Epilogue: Family

Two hours later, Michiru laid in a hospital bed, still completely exhausted. Haruka sat next to her, awing and gushing at their little daughter, who laid in Michirus arms, sleeping peacefully. "You'd think that she's fully awake now, seeing that she almost slept nine months through." Haruka mumbled while she gently ran one finger over the blonde hair that covered the baby's head. It was obvious that the little girl had inherited Harukas hair, and as far as the blonde could tell, she had Michirus eyes. Michiru gave her a tired smile. "But Haruka, Love, babies don't sleep all the nine months. You should know, after all, you felt her kick." Haruka laughed at the memory Michiru awoke with her statement; the day the little baby had kicked it's mommy the first time, Haruka had thought that Michiru suddenly felt terrible pain, since she went stiff all of a sudden. When Haruka concerned had asked her girlfriend if there was something wrong, she had smiled and replied: "No. Come here." Haruka of course had obeyed her lover and had put one hand on the rounded belly of Michiru, only to feel the kicking of the baby. "But she most certainly had a calm time now." The blonde pointed out, and Michiru laughed and nodded. "True. Haruka..." "Yes?" Haruka gently replied, stroking her girlfriends hand with her thumb absent-minded. "What do you want to call her?" Michiru softly asked. Haruka paused for a moment before she said: "Hitomi." All of a sudden, hot tears stung in the aqua haired girls eyes, and Haruka feared that she had said the wrong thing. "Michi...? What..." "I'm just so happy." Michiru whispered, sniffling. "Happy that you forgave me...and that we have a daughter now..." "Shht." Haruka whispered, gently putting one arm around Michiru, who now started to cry. "Shht." "I feel so stupid." Michiru sobbed, her tears running own her cheeks like two small rivers. "No need to." Haruka replied, her voice even huskier than usual. When Michiru looked at her lovers face, she knew why. The blonde was almost crying, too; her eyes were glistening with unshed tears. "I made you cry again." Michiru mumbled, looking down. "I've done that awfully often during the last nine months..." Haruka shook her head and replied: "Don't think about that now, Love. It's in the past. Let's look forward...into the future." Michiru gave her another weak smile and nodded. "Into a bright future, my One and Only." She then whispered into Harukas ear. "With our daughter...the three of us, a family." "Yes." Haruka whispered back, the tears finally running. "Yes. As a family. I love you, Michiru." "I love you too." Michiru replied, and when the couple sank into a long, gentle kiss, their daughter Hitomi giggled and laughed with delight.

The End.