeth slightly to try and repress any type of annoyance, well i hope he didn't mean because if he didddd.

"I hurt you, I'm sor-ry." He said reaching his hands out to my cheek rubbing it gently then...then... k-kissing it. "...um..." I said, if Dad were to kiss me as an adult I'd freak out a little. Okay i guess he's alright, he's not a brat that's for sure.

He then made a groaning sound as he held both hands on his stomach, "are you low on energon?" i asked.

He nodded looking slightly ashamed, "i can get it my-self." He said as he attempted to stand up only to fall up against me, he looked embarrassed again. "Come on I'll help you." I said as i stood up with his hands in my own, "now one foot in front of the other." I said he was very wobbly to start with and he clung to me when he stumbled.

"Can't do it." He said.

"Yes you can, this was only your first attempt." I said as he nodded.

"O-okay." He said, "I'm sor-ry I'm a bun-dle."

"You mean burden?" i said cocking an eyebrow.

He fell to embarrassment again, "you're not a burden, never a burden." I said.

"I'm hungry..." he then said changing the subject or it might be the fact that Sparkling's have the attention span of a scraplet.

"Sure thing and we'll work on the walking thing." I said as i picked him up yet again he clung to me like a baby monkey.

He then started kissing me again but then started sucking my cheek, oh lord save me, "uh, Dad? I know you're hungry but you don't eat humans, there's too much...iron in our blood it'll give you rust" i said, well an excuse is an excuse.

"I won't eat you." he said.

"Well less sucking." I said.

"your salty." He added.

i went into the energon deposits room as i had to find very small cube for him, and one did exist in the corner of the room for such impossible circumstances, i took it as i took a small dosage from a much bigger cube, Dad reached his arms out excitably as i presented him with it but still with my hand on it, he started drinking it greedily, "not so fast your tank won't be able to take it." I said lightly scolding. I had to take it off him and give it back and repeat the process as he wasn't taking my words into account.

"go easy." I said as he coughed up slightly though nothing came out of him thankfully, i then rubbed his back as he had finished he let a tiny burp escape him as he clung to me again, take note i held him at a position where if he were to have an accident it wouldn't get on me heh. "We have other sparkling's to feed as well you know. But Dad i would need to put you down i can only carry one cube at a time."

"No." He said as he swung himself around my back as though i were giving him a piggy back.

"Or i guess this could work as well." I said picking up a full cube of energon and the little one for the others.

"your comfy, it is like riding mega sup-rem." He said resting his chin on my head.

"Mega suprem? Mega...?" i though for a while as i mentally searched for a similar word. "suprem...supreme? mega? Omega Supreme?! Well thanks its nice to know you can compare me to your version of King Kong." I huffed slightly.

he made a high pitched sound surprised at my tone, "but your more comfy, and gentle, and prett-ier." He said.

Okay he still has the art of flattery, "Really? You can really refer to me as being pretty? You know with there being differences of what your race would consider 'pretty' for your females?" i asked.

"Every being is pretty." He said as he started making a pillow out of my hair playing with it, "furry." He announced, but he then made another high pitched whistle sound, basically he was laughing.

"What?" i asked.

"I was just thinking about what i said, because i might be wrong, i can't really call Meg-atron." He said, wow a light hearted joke, this is surreal.

"Anyway lets get this stuff to the main hall before they start eating the ground." I said.

"Okay its feeding time at the zoo." I announced as sparkling's came charging at me like a herd of sheep. "Back up you animals." I said holding the cube above my head. "Guys you mind controlling your guardians and friends?"

Jack took hold of both Arcee and Bumblebee under his arms as Miko dragged Bulkhead away like a bag of cement, Ratchet however kept to himself in the background, "you know being the youngest in a family, you don't really need to look after anyone its usually the oldest so i have no idea what to do." Raf said stuttering slightly.

"Its fine Raf my Mom's friends always bring their kids over so i have a bit of experience plus i was paid." Jack said.

"Great." I said putting Dad down much to his protest, he sure knows how to grip my wrists. "Do you guys mind giving them some energon? It would be best if i can inform Agent Fowler as soon as possible seeing how..." i stopped myself as i was basically telling the others that we are defenseless, "well just to make sure to tell the pentagon they need to double there artillery." I said.

Dad was about to protest at me again before he changed his mind and looked to the Autobots, he noticed Ratchet alone as he made a slight happy click and a whirl and stood himself up as he wobbly made his way over to him the two of them chirping at the presence of each other.

"Right so you guys keep the sheep in a herd and I'll be up there." I said, and i lightly treaded up the stairs as Dad was distracted for the time being.

Well, trying to contact Agent Fowler was constant like trying to reach you friend on there cellphone but only to go straight to an answering machine, and if i wasn't doing that i was checking any Decepticon activity, i was thorough with my search but quick seeing how Dad has a six sense...or even a seventh sense. "Okay guys, i can't get a hold of Fowler, apparently he's on vacation in Florida but he stuttered slightly about his exact location, at least have a substitute jeez, don't they clone there agents?" I moaned coming downstairs.

Or if it wasn't that it would be that Dad was tugging on my leg again and hugging it, he had a slight scowling look to his eyes, it doesn't matter if he's an adult or a sparkling he can somehow appear from nowhere, "E-lin." He started seriously, "you went someplace without me." He scolded with a slight whine but almost immediately changed the subject as well as a brightened expression "E-lin, can we enga- ind-...p-play?" he asked, i could see he was trying to make himself sound more sophisticated when making such a request.

"i can't Dad. I'd prefer it if i were to take up my post at the computer screen just in case Agent Fowler contacts us or if there's any signs of decepticons" I said.

"No i do that...but we play now." He said.

"Dad we can't you guys are going through a fountain of youth phase and we're left vulnerable." I said.

"p-lease i never get to play with you." He said slightly pouting.

"Well that's because you're busy yourself. it can't be helped." I said.

"That's why we should play now, while I'm still this way." He said seriously, was he referring to our lack of time spent together lately? I'm so confused to his way of thinking he seems on and off between sparkling thinking and Adult thinking.

"You don't even know how long you'll be a sparkling for." I said.

"I don't think it would be long." He said sounding so sure of himself.

"Oh jeez, alright what do you want to play?" i said.

He shrugged, "i don't know." well there goes the serious adult side.

"Oh jeez really? And is it me or is your speech improving? Well let's see games, games, there's hide and seek, tag." I started and before i knew it Arcee took hold of my hand and Bulkhead grabbed my legs as Bumblebee jumped up and down with his little wings flapping. "w-what? You all wanna play a game?" i said, the sudden stampede of Sparkling's was slightly unexpected.

"I wanna run." Arcee said.

Bumblebee made a slight whirling sound, which vaguely made out a yes, bulkhead just grinned widely. I held a hand to my head, "can't we do something quiet and makes you guys stay in one place?" i said. "How about drawing?" i then said.

"Sound boring." Arcee said with a lot of attitude in her voice.

i laughed as a way to hide my annoyance as a sudden evil side came out of a dormant state, "oh I'm sorry, have you ever drawn before?" I asked, folding my arms in a smug manner.

"no." She said again with a lot of attitude.

"Have you ever survived a seven hundred foot drop?" i then said upping the sudden fear.

Arcee didn't know how to react to a question of drawing to a question of being thrown off a cliff, "n-no." She uttered.

"Well which would you prefer?" i then asked leaning on one side of my hip.

"Drawing! Drawing!" she exclaimed as she backed away from me put gave me a pouted look, "your mean...and scary." She said.

I waggled a finger in the air, "only when provoked." I said smiling happily as all the sparkling's acknowledged this fact and nodded furiously, "Listen to me if you want to live." I said with an Austrian accent. Sure drawing, a nice quiet activity nothing can go wrong with that right?

"Bulkhead, don't eat the pens!" i called, "Miko! I'm a single parent here the least you could do is be supportive. I mean i should be watching TV and ignoring any other sound or event happening around me, not being responsible." I said to her.

"What it won't hurt him." She said.

"come on he might choke, despite his killer chompers, Arcee's trying to walk on her hands up the stairs, Bumblebee's fine he's actually drawing its pretty good t...Dad! Dad! Don't paint my pants where did you get that anyway?! If you guys don't behave I'll send you to another planet and hope they raise you guys instead!" i yelled crazily, but i stroked back my hair as i noticed one Autobot not part of the group, i inhaled as i separated myself from the crazy area,"Hey Ratchet?" i started gently as i knelt beside him, "Why aren't you drawing?" i asked.

"I don't like drawing." He huffed.

I sighed as i rubbed my face, "Okay, what would you want to do?" i asked trying to keep a smile.

He shrugged his shoulders...you what? i know what he would like, and so I went to the TV where there was a draw underneath, "E-lin!" Dad called, "come back, i can't see you." He whined.

I popped my head over from time to time, "look I'm here okay? See? I'm not going anywhere, I'm fine, I'm safe, I'm well." I said as i grabbed the box from inside the draw. I then skipped down the stairs as i jumped onto my knees in front of Ratchet, he didn't look at me and threw a pouted lip, "Ratchet." I said in a ghostly voice, revealing to him a puzzle box in a circular motion he tried to force his eyes away but he curiously looked at it with brightened optics, "look, a challenge for the mind." I said entranced.

He greedily snatched the box from my hand as he made a little beep opening the box and pouring the puzzle pieces onto the floor and quickly got to figuring it out.

I dusted my hands off, "There now that Ratchet is happy the others should just fall into place." I said as Dad tugged on my trousers he frowned at me yet again, "what's wrong with you?" i asked almost sighing.

"Stop going somewhere." He pouted.

"You know Dad i can't take you seriously when your speech is slightly imperfect and have the vocal processor of a munchkin." I said.

"o-oh." He said sadly.

"I-i m-mean it really suits you, very...very respectable." I said.

he grinned shyly as a response.

"Ellen, Arcee keeps wandering off, she's not really interacting with the other sparkling's." Jack said voicing his concern. "I'm keeping an eye on her but..."

the said little femme had spaced herself away from the others as she had her back faced to us, "I guess there's still that adult self to her, the solitary part, but maybe she just wants to be with you for the time being, how about you leave Bee with me and Raf can give me a hand?" I said.

"S-sure." He uttered nervously.

"Hey don't worry Raf I'll be doing most of the work so you don't have to." I said giving him a thumbs up.

"You ever done anything like this before?" he asked.

"nope." I bluntly said. "But I'm not afraid of a challenge." I added. "now Dad...Dad?" i said as he was suddenly gone, i looked around frantically looking dopey in doing so, i finally caught glimpse of the little mech swinging on the railings, "w-what when? How did...? Dad get away from there your too close to the edge!" i cried as he started to climb them. "Dad! You come down right now! You're endangering your life and affecting others around you." I sternly said as i ran up the stairs, Dad then got him on top of the railings as he then began to stand up on them!

"If i stand like this i can touch Cybertron" he cried as he stood up fully reaching his hands out to the ceiling.

I panted in panic as i ran straight for him, his little foot slipped as he fell backwards, i dived for him as i caught his body but he slightly bumped his helm. "Oh my god! Dad are you okay?!" i said as i cradled his helm.

He had a shocked expression on his face as he shakily held the back of his helm, "I-I..." he uttered he looked confused to the idea of hurting himself from falling.

I took hold of him as i nursed his head, "just a little bump, but don't you ever do that again! You could've terminated yourself!" i scolded.

He folded his arms as he gave me a whimpered pouted expression, "no i wouldn't have, i was careful." He said.

"it doesn't matter how careful you are, it's good to take certain risks in life but that was just plain recklessness and..." i stopped myself as i noticed something very disturbing, "oh...my...god." i looked at my hands in horror, "what have i become?" i stated melodramatically.

"Mean." Dad stated poking me.

"Mean?, no, I'm only telling you this because i don't want to lose you, and I mean look how far down that is." I said as i showed him the height from our position.

He turned solemn, "i don't like being small." He said.

"its just another obstacle for you to overcome that's all, you're not used to it, from a different perspective i would be considered small on your world but i don't care, I'm still striving to be taken seriously as a human by your species and mine." I said.

Dad thought for a while as he looked over the railings again, "Sorry." He said quietly.

"Its fine just...think before you try something." I said and maybe i should give myself that advice sometimes.

Later that day i was on the floor, legs crossed and i held my head in my hand as all sparkling and humans were sat in a circle, the kids were bored and i did what was the easiest and laziest way to entertain them, by telling them a story...

I really did love to act and quote movies, so as Dad lent on my lap, "General Zod then looked to the Presidential Seal on the floor of the Oval Office and said, I see you are practiced in worshiping things that fly. Good. Now, rise before Zod." I said mimicking his way of speech.

"Did he rise before him?" Dad asked and he had asked a lot during the whole time i was speaking.

"I'm getting to that, and then as the president rose General Zod then said kneel before Zod." I told him.

"He wouldn't kneel, unless it was necessary." Dad said.

"The president then walked from behind his desk as he stood before Zod and just as quickly as he was to rise, he knelt before Zod." I said as the Sparkling's gave a series of disappointed groans and shakes of the head.

"He can't just kneel for no reason, and he did it so easily, he's not the president." Dad announced poking me.

I rolled my eyes as Dad was telling the story it seems, "but then General Zod said, You are not the President. No one who leads so many could possibly kneel so quickly."

Dad nodded pleased that he was right.

"See a Villain can recognize a leader." Arcee said, she had just recently joined the group, i guess jack must've convinced her.

"Naturally, anyway amongst the security a man appeared from behind them, he said, I'm the man they're protecting. I'm the President. I'll kneel before you, if it will save lives." I said.

"He'll kneel if it will save lives..." Ratchet said quietly but admirably.

"Then General Zod in reply said, it will, starting with your own. Then Ursa walks towards a group of military men, what a backwards planet this must be, where the men wear the ribbons...and the jewelry, then she rips off a Generals ribbons off his uniform...man if that were me I'd throw her through a window, b-but I'm only saying that because I'm...well I'm not sure why, i guess i'm just showing off really, but..."

Dad then tapped me, "E-lin your rambling." He said, hold on if he can say rambling perfectly how come he can't say my name? He's messing with me.

"o-oh sorry anyway," i said clearing my throat, "so the president said, what i do now, i do for the sake of the people of Earth. But there is one man on this planet who will NEVER kneel before you. Who is this imbecile? Said General Zod Where is he? I wish i knew, the president said as he finally got on his knees and knelt before General Zod, oh God. He said. Zod. General Zod corrected." I said.

my throat is dry from doing a live performance of the rest of Superman two the Sparklings were tired out anyway so there was a result to the sacrifice of my voice, some were in Recharge and some were just very weary, Dad (being one of the weary ones) went wandering over to Jack, Jack slightly felt awkward to how eager he was to get to him, "it's pretty weird seeing them like this..." he started as Dad curiously tapped jacks fingers he then lifted them up as he started nuzzling them, Jack slightly blushed, "i-if he ever did that as an adult I'm leaving base forever." He said.

"Hey you had it easy he was kissing me before." I slightly shuddered. "Anyway! Isn't it night time yet?" I said.

Dad then crawled himself into Jacks lap, as Jack looked extremely awkward and he was looking at the ceiling, "Jack?" he said.

"Hey, how come you can say his name and not mine?" i protested.

"e-er what's wrong O-Optimus?" He said.

"Thank you for looking after the key." He said, Jack scratched his head.

"Hey no problem, so these guys are sparkling but they vaguely remember their adult lives?" he said to me trying to change the subject.

"I guess, i don't know." i said shrugging my shoulders.

"Hey you know what?" he started looking over to Arcee who was recharging next to Bumblebee, "i might stay over; you know to help you out." Jack said.

"How about we all stay over? just to help get them to sleep, plus i think it would be awesome, we have total control of base." Miko said, it would help, i mean if they weren't here...

That night, i thought of how long this might last for or if they'd ever change back, i sat on my bed as dad sat on the floor playing with his fingers but giving me a solemn expression, "it's okay Dad, it's not your fault." I said as i picked him up and sat him on my lap. "Still what to do about the decepticons?" i said pondering, Dad made a slight soft noise of frustration, "hey its fine, we'll figure this out, even if i have defend this planet myself as well as you guys," i said stroking his helm, Dad slightly whimpered as he clung to me.

"I won't let you, i need to protect you." He said hugging me as much as his little arms could do so, argh man he's killing me.

"Not this time." I said swaying slightly, then i lay down due to fatigue as i let Dad crawl beside me, "aren't you tired yet?" i moaned.

He wrapped his arms around my neck as he snuggled in against me, no way can he defend the earth as an infant, that's it tomorrow I'm going to contact the pentagon, I'll join nest if i have to, screw my age i want to defend my planet, my loved ones. i then held Dad as he shook slightly, i won't let Megatron get you, "don't worry, I'll take care of you, all of you, not really my life long plans but i can't abandon them." Dad slightly whimpered again.

"E-Elin." He said as he curled up closer to me he shook slightly more as i held him more firmly and draped my covers over us, "S-Sorry." He said.

I held him tighter, "don't be sorry, i love you all the same, even if you're the size of a sparkling or the size of, well Omega Supreme, heh...we'll work this out even if you have to grow up all over again"

He then kissed the bridge of my nose...urgh-hh

"Why the nose, i don't like my nose let alone have it kissed." I moaned. dad merely ignored me as he played with my fingers funny they were actually smaller then my own, its just so surreal. And as his fingers locked with mine he...suddenly...disappeared? what the hell?!

And as i looked around i wasn't in my bed anymore i was on the floor as i saw large robotic feet before me as well as hearing a cackled laugh, i looked up, it was Megatron. And he held Dad, wha...what's happening?!

Megatron didn't say anything merely bare his shark like grin, h-how did he get in?! How did he get Dad?! W-Whatever! the reason isn't important, "You hurt him and I'll tear your optics out Megatron! Give him back! Now!" i screamed.

But he didn't move it was if he were a statue but he did eventually eject his blade as he raised it up...

"Arghhhhhhhh!" i yelled throwing myself from my bed, i looked to my side no sparkling! i petted the bed, "D-Dad?" i said to the empty space.

"Are you alright?" came his normal baritone from across the room.

huh?! "Dad! You're...huge!" i exclaimed in shock.

Dad looked himself over, "from a matter of perspective." He said.

"Oh, it was just dream?" i said relieved. "Oh man, your okay."

"what was the dream?" he asked.

"Well you and the others as...Sparkling's." I said.

"Sparklings?" he said.

"Y-Yeah and i can tell ya, even if you weren't like this you were on me like a parasite." I said.

"If i were a sparkling i would want to be with you all the time as i would have no way of knowing if you were safe or not." He said.

"That makes sense i guess, my brain probably recognizes how nagging you are." i jested as i then Immediately shuddered. "Man that felt real, the first thing on my mind was what we do about the decepticons a-and that everyone was in peril at that single moment, well that and the fact you had a chipmunk voice." I said as i wandered over to him.

"You just rested, yet you still look tired." He said sounding concerned.

"I'm mentally tired, mannnn what a handful." I said.

"Who? Me?" he questioned.

"Well, all of you, but mostly you." He said.

"Perhaps you can sympathize with me now?" he said.

"Sympathize?" i said confused and yet knowing what he was getting at.

"You are a handful." He said.

"I am not! I'm barely a fingerful, b-uuut...i'm glad you're able to put up with me without having a mental breakdown" i then put up my arms to him as he did to me in the dream.

"what?" he asked.

"Pick me up." I said as he tilted his head confused, but did so nonetheless placing me on his shoulder, "you know if i had a son, you know what i would call him?" i said.

"No." He said, taking my random thoughts as they come.

"Robert-Orion." I said as his optics brightened, "yeah i know it sounds stupid but to me it kind of sounds like the two names together suit each other."

"The best of both worlds?" he said.

"i said Orion, not Wheeljack." I jested.

then Dad started thinking, the type of thinking that worried me, a suggestion. "Looking past the idea of a possible mate, would you consider co-existing?" he asked curiously as i gave him an instant hard stare.

"Excuse me?" i said as he was fairly getting to the point in that question, something i don't really want to hear from him of all beings.

"What i mean is, you will be an adult soon and it will come around very fast." He said treating this as a debate.

"I've already told you i don't want any kids, i like it just as me...and maybe you." I stated.

"Well you don't have to take up the role of mother, you can give me custody." He said, what?!

My face screwed up at how weird that sounded, "hold on." I said blinking a few times, "you want to breed me?! So I'm the puppy that has become too old and now you want to replace me by breeding from me and starting the cycle all over again?!" i said.

"No, i..." he then stopped, as though he couldn't defend himself.

"Admit it you evil overlord of humanity! You want to turn Earth into a Zoo so you and other Cybertronians can look in and observe us sitting on a couch and watching a TV with only one channel!" i barked.

He was casually silent for a while, "i am sure that Robert-Orion would enjoy the scenery from base." He said already planning a baby room in his head i bet!

I shook my head, "you know there are enough abandoned animals out there, you're just adding to the problem." I stated in shame.

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