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Jasper the Dog Epilogue

We were all back at base, we had gotten Jasper to lie in his bed as i watched him, as he himself was watching Fowlers odd behavior, all the while Jack was making many points to how we should convince Fowler to take him in instead of staying here. "Jack, i know it's the best option for Jasper, but..." i started as i couldn't finish my sentence."I-I don't...I don't, want to, let him go." I finally said wincing my eyes as if in pain.

"Why not? He has a home and its safer then here." Jack argued.

"Yeah sure, that's how it is with everything, you know i could never go or have sleepovers? It was only me and my other two friends who knew about these guys and that's It." i snapped blowing off steam, "A dog just made a difference. Finally something from the outside world comes here that isn't a military official or a liaison for the president." I sighed to how pathetic i sounded, "I can come off as pretty desperate sometimes." i admitted.

"Well I'm not a military official." He said lightly.

"Yeah i know, and you guys made a huge difference, being here on my own i might have gone crazy that is if i haven't already and you guys are just one huge hallucination." I pondered though thinking is a dangerous pastime. "Seriously though I'm like a dog myself who wanted to go for a walk and see other dogs." I said as i lent back into the couch looking at Jasper, then to his injury as i shut my eyes half way, "Fowler." I then said.

"Who's a good...Huh?" he said ceasing from rubbing Jasper's chest.

"I don't want Jasper working for the military; i want him to have a normal domesticated canine life, that's why i want to ask you, if you'll take him home, to live with you." I said slightly choking on my words, "that is, if you can or will."

Fowler looked slightly confused as he looked at Jasper, "he could benefit us in so many ways Ellen" he said lightly.

"He is notΒΈ being a part of this you got that?!" i snapped, "its not like he has a vote in this either, i just want him to have a home."

Fowler sighed as he looked Jasper over, "I understand, in fact i wouldn't want to see the hairy fella in the field either, he's sort of grown on me, like burning sulfur." I kind of scrunched my face up when he said that, "I can take him in, and who knows maybe warn me about Cons." He said petting Jasper on the head. "You can come stay with me, couple of retired military boys like us need to stick together." He said though i shut my eyes a little in denial. "Should i wait till he heals up?" he asked, whoa, getting down to business a little quick isn't he?

"Maybe." Arcee spoke up as i turned around to see that the guys were listening in, "he is more suited to a quieter environment." She finished though she wasn't good at hiding that regret.

"And there's nothing duller then Fowlers life." Bulkhead added.

"I'll let you know you big ol' dump truck that my life is a very active one!" he cried.

"You know!" Ratchet got his voice across, "he can easily be transported by the Groundbridge, if you provided me with the co-ordinates of your home Agent Fowler you and the Dog could leave now!" he stated ecstatic.

I shot him a glare as well as a slight growl, "i can pick him up tomorrow." Fowler said quietly to me ignoring Ratchets enthusiasm.

"Well, at least it's not a 'short' goodbye." I said aiming that at Ratchet, Jasper got up as he limped his way over to me and then lay his head on my knee, i picked him up as i let him on the couch i bet he's pretty sore, "i tell ya, you get stuck behind a dumpster and now this, but your better at taking things into your stride then i am." I said stroking behind his ears as he gave me that cute 'dog' look. "Don't look that way, your gonna give me allergies." I said wiping some lubricants from my eyes.

"You're not allergic to Dogs." Jack pointed out before i whacked him in the stomach.

"Shut up." I simply said scratching Jaspers nose as Jack let out a wheezing sound whilst holding his stomach.

Fowler then stood up as he made his way towards the elevator, "I'll come by early tomorrow morning to pick him up and his stuff." He said, "Better say your goodbyes now, because I'm talking early. Its the only time I'm free then i have a few errands to run." He said as he left but i would probably still get up that early.

Bumblebee came around so that he could pat Jasper on the head, "See ya Jasp." He said.

"Hey man, he isn't gone yet." I moaned at him. "Hold on..." i then said as i looked around, "Where's, Miko and Raf?"

Bumblebee and Bulkhead snapped their heads around to one another flash of horror appearing on both their faces, they made stuttering and of course high pitched whirling as they suddenly transformed and sped out of base, "I'm sure, they haven't been waiting that long." Jack said trying to not make this look awkward.

"Sure almost two hours is fine." I sighed as i put my focus back onto Jasper. "Well, you'll have to come visit at least Jasper, go for a ride in a helicopter would be good for you."

"Shame i couldn't get him to chew on Vince's tires." Jack sighed.

"That's a little dark for you isn't it?" i said.

"Well..." Arcee started as she stepped forward getting our attention, "As Fowler has said he'll be here early tomorrow morning I'd prefer to get partings out of the way now then have them be sudden." She argued though she was very defensive i wasn't sure whether to put my hands up in front on my face.

"Well, sure go ahead." I said.

She placed her hands out in front as she asked to hold him, "Hey Jasper, you were good company." She said cradling the canine so carefully she almost came off as frightened. "Though only good." She said to him as i was trying to guess the secret code they seemed to have.

"And you were great for a workout." Bulkhead said just behind her, uh what?

"And a good listener." Bee said, wait listener? Inside this canines mind is valuable bot information and i want it, man he doesn't speak our language, he's always listening and watching, he's like a-a Soundog, well except i doubt that Soundwave would pant and bark...that's a weird image.

"And always welcome." Dad added.

Then the bots looked to Ratchet who shivered slightly to the sudden fall of optics, "What? The one thing i can be pleased about is that he's finally leaving." He said though Jasper wagged his tail looking at him, "What are you looking at?!" he cried defensively.

Though Jasper continued to wag his tail, "Ratchet even though your yelling at him, there's no anger behind that to back yourself up." I said.

Ratchet scoffed, "please! Dogs with empathic abilities!"

"Deny it all you want." I said rolling my eyes.

So, the next morning had come as i let Jasper sleep with me so i could kind of made sure he didn't touch his stitching as well as the fact that he was whining when he was alone in the main room. So i started to pack his toys and other things as Dad sat on the edge of his berth watching Jasper, "Hold on." I started as i picked up this ball with a strong attached, "i don't remember getting this for Jasper." I said raising an eyebrow at Dad.

"You must have misplaced it." he said and for a very brief moment his optics flicked to one side.

"Yeah, right." I said suspiciously. "Jasper are you sure you can walk alright?" i asked him as he limped around though looking content.

"You have asked him that several times, he cannot answer you but he seems to function fine." Dad said.

"I'm just checking, good thing he's an ideal weight." I said stroking him but i started to think about my own companion back home. "I miss my furry partner."

"That Feline is most likely wandering the empty spaces of the N.E.S.T base, she seems to be very adaptive to her environment that is why we allowed her to stay, and she takes care of herself and knows how to survive, that is her species nature after all." He said.

True and the fact that her fur is black is an added bonus, "Yeah, she just appears when she wants to, and did you know that if someone died they would most likely eat that person?" i said.

"That is survival." He said.

"Did you ever have, you know, a companion? Like an Antilian bumble-puppy or something?" i asked.

"Does that include yourself?" he asked.

"Ha, ha." I said rolling my eyes, "I'm more of an accomplice don't you think?"

"On those rare occasions you can display a sense of humility but i only think you do so because of the advantages." He said.

I placed tipped fingers on my chest as i mock gasped, "I'm shocked; you don't think i use your status as a social advantage do you?"

"Do you?"

"Well your shadow has its advantages, but i really do try to represent you, shame because i haven't met those other Autobots you mention." I said.

"If they ever arrived on Earth, i fear the tension you may build between them." He said wearily.

"Since when? Maybe Arcee but we're on neutral ground now." I said. "But i may have problems with that Prowl dude and Ultra Magnus but the other ones seem alright." I said.

"Out of all of them, you're going for my first lieutenant and my strategist, analyst and security officer?" he said.

"Funny that, it seems to be the most authoritative i have a problem with, go figure I'm insubordinate so sue me, i mean I'm nice as long as I'm on top." I grinned. "Though i bet the others played a little 'friendly fire' with them, except it weren't so friendly."

"Ellen..." he sighed.

"What? I'm right aren't i?" i said winking.

"Agent Fowler will be here soon." He said changing the subject.

"I know i would've." I said grinning.

"Something i would not approve of." He lightly scolded.

Heh, well i got shot down in flames, "Yeah it's no fun when you don't get away with it; maybe i should try off lining him in his sleep." I pondered stroking my chin sinisterly.

"Ellen." He scolded, "I find your choice of 'words' highly inappropriate."

"Sorry, I'm only joking." I started as i walked down the hallway with Jasper steadily keeping up with us, "you trained him right?"

"Jasper?" he said frowning confused.

I started to laugh, "No, no, no, i mean Ultra Magnus."

"Ah, you had me at a misunderstanding then. Yes i did."

"Like you are with me, though it's only been a few years and he's had vorns of training." I said grimly, "D-Dad i don't want to associate myself with you anymore." I said growing slightly frightened, seriously though i like me, i don't want to turn into some kind of 'respectable' being heh.

He lightly chuckled, "you have your own personality, and I do not use that kind of behavior training."

"Okay good but if i don't laugh at a corny joke we go to red alert, as in code, 0-P-lost-humor." I said.

He briefly looked at me before gazing at Jasper who started to paw at him, "Jasper is becoming restless." He confirmed.

"What?" i said to him, "because I'm talking to him you get jealous?"


"O-Oh no Jasper i was talking to Dad." i jested before giving his back a brief stroke. "You gonna miss him?" i asked Dad.

"Life is made up of greetings and partings that is the way of it, but he will most likely visit and himself being the decision maker." He said looking fondly at the canine.

"Yeah he'll probably be the one to look after Fowler, i mean Jasper can be his guardian." I said as we entered the main room i noticed human and bot had been waiting for us or something as i noticed Fowler was at the top leaning over the railings. "I didn't do it." i said lightly.

"Why is it we finally get a dog mascot and now he has to leave?" Miko moaned.

"Y-Yeah maybe he should stay, y-you know we don't want Miko getting upset." I said grinning awkwardly.

"Y-yeah w-we d-don't want M-M-Miko getting upset." Miko imitated me teasingly.

"Note to self, Miko has made the list, again." I said. So i went straight up to Fowler with all his things now that he was here i didn't want to drag this out, "heres his bed, his blankets, but not just any blankets this one's for when he's in a moving vehicle, this one's for your furniture, this one's for when he's at the park and this is for when you want him at the bottom of your bed or something, Miko sometimes watches the monster truck rally's and they have a fireworks display afterwards so he'll probably hide on your bed then."

"O-Okay i think i get the basics Ellen he..."

"and heres his chewy sticks, you know tartar control and all that, his bowls, and his favorite toy is the rubber ring, but there's also this treat ball, Frisbee, string ball, another ball o-oh wait he has quite a few of those, oh heres the leash and collar the vet gave me and he's due for his worm tablets."


"He doesn't like seagulls there like his worst enemy..."

"I got it Ellen, why don't you just, send me an e-mail?" he said.

"U-Uh yeah sure." I said scratching my cheek as i knelt down to Jasper who looked slightly confused but knew something was up, "you be good for Will okay? Dog on the streets, now you get to sleep in front...Fowler do you have a fire place?"


"You're going to be able to sleep in front of a fire, a cosy house not within steel walls." I said lightly as he lifted a paw and placed it on my knee, aw no don't do that. "No, Jasper, no more playing games." He looked to the floor not really sure of what to do, "don't think I'm giving you up or anything, beyond this base is a better life for you, running around constantly in the backyard, scratching up the lawn, making your territorial right, chasing smaller weaker beings then...Jasper don't chase smaller beings okay? Don't discriminative because there different and those smaller mammals may look as though there teasing you its only because they have a complex, just be the bigger dog in those situations alright? N-Not literally i mean that...you know what? Just become one of those really lazy dogs that just sleep on the couch all day." I said.

"Arf?" he said tilting his head.

"There ya go." I said ruffling the fur on top of his head.

"He's in safe hands, you might not believe it but my place is looking like a bachelor pad and i have a feeling Jasper will fit perfectly to this environment." He said.

"Hey man!" i started defensively, "I have some friends who are bachelors and i tell you some of their places look like a garbage truck went through It." i said.

"No i meant it's pretty bare, i mean the less things or furniture i have the less mess it creates." He said.

"Oh well i guess that's okay." I said though i gave a light glare.

"See, so stop being so tightly wound." he said.

"Hey when it comes to Jasper, who is very trusting and would never think to be abandoned by anyone, your damn right I'm tightly wound." I said as a mock threat.

He gave a weary sigh to the typical behavior as he gazed at Jasper, "Come on Jasper." Fowler said as Jasper tilted his head to how unfamiliar that sounded coming from Fowler, "come on, you can go for a ride in my helicopter" again he was unsure of the word and it was understandable as he would only hear it whenever Fowler was making a visit and so didn't move. "Let's go for a walk?" he instead said, aw man using deception on a dog.

Jasper's spirits heightened as he darted for Fowler with his tongue hanging out then stopped just at the entrance of the elevator. He looked behind him as he looked at the others he tilted his head looking to Fowler then repeated this process two more times, as he finally stepped into the elevator he started to pant again excited, i gave a slight wave as the doors finally closed, though none of them were sure if Jasper knew he was leaving or not, to be honest i did catch another tilt from his head, "I hope he doesn't feel kind of betrayed." I said.

"When he sees that he can freely wander around where he wants, he'll see the better side to it." Jack said.

"So, he's gone?" Miko asked, "Man that was, fast...like when someone spontaneously dies." She said slightly awed by that fact.

"Yeah, thanks for that Miko." I said wearily. "But your right that was fast, i really hate goodbyes." I said slumping onto the couch, "guys when i got back to Tranquility, i want to drag out the goodbyes for like a year or something so I'll start now." i said.

"No, no, that's alright just don't and say you did alright?" Jack said.

"Can't i just put you all in like stasis pods or something?" i asked.

"There's being sweet and there's being creepy." Miko said poking me.

"Yeah your probably right, remember when Ratchet made that third person simulation because we spent too much time on that racing game?" i said to Jack.

"You mean the one that shows the events of their War? And you interacted with a stasis pod and that Autobot came tumbling out in pieces?" Jack replied.

"You had to remind me?! I still think someone just put his remains in there" i said to him, aw man never have i felt so bad for someone who died many eons ago.

"You just got too curious." Miko said jumping onto the couch.

"Yeah and you kept wandering around looking at everything." Jack moaned.

"Did you not see the detail in their buildings? Dude, i wish i could just travel back in time and explore that place." I said, oh exploration one of the many things i dream of. I then found myself sighing as i looked to the elevator again, "Jack? Jasper was just here." I said being melodramatic when pointing to the floor.

"Come on, let's do something to get our minds off it, don't you have homework to do or something?" he said.

"No." I said flatly, "on top of that like a dog on a...oh no, dog puns, that's it i'm going to a pet shop to surround myself with puppies. And hey who knows maybe I'll bring about thirty home?" i cringed slightly to the reaction i may get.

"An army of dogs!" Miko exclaimed.

"No more dogs!" Ratchet protested.

Miko cupped a hand over her mouth as she spoke to me a whispered tone, "Check out the wicked mech of the west, I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too!" she said cackling.

I cocked an eyebrow before taking offense, "hey wait a minute I'm the one who quotes movies, don't steal away what I'm stealing in the first place."

Well, maybe i won't take puppies home, but i hope to see Jasper again...the dog who lived on the streets.

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