Harry Potter's sister Red head's death

They were running Ron was a little bit ahead of them as he was worried for his family and Harry and Tiegan respected him for this if Lily and James Potter were alive they would be worried for them. Tiegan's heart was racing they had to defeat Voldemort her and Harry and though she was the joker and prankster of the Golden four she was scared for her little brother (she was one hour older than him). "Avada kadavra" Tiegan saw the killing curse speeding towards Ron "RON" she yelled as she shoved him out of the way and casted a shielding charm she then removed it. "Stupify" she bellowed as the stunning spell made the deatheater stumble but remain balanced. "Exspelli..." before she could finish the spell the deatheater shouted "avada kadavra" Tiegan had no time to act as the spell hit her square in the chest. She was shot across the room the deatheater smiled smugly and dissapperated. "NO" yelled Harry has he skidded to a halt by Tiegan and dropped to his knees "no she can't" tears were in his eyes he held her limp body in his arms. Hermione went over to Ron to help him "I could of saved her it's my fault" Harry turned from his now dead sister and said "no Ron it's not your fault" he had a lump in his throat he felt as sad as he did when Sirius died more even she was his sister and now she was gone. Hermione put her hand on Harry's shoulder "we can take her to the great hall and we can bury her with your mum and dad" she wanted to cry but she had to be strong for Harry.

Harry slowly stood up he knew Fred had died so she could be with him forever he nodded towards Hermione and picked up Tiegan and kissed her forehead.

They reached the old oak doors Harry remembered when him and Tiegan had first entered Hogwarts through these doors to be sorted little did he know that in seven years she would die. Ron pushed open the doors and from the other side of the room they heard George Weasley say to Mrs Weasley in a shaky voice "mum who is that Harry is carrying" "I don't know" she whispered. Harry placed Tiegan down "T...Tiegan is dead" he broke down into tears "NO" Shouted the entire hall even Peeves and Filch look shocked "she died saving Ron from the killing curse" Molly gave out a loud squeak while George for once looked concerned for his brother he had felt concerned before for him but it never showed in his face. Harry remembered the time when Tiegan had made Dudley think there was a invisible alien in the garden and you had to shake his hand and when you did you felt a shiver in your spine she only blew a fan on him and when she turned Snape's hair pink was hilarious he had to have it that way for a month because Tiegan put a time limit in the potion she slipped in his drink and he respected and loved his sister for standing up for him resulting in having Uncle Vernon stick a knife into her stomach which left a long scar on her belly. He remembered when Tiegan was turned into a werewolf because of Remus Lupin she called him Uncle Moony because he was a Marauder and like a uncle to us he called Remus Uncle Moony too. He would never forget her.