Chapter twenty five: Christmas music/movies.

The Titans still did their weekly movie nights, but in the Christmas season, particularly the week leading up to the big day, they held them nightly. They sat and enjoyed the most cliché of festive films, movies that most people knew by heart. Starfire had seen none of them, having not celebrated the 25th of December before coming to Earth, Raven had not had a normal childhood by any standards and had certainly missed out on the holiday cheer, Beast Boy's early life with the Doom Patrol had left a lot to be desired and the same went for Robin with Batman, so really Cyborg was the only one who ever got to appreciate the magic of these movies in his naivety, but like so many others he continued to love them more and more each time he watched them.

They all had different preferences when it came to Christmas movies, just the same as with movies of any kind, but every year without fail when it was Raven's turn to make the selection, she'd immediately decide upon 'Jack Frost'. She loved the classic because it wasn't about the clichés of the festive season; it wasn't about Santa Clause and presents. It was heart-warming and uplifting, it was sad and funny at the same time. It was a tale of second chances, a story of setting things right. Raven had never had a real father, and Jack Frost was a movie that had quickly become a favourite of hers.

She'd always said that she liked the flick because of the moral messages and exploration of character, and these things were very true, but the comedy the film provided appealed to her in equal measure, but she was reluctant to admit this fact. Beast Boy knew though, he'd quickly picked up on it, he'd catch her quick smile and that amused sparkle in her eyes. And the one line that always made her chuckle, so quietly though that only he could hear it, was:

"Why's the snowman facing this way?"

"I turned him…to even out his tan."

In all honesty Beast Boy spent more time watching Raven than the movie, and she was always so absorbed in the fiction that she paid no mind to the adoring glances the changeling threw her way. She was oblivious, and he loved her.

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