Author's Note: The following piece will be a real tear-jerker. It also has some adult themes, like rape, mental cruelty and light scenes of violence. So, you were warned.

Disclaimer: I do not own Haruka or Michiru, Naoko Takeuchi owns them.

Dedication: I dedicate this story to Sword Master Surpremia; she deserves it for her great fic "Michirus Grandmamma comes for a visit". Read it, people!

…And I Will Always Love You

Chapter 1: The Attack

"Promise?" Michiru asked, earning a little smile from Haruka. "Yes, Michi. I promise that I won't come home late from track meeting." Michiru finally was satisfied and let go of Harukas hands, kissing her once more before the blonde got ready to leave. "Love you!" Haruka called out, already halfway out of the door. "Love you, too!" Michiru replied, smiling, and closed the door. She could hear how Haruka started her car and then drove off. Michiru let out a little sigh; here she was now, all alone in the apartment, with nothing to do. Checking her watch, Michiru decided to have a look at the TV program and walked into the living room.

One hour later, the aqua haired woman had fallen asleep on the couch. She never heard how the two burglars who should change her entire life broke up the door, and she never heard them entering the room. She just woke up when all of a sudden a gloved hand was pressed over her mouth and a strong arm held her wrists tight. Michiru jerked up, screaming, but the man who covered her mouth just grinned, knowing that no one would hear her. "Shht, babe." The other one whispered. Michiru felt how he tore off her shirt, and she screamed again, louder this time. And again, no one heard her. The man who held her pressed her down on the couch, forcing her to lie on her back, while his companion stuffed a  piece of cloth into her mouth. The taller one of the two guys held the aqua haired woman's arms over her head in a firm grip while the other one tore her skirt and panties off, leaving her naked. Michiru heard how the smaller guy opened his belt and trousers, pulling them down. And then, he forced himself into her, causing her to let out a loud, pain-filled scream. "Shut up!" the taller one barked. Michiru let out a small, desperate sob, but this didn't stop the man from raping her. Instead, he started to thrust into her violently; to the aqua haired woman, it felt as if every single muscle in her abdomen was torn in two. Finally, after a seemingly endless time, her rapist was finished, his hot seamen splashing into the helpless woman's body. And then, the taller one of the two took advantage of Michiru.

When Haruka returned home from her track meeting, she was surprised to find the door open. "Why's the door not locked? Did Michiru forget to close it after I left?" Frowning, the blonde entered the apartment, calling out for her lover. No answer. "Michiru?" Haruka yelled again, and again she received no answer. Her frown deepened while she walked into the kitchen to look for her lover. When she didn't find her there, she walked into the living room, and that was when she heard the sound of running water coming from the bath room. Checking her watch, Haruka frowned even deeper. She quickly made her way into the bathroom, but when she tried to open the door, she had to find out that it was locked. Now the blonde wasn't just irritated anymore, but downright worried. She softly knocked the door and called out: "Michiru? Are you in there?" "Go away." Came the soft, almost inaudible answer. "Are you okay?" Haruka asked, not caring about the fact that Michiru just had told her to leave. "I said, go away!" the aqua haired woman now spoke, louder this time. "Michiru, please open the door." Haruka begged, but the only answer she received was another "Go away!", this time, Michiru screamed. Haruka took a step back in surprise, but she refused to leave like her love told her. Instead, she knocked the door once more. "Please open the door." She repeated. Michiru didn't answer, and Haruka let out a sigh. Finally, she gave up and walked downstairs, into the living room. Sitting down on the couch, a weird stain caught the blonde's eye. She bent over to look at it closely, and gasped when she realized that it was blood.