Chapter 12- A Twist

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Mikayla POV-

As Boz and I rushed to the castle, I felt a sinking feeling in my gut. What if we were too late? What if we had taken too long? What if… Brady was completely evil? We reached the castle door, and all these worries exited my head. Boz had stopped and was staring into the evil throne room. I looked in and held my breath.

Brady was facing Kalakai. He seemed confused. After that everything turned into a blur. All I remember is that Kalakai yelled something and pointed his staff at Brady. A bright red beam shot out and zapped him right in the chest. He had gasped and fainted.

"NO!" I cried. Not thinking, I ran forward. I jumped in between Kalakai and Brady. I held my machete to his chest. "You cold-blooded killer…" I advanced, causing him to be pinned to the wall.

He just chuckled. "Oh he's not dead. At least, most of him isn't."

"You killed the good in him." I said as I was struck by realization.

"Most of it. If I killed all of it, I'm afraid that he would no longer be himself. I need him to be himself for my plan to work. There is still the slightest sliver of good in him, but eventually he will learn to disguise that as well."

Brady rose. His gaze was polluted with disgust and hatred. He looked the same. The difference was of course, the goatee and darker eyes. There was another distinguishing feature as well. This Brady had no sparkle of joy in his eyes.

"You… ruined him." I tried not to cry.

Kalakai sighed. "I wish. No, he's reparable. Sadly for you, you won't get that chance."

I watched as Kalakai sneered at Brady. "Brady. Kill the girl."

For a moment, I saw the old Brady. The one that would never harm a thing. The kind one, the caring one, the sweet one, the one that loved me. The one I loved. But in a second, that Brady was back under lock and key. He was gone. Knowing this broke my heart. I felt a wall of fury rise within me. "Bring it on." Was all I said.

Kalakai snickered as Brady came towards me. We began to spar. Our machetes clashed in the center of us. I held it for a second. I tried to reason with him. "Brady… please. I know you're in there."

Brady scowled, and pulled his machete away. He swung it, this time at my head. I blocked it. "Brady, come ON. What will it take to make you come back?"

He continued to scowl. He then faked out as if going for my head, but changed course for my stomach. I was barely able to counter this.

"Brady please!" I begged. "Don't do this. I-"

He interrupted by swipe-kicking my legs. They came right out from under me and I fell to the ground. I stared up at the angry boy above me. I did the only thing I could think of doing. I reached up, threw my arms around his neck and kissed him. It was a brief kiss, two seconds at the most, but it was enough.

Brady stopped and stared at me. "Kayla? W-what's going on?"

I could see the small bit of good had grown with the kiss. "Brady, go stand by Boomer. Please."

He looked incredibly conflicted. He bit his lip.

Brady POV-

I squeezed my eyes shut tight. I just thought of the kiss Mikayla had just given me. I felt a surge of strength. I saw Mikayla staring at me, so I went and stood by Boomer.

"Well, well, well." Kalakai sounded bored. "You helped him learn to fight me again."

"Yeah, I did." She grinned. She tossed me the dark ring.

I used all my inner strength to say one simple word. "Lighten." I commanded quietly.

Kalakai looked outraged. "Fine. No matter. Because," He grabbed her arm, "I have you." He seized his staff, which was leaning on his throne. "And," He added, "He's still half evil."

"Brady. Join me, and let go of the light side." He instructed.

"No." I automatically responded.

He cackled cruelly. "Let me reword this. Join me and let go of the light side or… This girl of yours? She dies."

I was not sure what to do. "But… I… Okay. Just let her go."

He released her and cornered me. "I have an idea. Why don't you just transfer your power as king to me?"

Suddenly I felt my brain form a plan. "Deal."

"What?!" Everyone in the room howled.


I ignored her. "I, Brady Parker, the only king of Kinkow,"

"DON'T DO IT!" She cried.

I glanced at her. Mouthing, 'Trust me' I continued. "resign from my position,"

"Go on!" Kalakai insisted.

"And hereby transfer my power to," I paused.

Kalakai screeched at him. "SAY IT!"

He stared at me and a faint smile flickered across my face. "Mikayla Makoola."

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