Chapter 4- The Evil Continues

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Mikayla POV:

I felt a little guilty, flipping through Brady's songbook like this. I read the titles out loud. "Cookie or Donut, Boom's Cavegirl, Live Like Kings, Top of the World, I Need Pie, Boomer Never Stops Talking, Mason Sounds Like Mufasa…" I paused. "Does he write songs on everything?"

Sure enough, there was a song for every adventure. I found the one from their first day here. "A king at last." I smiled. "Hm."

I turned a few pages and scoffed at the book. "My Girlfriend the Mermaid? Brady!" I chided. I paged through it, discovering several more. "The Jealousy Bug," I figured that one's about Tristan. Then I giggled. I saw the one when Brady and Boomer had gone to Mt. Spew. "Seriously?" I burst out laughing. He had named it: Being Older. A few more and I had found the song from the day he had been hunted by my dad. "What Love Makes You Do."

I felt myself tear up. "Aww." I began to ponder, then I flipped to his last song. "Leaving Home." I frowned. I went back a page. "True Love's First Kiss?" I gasped. "Brady thinks I'm his true love?"

I pulled that page out. Clutching it to my chest, I began to quietly sob.

"Kayla? What's the matter?" A kind voice inquired.

"N-n-nothing." I sniffled. "But thanks for asking," I looked up. "Brady?"

He nodded. "Yeah. Are you okay?"

"Yes, I am." I said, really meaning it.

"So where's Boomer?" He asked nonchalantly.

I blinked. "He's sort of with Boz. Boz is your other brother. They're in the plaza having a staring contest. They have been for two hours."

"Cool." He didn't seem to freak about having another brother. He seemed like he already knew. "I need to talk to Boomer, Mason and you. I need to apologize. Can you round everybody up? But not Boz. I'll talk to him next."

I agreed, figuring Brady owed us an apology.

Brady (EVIL) POV:

A voice appeared in my head. It was the clone. "I've got them all. Boz is in the plaza."

"Thanks." I mind-messaged him back.

As I walked into the plaza, machete in hand, I saw Boz comforting a hysterically bawling Lanny.

"L-L-Lanada!" He cried. "Sunk! Just like that pathetic island of y-yours! That dump M-Mindu! Lanada was so much better than that junk-pile?"

Boz frowned. "Mindu was not a dump, alright? It was a great island!"

"Lanada was so much better!" He wailed again. "Now I'm gonna have to go back to trying to k-kill the kings!"

"What?" Boz asked.

Lanny stopped crying. "Oh, nothing."

"Sorry to interrupt this sob fest, but I have business to do."

Lanny's eyes widened. "Y-you're here already? That means… I'm in the way." He stepped away from Boz. "Here, you can have him! I'm on your side!" He pushed Boz towards me.

I seized Boz. "What's going on? Why do you have a goatee? Is this revenge for capturing you? Because I had to! Please don't hurt me!" He squeaked.

"Just come with me. And hand over the king ring."

Boz squirmed. "But it's my ring…"

"It was mine first!" I bellowed.

"Okay, okay! Sheesh!" He said, yanking off the ring and handing it to me.

I chuckled. "Now come on, move yo feet!"

Boz POV:

What the heck had gotten into Brady? He wasn't like that when I first met him! What had that cloaked figure done? He took me to a castle. It was black and full of shadows. So many places where things could be lurking…

"King Kalakai! I brought the prisoner!" Brady hollered.

\ Hearing Brady say king made me think of something. "He's not the king! I am!"

Brady shook his head. "Sorry Boz. I don't follow kings like you. I'm only loyal to Kalakai."

Brady POV:

I internally flinched at those last five words. I tried to yell that I don't follow Boz or Kalakai. I tried to say that I was a king. But, trying was not enough. The spell was much too strong. So when Boz said, "I thought you were a king!" I tried to say that I was before he kidnapped me.

Instead, I said. "I was. But then I realized that I was as foolish as you. I had the opportunity, when you gave me to that 'hooded figure', to seek a mentor. Kalakai."

"Quite right." Kalakai boasted, entering from behind the throne. "And I believe you too will understand Brady's reasoning. "No I won't! He's acting so… so…" Boz searched for the right word.

"Evil?" Kalakai suggested.

"Yeah, evil!" He nodded.

Kalakai cackled. "That's the point!" He gestured at me. "Brady, bring him to my throne."

"Yes King Kalakai." I chimed obediently. "Boz. Let's go take a seat in his throne, shall we?" I asked evilly. I began to push Boz towards the throne.

"Brady, what are you doing? This isn't you! You're not like this!"

"How would you know?" I snarled. "You never took the time to get to know me! You imprisoned me. Now, I'm going to return the favor."

Boz's eyes grew wide. "How? Where?"

"You'll see. And, inside yourself." I growled.

"What's that like?" Boz whimpered."

"You'll see. Let's just say, you'll begin to comprehend King Kalakai and my own point of view." I shoved him into the throne.

King Kalakai stood before him. He looked at me. "The ring, fool."

"Brady don't! He's awful! Don't obey him! Do what you want to do!"

I began to try. To fight. I fought with all my might. Just as I felt myself pushing through the barrier, Kalakai put a stop to that. He looked me in the eyes, grabbed my wrist, and laid his finger on my ring. Immediately, I felt a new wave of evil.

"You weren't fighting me, were you Brady?" Kalakai asked in a gloating tone.

I attempted to yell, Of course I was! But no. Instead, I automatically replied. "No, your majesty. Fighting is a futile thing. I see no point in it. I don't believe it's necessary. And, Boz?" I added, turning towards him. "I am doing what I want to do."

King Kalakai smirked. "That's right. Brady, I hope you are aware that while in this castle you have the Zadoc touch. So, I need you to take Boz's ring and place it on Boz's hand. Then do exactly what I did to you."

"Yes your highness." I began to walk towards Boz. Slowly, I slid the ring on his finger. I looked him in the eyes, and before he could look away, I touched his ring.

Boz groaned in pain as his eyes darkened a shade. His hair did the same. He didn't get a goatee though.

"How come I don't get a goatee?" Boz said, feeling his chin.

"Because your evil is not as strong as Brady's." Kalakai smiled an awful smile. "Brady, Boz is currently under your control. Simply tell him to obey me instead."

I clamped my mouth shut, using all my strength to fight.

Kalakai shook his head at me. "It's useless Brady."

I continues the internal struggle. It was draining my energy, but I held on. I felt myself pull away from Kalakai's grasp. All of the sudden, all the cold left my body. I felt the obstacle that was keeping my good away dissolve. "Yes." I cried triumphantly. "You don't own me anymore!"

Kalakai jeered at me. "I was hoping you'd do that." He reached towards me and laid his hand on my shoulder. "Unbreakable. Unstoppable. Incurable. Unsolvable. Unreachable." He chanted. "Brady Parker, the curse on you is so powerful you can not break free. The more you fight the farther in you get pulled. Now tell Boz to obey me."

I couldn't stop it as my mouth opened. "Boz, I'm no longer your master. You know obey King Kalakai."

He nodded solemnly.

Kalakai's eyes gleamed. I felt a jolt of pure hatred deep down inside me. "Boz," He began. "I need you to imprison that Mikayla girl. Brady, I command you to take care of Boomer for me."

"Yes your majesty." We replied in unison. Then we both exited, ready to do Kalakai's bidding.

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