Tiegan Ariana Potter woke suddenly when she heard the front gate open she tiptoed across her room and looked out of the window. Teddy Remus Lupin was walking from the house holding flowers "what's he up to" she muttered and grabbed her shoes and coat and opened the door gingerly she could hear every snore dripping water and snapping twigs her aunt was a werewolf and she died saving Ron and That was where Tiegan had got her name she was a werewolf too.
She made her way past Albus' room and James' room and then Lily's and her parents rooms and walked down the stairs to the door she probably had lost Teddy but she was a tracker she would pick him up. She opened the door and stepped out side it was freezing she made her way through the snow (it was Hogwarts Christmas holiday for the 15 year old).

Tiegan sniffed the air and then pick up a sent "oh God Teddy should change his aftershave" she said wrinkling her nose and followed the path to Godrics hollow church Teddy was next to a grave stone crying as he dropped the flowers "I love you mum and dad" he smiled wiping his tears and walked away obviously taking the long way and she made her way to the grave. It read:
Hear lies Remus and Nymphdora Lupin
Born on 10 March, 1960
Born on the 24th March 1973
Died on the 2 May 1998
Died on the 2 May 1998
The man lost his best friends his son his cub and his life
The woman lost her son her family her life
The man has gone but not the wolf
"Uncle Moony aunt Tonks" she whispered "thank you for fighting for my dad I will be nicer to Teddy and not tease him as much love you" she grabbed a pink flower and dropped it down "your favourite aunt Tonks" she walked away a tear in her eye.

"Morning Teddy" Tiegan said cheerfully smiling her brothers looked at her as if she'd grown an extra head Teddy raised his eyebrows "morning" Teddy was not like his parents much he hated studying and was not mischievous he had one thing in common with Tonks he was clumsy. Ginny and Harry gulped as if expecting a stink bomb to go off "can I talk to you" Teddy nodded and Tiegan and him left the room "Tiegan what the he-" "I saw you last night at the graveyard I'm sorry I always tease you I can't help it" Teddy looked shocked but then grinned "did Tiegan Potter just apologise" Tiegan rolled her eyes "yeah yeah don't get used to it it won't last but oh dear Theodore I have something on you that you kissed who has red hair and an over protective dad" Teddy glared at her and went to run at her "whoa steady Teddy" "come here Potter" she ran upstairs "Teddy you may have the mood swings of a werewolf but I am a full one" as they ran after each other the family downstairs in the kitchen rolled their eyes