I've never written anything involving any form of special occasion before in my life, but it's nearly Christmas and a robin flew into my classroom and was there for hours and it took 2 caretakers/janitors, my tutor, Farrell, Aaron and myself to get it out. But for the time that he was with us, I named him Dick, as in Dick Grayson, as in Batman and Robin, as in Teen Titans.

I am now in the Christmas spirit and this prompt list has been floating around all over the internet recently, so I'm going to give it a try, even though I can't guarantee these are going to be lengthy and they're most likely going to be pointless, I can maybe promise some cuteness though! So, stick around!

Chapter one: Mistletoe

Raven loved Christmas as much as the next person, but she found many of the holiday's 'traditions' to be entirely tedious. She helped her team mates adorn the tower in a ridiculous amount of baubles, trinkets, lights and tinsel. Starfire always got unbelievably carried away with anything akin to a special occasion, she loved how the people of Earth celebrated and managed their festivities, and no one seemed to have the heart to tell her that she was going too far.

Raven loved the holiday season because it was intended to be a time for thought, for appreciation, for giving. She was still one of the people that put stock in this idea of Christmas. Also, she did so love to read beside a roaring fire with a steaming cup of orange and cinnamon tea, the winter blend, as it was often referred to; a cup of cranberry infused wouldn't go amiss either on a snow-covered afternoon.

Raven had noticed over the weeks leading up to Christmas, just how close her and Beast Boy had become, and it wasn't until she looked back and revaluated the past year that she truly realised that their relationship was of a dynamic entirely different to what it had been the Christmas before. The Christmas before had been a stressful time for Raven, and not for the obvious reasons, they had just defeated her father, and though this was another reason to celebrate, Raven found it hard to come to grips with her new found freedom; she was steadily learning how to express everything, literally everything. It went against the grain; she'd spent her whole life restraining what should've come naturally, and old habits die hard. So, needless to say, she hadn't been able to enjoy her last Christmas.

On the other hand, this also meant that this would be the first Christmas in her life that she could completely and freely appreciate, and she was sure this fact was not unknown to the rest of the Titans; she daren't wonder what they had planned. Every so often, she'd see Beast Boy glance at her, almost timidly, before looking away. There had been a time when he cowered out of fear, but now he refused to meet her eye for another reason, a reason that Raven couldn't quite work out, but she saw the soft smile on his face as he eyed the floor, and she registered the gentleness in his gaze before he moved it on, so she deduced that whatever his motivation, he harboured her no ill will. She was loath to admit that she relished his attention, and warmth spread throughout her torso each time she caught him looking.

Christmas was drawing closer and the Titans were all suitably agitated, Starfire was brimming with excitement, Robin was a bundle of nerves in regards to the present he'd acquired for her, despite the fact that Raven had relentlessly consoled him that anything her bought, she'd adore. Cyborg was fussing over the snow chains on the T-car, and was worried that his attempts to install an in-seat heating system would be unsuccessful. Beast Boy was just anxious, he fidgeted, more so than was usual, and his glances towards Raven now lasted half as long, but had doubled in frequency.

It was Christmas Eve, and Raven was settled comfortably with a battered old copy of 'Great Expectations', an old favourite that she always pulled out during the winter. Her bedside table held a warm cup of freshly brewed hot cocoa, it wasn't her typical drink of choice, but Beast Boy had been raving on about it and she'd had a sweet tooth for the first time in longer than she could remember. Just as she flicked over the page, and her eyes scanned the passage in which Pip first looks upon Astella, there was an echoing knock at her door.

Less than a second after her door had opened she felt lips upon her own, and in her shock she tensed and froze, it wasn't until her eyes registered green that she relaxed, she noticed how Beast Boy had his eyes clamped shut, and she melted in the heat of his timid but sweet kiss. It was over in a moment entirely too short, he dashed off down the corridor, squeaking a "Merry Christmas, Rae!" as he went.

Raven stood for a second longer, her cheeks warm and glowing, she closed her eyes for a moment to relive her first present, and did not see the single branch of mistletoe that had been haphazardly taped above the doorway.