They looked at each other and Tony could see the release in Ziva's face, her body relaxing and the beginnings of a feeling of peace.

Tony brushed her hair out of her eyes. "I seem to recall a certain Ms. David mentioning perhaps the possibility of us moving in together, if memory serves."

Ziva's lips twitched slightly, as she tried to suppress her smile.

"Come on." Tony placed his arm around her waist and guided her to the car. They took one last look back, at the white roses bobbing in the gentle waves. "Let's go home."


As the episode airs, I am writing how wrong I was. First of all, I knew neither Liat nor Fornell would be in the episode, therefore there would probably be no kidnapping of anyone. I just couldn't write seventeen chapters of a dinner. Haha. I also pretty much ignored the case except that one sentence stating the Petty Officers had wasted Ziva's time as she headed home.


Eli does show up unannounced and alone, surprising Ziva, and Vance.

Eli lies to Ziva about his true intentions.

Even though Ziva is not actually pregnant, Ziva and "pregnant" are mentioned/shown, albeit as an old undercover op, at least three times.

Looks like the Petty Officers are wasting someone's time.

Eli does know that Arash Kazmi is in town, and knows him.

Ziva's refuses to accept his redemption "You're sins are too great".

The Vance's kids are spending the night at a friend's house.

Ziva does not want to sit Shabbat with Eli, and refuses the wine.

Eli and Jackie both die from gunshot wounds, though Eli dies later from his illness in my story.

The threat of serious international repercussions, including war.

Coming scenes from "Shiva" show Tony and Ziva working together, he asks what she needs, she says "revenge."


Quite a bit of lightheartedness to this ep- especially the opening scene with the credits where they are going through old undercover outfits. I wish they had actually had the "Pregnancy Pact" as an episode. And I love that Tony finds the photo of a "pregnant Ziva." Even the scene with the Petty Officers has a lighter tone to it.

Eli does not surprise Ziva at NCIS, but at the gym she works out at.

It sounds like Eli is not ill, but is on his way out of Mossad, and probably not his choice. And it looks like Shmeil is not a bad guy after all and didn't come to spy on Ziva. Yeah!

Arash Kazmi is not Mossad, but is Iranian. He and Eli need Vance to work politics to keep Eli in control of Mossad.

Eli accepts Ziva's refusal to accept him being in his life, after she tells him she know he killed the journalist.

Her father is part of the case they are working on, I think because he took photos of Eli and he didn't want to be seen, so ended up killing him.

Ziva leaves the Shabbat dinner to call Gibbs that her father killed their dead journalist and then the house gets shot up.