Missing Luck

Our luck's never,

Run out before.

Never reached the,

End before.

You always found,

Your way around,

The inevitable.

You picked up the broken pieces,

And put them back together.

When we reached a corner,

You'd find another way.

But something tells me,

This is the day,

All of that changes.

I mean, why else,

Would you fall,

Right in the herd,

Of walkers?

Tell me Lee,

Is something wrong?

Have we reached,

The inevitable?

I know we would,

Survive together.

Together means the both of us,

Not one,

Or the other.

What happens to me,

When you've been freed,

From the clutches,

This world has to offer?

I can't pick up,

The shards and piece them,

Back together.

Once I reach a corner,

I turn my back,

And cower.

How can all of a sudden,

Our luck run out?

-Soul Spirit-